Live Mega Ball Casino Game by Evolution

Live Mega Ball Casino Game by Evolution

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In 2020, Evolution Gaming released an innovative live casino game called Mega Ball. This game combines the excitement of bingo with the thrill of having a real human dealer host.

While online bingo remains a small niche in gambling, Mega Ball taps into the demand for a lively, social bingo experience. Players can enjoy the fun of daubing their cards while interacting with the dealer and other players in real time.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» ProviderEvolution Gaming
🎲 Game TypeLive Dealer Bingo
πŸ“… Launch Year2020
🌍 Studio LocationRiga, Latvia
πŸ’° Maximum Win$500,000
πŸ”„ Return to Player (RTP)95.30%
πŸ’΅ Betting Limits$0.10 min – $100 max per card
πŸƒ Cards per RoundUp to 200
🎱 Balls Drawn20 main + up to 2 bonus
πŸ’» PlatformsMobile, desktop, tabletΠ†
πŸ”‘ Key FeaturesReal presenter, multipliers, chat

Best Live Mega Ball Casino Sites 2024

Our experts have carefully reviewed and selected the top online casinos for playing live dealer Mega Ball. These sites excel in game variety, bonuses, security, and mobile compatibility, providing an optimal experience for this unique bingo game. Players can enjoy exclusive Mega Ball welcome offers, high RTPs, and special promotions unavailable elsewhere. We’ve vetted all recommended operators for licensing, payments, support, and fairness. So you can focus on the fun of daubing numbers and interacting with an engaging host while relying on our picks for a trustworthy, entertaining Mega Ball session.

Where To Play Live MegaBall – Our Expert Pics

We’ve selected the top 3 online Mega Ball casinos for live dealer games based on extensive research and testing. These top-rated sites outperform each other in critical areas such as:

Wide range of live bingo games and variations
Professional and engaging presenters
Seamless live streaming in HD quality
Intuitive interfaces with easy bet controls
Lucrative welcome bonuses to extend play
Banking support for fast and secure payments

By narrowing down the very best destinations for real money live Mega Ball action, we save you time vetting dozens of options. Just sign up through our site to unlock exclusive bonuses and start daubing cards with real dealers!

πŸ₯‡Bizzo Casino #1

Bizzo Casino is the top destination for engaging live bingo action. Their Evolution-powered lobby features Mega Ball for thrilling real-time numbered ball draws.

Wide range of bingo variants
Professional live presenters
Seamless HD streaming quality
PlayAmo Live Casino Logo

πŸ₯ˆPlayamo Casino #2

Playamo offers premier Mega Ball gameplay courtesy of Evolution Gaming. Experience multiplayer excitement as daubs happen in real-time when numbers are called.

Multiple camera angles
Interactive live chat funciΓ³n
Lucrative welcome bonus
playzilla casino

πŸ₯‰PlayZilla Casino #3

Neospin provides stellar real-money or free play access to Mega Ball. Their setup delivers lag-free performance on all devices so you never miss a ball draw.

Intuitive mobile interface
Range of bingo jackpots
Crypto banking options

What Is Mega Ball By Evolution Gaming?

Evolution Gaming’s Mega Ball provides a unique live dealer spin on online bingo. Players can purchase up to 400 bingo cards, each containing 24 numbers. As balls numbering 1-51 are drawn, you’ll cross out matching numbers on your cards and hope to complete lines horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Live Dealer Mega Ball is a rather complicated game

What sets Mega Ball apart is the addition of Multiplier balls. If these special balls help complete a winning line on your card, they will boost your payout for that round. This creates exciting anticipation with each new ball draw, as the Multipliers introduce higher stakes and ratchet up the potential winnings.

While the core mechanics mirror classic bingo gameplay, Mega Ball combines the enjoyment of chatting with a live presenter with the thrill of chasing enhanced payouts. This fusion of familiar and innovative elements creates a unique, interactive experience perfect for bingo enthusiasts seeking a fresh twist.

How to Play Live Mega Ball

At first glance, Live Dealer Mega Ball is a rather complicated game, but it only seems so. We have made a simple and clear 6-step guide on how to start playing this interesting game from Evolution.

Buy Mega Ball Bingo Cards

To get started playing Live Mega Ball, you first need to purchase bingo cards for each round. Each Mega Ball card contains 24 numbers and a free “wild” space in the center. You can buy up to 200 cards per round, betting between $0.10 and $100 on each card. The more cards you buy, the more chances you have at winning.

Mega Ball Card Meaning

The 24 numbers on every Mega Ball card are arranged in a 5×5 grid. This layout creates 12 possible winning lines per card. These lines of 5 numbers can appear horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Update Your Card Numbers

While the betting phase is still open, you can update your card numbers if you wish. You can change the wager value on your existing cards or hit the refresh button to change the actual numbers on your cards if you don’t like the arrangement.

Live Drawing Of The Mega Ball

Once the betting window closes, the main ball drawing begins. 20 balls numbered 1-51 are randomly drawn from the Mega Ball machine in the studio. As each ball emerges, any matching numbers on your cards are automatically marked off. The game software dynamically deals the cards across all players, pushing those cards closest to winning lines to the top so you can easily track winning potential.

