Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Live Casino Game Review

Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Live Casino Game Review

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Enter a fantastical candy-filled world in Pragmatic Play sensational release, Sweet Bonanza CandyLand live. This glucose-charged carnival classic infuses a colossal spinning prize wheel and simplified betting with the vibrant art and scrumptious allure of their hit Sweet Bonanza video slot.

🎲 Game FormatLive money wheel game show
👨‍💻 ProviderPragmatic Play Live
🌍 Studio LocationBucharest, Romania
🤵 DealersVariable human hosts
💲 Wager Range0.20 min – 3000 max
📈 Return-to-Player91.59% – 96.95%
⚖️ VolatilityHigh
💰 Max Payout20,000x bet
📱 Mobile CompatibleYes

Similar to casino classics like Money Wheel and Crazy Time, gameplay allows betting on which number the wheel lands on when spun. But with special wheel wedges issuing bonus spins and jackpots reaching 20,000x the bet, Sweet Bonanza CandyLand adds a thrilling new twist with serious reward potential.

Top Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live Casino Sites

To pinpoint the premier online casinos for hosting Pragmatic’s  Sweet Bonanza CandyLand gameshow, our experts scouted a lot of casino sites featuring the provider’s live dealer shows. We subjected each to rigorous evaluation across an array of crucial criteria – examining welcome bonuses, available betting limits, comp point programs, layout on mobile, dealer experience and studio atmosphere, payment methods, and more. 

Live Sweet Bonanza Candyland Game Review

The star attraction in Sweet Bonanza CandyLand is undoubtedly the colossal carnival-style wheel occupying center stage. This wheel is divided into 54 vibrant slices representing all wagering possibilities – spanning number segments from 1 to 8, through to six unique bonus features like Sugar Bomb, Candy Drop, and more.

When betting time starts, players have the opportunity to place chips on any number of those segments, hoping the spinning pointer ultimately aligns with their selections. For extra excitement, the Sugar Bomb booster can also be activated for an additional 25% of the total bet. This adds special exploding candy symbols onto the wheel for a chance at bigger rewards.

Once all bets are locked in, the host sets that giant wheel a-spinning with an emphatic push. As the colors and symbols blur in motion, players watch with anticipation until the pointer comes to rest declaring the round’s result. If the outcome matches a number or bonus round wagered on that spin, the corresponding payouts are distributed based on the game’s clear prize structure.

Embark on a journey into a whimsical realm filled with sugary delights in the sensational release from Pragmatic Play Live—Welcome to Sweet Bonanza CandyLand!

Matching a bonus segment triggers its associated feature according to specific gameplay tailored to that reward. So not only do players enjoy straightforward number picking, but also diverse and creative mini-events when that wheel ushers in special surprises!

How To Start Playing Sweet Bonanza Candyland by Pragmatic Play

Getting into the fun of Pragmatic’s new carnival gameshow is a breeze by following our guide covering signup, banking, and launching the game. We’ll have you placing bets on that giant candy wheel in minutes!

Sign Up at a Casino From Our List

Take your pick from our handpicked online casinos for the best Sweet Bonanza CandyLand setup. Our endorsed sites hold exclusive rights to host Pragmatic’s full live game catalog – plus offer tempting welcome bonuses to enjoy extra playtime.

Go to the Live Casino Section and Select Sweet Bonanza Candyland Game

Once registered and funded, head to the Live Casino area and browse for Sweet Bonanza CandyLand’s distinctive logo to enter. Multiple tables with open seats make joining the action with a fun community mere clicks away.

Place Your Bets and Win

After choosing a bet size that matches your style, spread chips over your lucky number and bonus spots on the wheel during the betting period. Then watch the colorful spin unfold to see if your predictions pay off with candy-coated cash!

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Game Options & Rules

Kudos to Pragmatic Play Live for crafting Sweet Bonanza CandyLand’s mechanics to maximize fun regardless of gambling proficiency. The game nails that optimal balance of simplicity in core spinning wheel gameplay coupled with enticing extra features.

On one hand, beginners will feel right at home given the ease of merely deciding which colorful number to back before the host whirls that pointer. No intricate strategies are required outside basic luck and preference. Yet for added variety, players can utilize the Sugar Bomb’s exploding candies or try targeting those elusive Bonus Rounds too.

Wheel Symbols

Visually, Sweet Bonanza CandyLand captures the essence of its namesake slot with a splendid candy-coated wheel as the focal point. The perimeter of the upright gold wheel displays 54 segments depicting various sweet treat symbols – including bananas, grapes and plums. These fruits represent numerical values from 1 to 5, with payout scales increasing incrementally.

The outer edge of the delightful Sweet Bonanza Candyland features a standing golden wheel adorned with 54 segments, each showcasing a diverse array of sweet treat symbols such as bananas, grapes, and plums.

Dispersed between are nine outsized bonus segments that unleash special events when hit. Players can hope to trigger thrilling features like the multiplier-packed Candy Drop, Sweet Spins or Buble Surprise. The temping Sugar Bomb brings exploding candy overlay wildcards into the mix too.

Paytable & Odds

A closer examination of the colorful Sweet Bonanza CandyLand wheel reveals a clever configuration ensuring an exciting balance of frequent small payouts and rare but substantial bonanzas.

OutcomeNumber of SectionsProbabilityEst. Spins Between Hits
Number 123 Sections42.59%2.3 Spins
Number 215 Sections27.78%3.6 Spins
Number 57 Sections12.96%8 Spins
Sugar Bomb3 Sections5.56%18 Spins
Bubble Surprise3 Sections5.56%18 Spins
Candy Drop2 Sections3.70%27 Spins
Sweet Spins1 Section1.85%54 Spins

With nearly half the wheel devoted to the number 1, players can expect petite but consistent even money payouts almost every other spin. Contrastingly, the solitary Sweet Spins wedge flashing just once every 54 spins keeps anticipation high for a rare event carrying monumental jackpot potential. Clever probabilities powering this candy classic! 

