Quantum Blackjack Plus Live Casino Game Review

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    Best Casino With Quantum Blackjack Plus Live

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    €5 - €2000

    Playtech Live Quantum Blackjack Plus is an improved edition of Playtech’s revolutionary game, Quantum Blackjack, which introduces exhilarating new features. The enhanced version of the game offers the increased potential for significant payouts thanks to a substantial multiplier reaching even 50x and a high RTP.

    In this guide, we will explore the main rules and gameplay mechanics, as well as provide you with valuable tips and strategies on how to make the most of the game. 

    Top Live Casinos To Play Quantum Blackjack Plus By Playtech In 2024

    Due to the fact that this game appeared on the gambling market quite recently, not all online casinos feature it in their offer. Our professional team of experts with profound experience in the gambling sphere have conducted a thorough review process of numerous casinos and determined the best ones for you. Do not miss an amazing opportunity to relish all the innovative features of Live Quantum Blackjack Plus and try your luck at hitting the greatest multiplier at the best live casinos. 

    About Quantum Blackjack Plus Live Casino Table

    The game boasts a visually stunning and vibrant design featuring captivating visuals and 2 HD screens behind the Live dealers. Quantum Blackjack Plus Live is led by skilled croupiers in real-time who engage with players throughout the game session. The shoe consists of six decks of cards. Players have access to three buttons that facilitate the betting process, making it easy to place both main and side bets. They can also easily check the most recent payments as well as the minimum and maximum stake limits. 

    Special Features Of The Game

    In the upgraded edition of Playtech’s game, the basic rules of traditional live blackjack remain the same, but several modifications are introduced. The notable change is the introduction of multipliers worth up to 50x, resulting in even larger payouts. Furthermore, the inclusion of multipliers has been expanded to include 3-card and 5-card hands, offering players more opportunities to strike it rich. Another distinguishing feature of Quantum Blackjack Plus is that a three-card bust does not result in a loss for the dealer. It is regarded as a push, ending in a tie between the player and the dealer. 

    Do not miss an amazing opportunity to relish all the innovative features of Live Quantum Blackjack Plus and try your luck at hitting the greatest multiplier at the best live casinos. 

    Basic Rules Breakdown

    The game begins with the player placing their primary wager, and they have the option to place side bets if desired. The betting phase has a time limit of 12 seconds. To place the bets, players need to click on the chips located in the bottom right corner of the screen. After all the wagers have been made, a random selection of up to 3 special cards is drawn from a digital deck of cards with each of these cards having a particular multiplier.

    After that, the dealer proceeds to give two cards to both the players and themselves, with one of the croupier’s cards facing up for the players to see. If players’ hand exceeds twenty-one, they will bust and lose their hand. In the event of a tie where the player’s hand matches the croupier’s hand, it results in a push, and the player gets their initial bet returned. The player’s hand will be increased if it includes at least one card with a multiplier and beats the dealer’s hand.

    Betting Options

    Quantum Blackjack Plus Live offers two major betting options – “Hit” and “Stand.” Opting to “Hit” means that players will acquire an additional card to improve their hand while selecting “Stand” means they will keep their current cards. 

    Additionally, during the game, players have several other options for playing their hand:

    Double. This option allows players to double down their bet and receive an extra card. 
    Split. When dealt a pair of cards with the same value, players have the opportunity to break them into 2 individual hands. 
    Insurance. In case the dealer’s open card is an Ace, players may take insurance which pays 2:1 and serves as protection against the prospect of the dealer having a blackjack.
    Push. In the event of a tie between the player’s hand and the dealer’s hand value, the bet is returned, neither winning nor losing.
    Multipliers. Special cards with random multipliers are picked at the start of each game. If a player’s hand has one or more of these multipliers, winnings can be greatly increased.

    Side Bets

    Quantum Blackjack Plus offers the possibility to place 2 extra bets that can be played during the main game. These optional wagers operate independently and can only be placed after the main bet has been made.


    The wager involves creating a three-card poker hand by combining the player’s initial 2 cards with the croupier’s card. Possible hand combinations include Suited Three-of-a-Kind, Flush, Three-of-a-Kind, Straight or Straight Flush.


    In this side bet, the player is tasked with creating a pair using their initial 2 cards. The payout for this side bet varies based on the type of pair formed. The payout ratios are as follows:

    Perfect Pair: A pair with the exact same colour and suit for both cards – 25:11
    Coloured Pair: A pair with matching colours but different suits for the two cards – 12:1
    Mixed Pair: A pair with matching numbers but different colours for the two cards – 6:1

    Quantum Blackjack Plus VS Classic Card Game

    Quantum Blackjack Plus Live introduces several distinct features that differentiate it from the traditional blackjack game. In the enhanced version of the game, certain cards are assigned random multipliers which allow players to increase their winnings depending on the value of the multiplier. What is more, unlike in regular Blackjack, where a dealer’s bust results in a victory for players, in this updated version, if the dealer busts having 3 cards, it is treated as a push. 

    Game RTP And Payouts

    The theoretical RTP for the main hand in Quantum Blackjack Plus is 99.57%, resulting in a house edge of 0.43%. It is important to note that each and every side wager has distinct RTP percentages. 

    Quantum Blackjack Plus Bonuses And Promotions

    Live Quantum Blackjack Plus offers players the opportunity to utilise two common types of bonuses.

    Live Quantum Blackjack Plus offers players the opportunity to utilise two common types of bonuses. The first is known as a Golden Chip, which functions similarly to spins and allows players to play a predetermined number of games for an established cost. Once the playthrough conditions are fulfilled, players can cash out their earnings or spend them on other games. Additionally, bonus credits obtained through promotional offers may also be used for playing this game. 

    Mobile Compatibility

    Upon engaging in Quantum Blackjack Plus Live, we have discovered that the game has been meticulously designed to be fully compatible with mobile devices, thereby delivering a smooth gaming experience on smartphones and tablets. The game is optimised to adapt to smaller screens, ensuring that players can access all the main features and functions conveniently. 

    Strategy And Tips To Win

    No strategy guarantees constant wins to players. However, through our expertise in Live casino gambling, we determined several crucial tips and tricks on how to achieve success in playing Quantum Blackjack Plus:

    Manage your budget wisely. For instance, if you bet $10 in the main round, you should not wager the same amount on the side bet. Instead, we recommend opting for a smaller side stake, typically around $3 or $4 since the main bet tends to have a higher winning frequency compared to the side bet.
    Consider multiplier cards. If you possess a multiplier card in your hand, it is crucial to exercise caution with taking extra cards since going bust would forfeit any potential payout from the multiplier. 

    Pros And Cons Of Quantum Blackjack Plus By Playtech

    Like any other Live casino game, Quantum Blackjack Plus has its benefits and drawbacks outlined below:


    exclusive features
    captivating and dynamic gameplay
    accessibility of 2 extra wagers
    presence of huge multipliers (up to 50x)
    high RTP 
    mobile compatibility


    limited availability 

    Our Verdict

    The classic game of blackjack is given a unique twist by Quantum Blackjack Plus Live. With the introduction of multipliers and the option to place side bets, it provides players with a dynamic gameplay experience. The potential for increased payouts adds an extra level of thrill to each hand. If you are willing to try something new, then this game will be a fantastic choice with its unique features and captivating gameplay.

    Responsible Gambling

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    Gambling guidelines

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