The Multiplier And Bonus Mega Ball

After the 20 main balls have been drawn, the fun Multiplier and Bonus Mega Ball phase starts. First, a wheel spins to generate a random multiplier between 5x and 100x. Then, up to 2 Bonus Mega Balls are pulled from the remaining options inside the machine. If one of those Bonus Balls completes a line on your card, your winnings for that specific card are multiplied by the random factor that was spun! If two Bonus Balls complete two separate lines on the same card, only the higher multiplier value applies to that card.

End Of The Round And Results

At the conclusion of the full Live Mega Ball round, all purchased cards across all players are sorted by win potential. The cards that came closest to completing winning lines are at the top, even if no cards fully won that round. This lets you clearly see where you stacked up in that particular game.

Live MegaBall Interface And Special Features

The interface of the Mega Ball game is quite extensive compared to other Live Game Shows. Nevertheless, we have figured it out and show you briefly what is responsible for what:

Balls History

The ball history section displays each ball as it is drawn from the machine, updating in real-time to show all 20 main balls pulled during the round.

AutoPlay Mode

The Auto Play feature allows you to easily repeat the same bet over successive rounds without manually re-confirming each time. Simply preset the number of automatic rounds and loss/win limits.

Winning Balls

Gold numbers displayed prominently above the cards show the remaining balls needed to complete winning lines. This handy visual aid updates after each draw.

The Cards

The centerpiece of the interface shows all of your purchased cards. As balls are drawn, cards shuffle in real-time to place those closest to winning lines at the top, letting you track winning potential.

Live Mega Ball RTP And Payout Structure

The Mega Ball payout structure is straightforward, but multipliers create exciting variability. A 1-line card typically pushes, yet it has the potential for 100x wins with multipliers. Without bonuses, 3+ lines are needed for huge payouts.

The paytable below shows all outcomes – from base wins to maximum theoretical prizes. While a 1-liner may return your stake normally, it could skyrocket in value. Conversely, hitting 5, 6, or 7 lines pays decently on its own, made even more lucrative by multipliers. Players can tune their strategy: hase bonuses or bank on base game wins. With such a wide range of payouts, Mega Ball accommodates both volatility-seeking players and those wanting stability. Something for everyone!

Number of Completed LinesBase Game PayoutMaximum Multiplied Payout
1Bet amount returnedUp to 100x bet
24x betUp to 500x bet
349x betUp to 5,000x bet
4249x betUp to 25,000x bet
5999x betUp to 100,000x bet
6+9,999x betUp to $500,000 max payout

However, Mega Ball does cap maximum payouts at $500,000 – a limit that keeps prizes exciting while remaining feasible. With the potential for such outsized wins, the game still maintains a very respectable 95.30% RTP. This return-to-player rate exceeds most bingo games, showing the balance Evolution struck between big jackpots and sustainability. Players benefit from the frequent wins and enticing bonus rounds generated by the 95%+ RTP, while reasonable caps allow Mega Ball to deliver value over the long run. It’s a formula that makes the game rewarding for devoted fans while upholding profitability behind the scenes.

Top Strategies For Win Mega Ball Live Casino Game

While some bingo variants give room for strategic play, Mega Ball’s randomized nature makes reliable advantages unlikely.

Evolution Gaming's Mega Ball is an innovative must-try for all gamblers

The key factor is the lack of player control – cards and numbers are computer-generated, not chosen. The physical ball machine draws numbers randomly as well. With odds and outcomes entirely out of one’s hands, traditional bingo tactics based on manually daubing numbers or probability have little relevance.

Given the enormous combinations of cards, lines, and numbers, predictive strategy is essentially impossible.

However, there are two basic tips to optimize gameplay:

Play More Cards
Having 10 cards with 120 possible lines inherently provides more chances than just 1 card and 12 lines. Scale up to boost odds.
Bet Responsibly
Define an affordable loss limit, then bet 5-10% of that per round. You can play more cards at a lower value or vice versa. Just be sure the total stake fits your budget.

While no bulletproof path to profits exists, staying disciplined gives you more bites at the Mega Ball apple! Ultimately, embrace the randomized, fast-paced fun rather than chasing the elusive perfect strategy.

More Live Games From Evolution Gaming

While live Mega Ball may be the flagship draw, Evolution Gaming’s portfolio extends far beyond just one marquee hit. Expand your interactive experience through their additionally stellar live table game collection:

Pros & Cons Of Evolution Mega Ball


Live Chat & Presenter. Enjoy social dynamics and host engagement.
High Quality Video. Fully immersive visual experience.
Cross-Platform Access. Play on all devices.
Unique Gameplay. Fresh live dealer bingo twist.
Fast-Paced Fun. Quick rounds with dynamic card sorting.
Massive Win Potential. Multipliers bring life-changing prizes.


Slightly Below Average RTP. 95% is lower than in most live games.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Evolution Gaming’s Mega Ball is an innovative must-try for all gamblers. With bets starting at just $0.10, the game accommodates casual players and high rollers with flexible limits. Thanks to an upbeat live presenter and electrifying bonus rounds, Mega Ball supplies no shortage of joyful entertainment.

While the RTP sits slightly below averages, the frequent payout potential coupled with a $500k maximum provides plenty of winning actions. For anyone seeking a delightful live dealer experience bursting with positive energy, Mega Ball checks all the boxes.

You can find this sensational title alongside Evolution’s full suite of fantastic games at leading online casinos. Give the modern bingo hit a spin next time you want gameplay that is as amusing as it is profitable!

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