Betting Options

Placing wagers on Sweet Bonanza CandyLand’s kaleidoscopic wheel is a cinch with flexible betting options to suit any style. Chips ranging from 0.20 up to 3,000 can be put in play across six distinct spots – simply select your size and distribute funds however you see fit. Go wide with small bets blanketing the wheel, or stack a towering pile solely on one lucky number.

The intuitive interface also provides indispensable shortcuts to expedite the process. The “Bet on All” with one click applies your chosen chip amount evenly across the board. Meanwhile, reset tools make it simple to replay the exact same spread as the prior round.

Easily place bets on the vibrant wheel of Sweet Bonanza CandyLand, as it offers flexible betting options tailored to accommodate any gaming style.

For players desiring even more customization, the Sugar Bomb booster provides a 25% damage increase by adding special candy icons to the wheel for a chance at bigger wins. Or utilize the automatic Autoplay to keep bets rolling round after round while you relax.

Live Sweet Bonanza Candyland Special Features & Bonuses

Aside from the core number predictions, what truly sets Sweet Bonanza CandyLand apart are the creatively designed bonus games that trigger when their corresponding wheel slices are hit.

Bubble Surprise

The Bubble Surprise bonus is the latest addition to Sweet Bonanza CandyLand’s lineup of special attractions, appending a straightforward yet satisfying slot machine round. Getting triggered when any of the 3 Bubble Surprise segments on the main wheel are struck, gameplay shifts over to a solo reel stationed off the side.

The effervescent host then sets the reel in motion, randomly awarding one of five potential outcomes:

5x Multiplier – Multiplies Bubble Surprise bets by 5x
10x Multiplier – Multiplies Bubble Surprise bets by 10x
25x Multiplier – Multiplies Bubble Surprise bets by 25x
Candy Drop – Launches the lucrative Candy Drop feature
Sweet Spins – Triggers the free spin frenzy Sweet Spins bonus

Sugar Bomb

Of all the special features, Sugar Bomb brings the biggest thrill by introducing random multipliers up to 10x across all bets in play. Triggered when any of the three Sugar Bomb slices are struck (which cannot be directly wagered on), the first step generates a multiplier between 2x to 10x.

Already amplifying tension, the host then respins the wheel while all original bets remain locked in! Wherever the pointer lands next dictates payouts for that round, with winnings then getting multiplied by the assigned Sugar Bomb value. Even landing additional bonuses applies, setting up astronomical potential.

To further maximize Sugar Bomb’s impact, players can enable its exclusive Booster function. For a 25% bet bump per spin, the Booster doubles any Sugar Bomb multiplier awarded. So turning a 5x into a 10x for just a quarter more of the wager.

Candy Drop

Candy Drop is an immersive second screen attraction inspired by Japanese Pachinko parlors. After getting triggered from either of its two wheel slices or via the Bubble Surprise reel, players choose between red, yellow, or blue candy colors. Three oversized treats of said colors then become pinballs, cascading down through a maze laden with sweet multipliers.

The candies ricochet off obstacles, accruing bigger multipliers the further they descend. Finally, all three accumulate at the bottom, stopping the clock at some randomly generated 2x to 100x figure. Wherever your color lands dictates the bonus multiplier applied to bets placed on Candy Drop for that triggering spin.

Sweet Spins

Of all the special features, Sweet Spins is the crown jewel – fitting since hitting its solitary wheel slice triggers a tumbling reels slot machine packing potentially epic rewards. Successfully lining up this top prize transports players to a separate 6×5 grid modeled after Pragmatic’s original Sweet Bonanza.

Ten free spins then commence, utilizing cascading symbols and wins. Anytime a cluster of 8+ matching candies or fruits creates a combination, associated payouts are awarded. Winning symbols subsequently disappear as new icons cascade down, setting off chain reactions known to unleash huge cumulative prizes.

Sweet Spins stands as the crown jewel, aptly so, as landing on its lone wheel segment activates a cascading reels slot machine, promising the potential for truly epic rewards.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland RTP & Variance

Sweet Bonanza CandyLand offers significant winning potential thanks to a generous return-to-player (RTP) percentage spanning 91.59% to 96.95%. This competitive edge versus house odds keeps the thrills and rewards flowing.

Yet with jackpots reaching up to 20,000x the bet accompanied by high variance swings, prepare for an intense rollercoaster ride. The experience stays comfortable for all budget sizes too – wagers as low as 0.20 up to VIP status levels at 3,000 per spin are supported.

Best Sweet Bonanza Candyland Strategies & Tips

We dove much deeper into advanced betting tactics in our dedicated Sweet Bonanza CandyLand strategies gameplay guide, but we’ve provided a brief overview of the strategies below:

Utilize Sugar Bomb Booster – Activating the 25% bet increaser adds more Wilds and doubles Sugar Bomb multipliers for bigger payout potential.
Mix up bets – Sprinkle chips across multiple number segments and bonuses to diversify chances instead of overcommitting to just one or two.
Limit bonus buys – Bonus triggers happen randomly so minimize directly purchasing them to conserve bankroll over the long run.
Analyze stats – Review the wheel slice intervals and payouts to make informed bets based on percentages over sheer luck.
Quit while you’re ahead – Being disciplined in withdrawing after a big score avoids giving back profits in future rounds.
Explore intricate betting tactics and strategic approaches specifically designed for our dedicated Sweet Bonanza CandyLand gameplay.
Sweet Bonanza CandyLand translates seamlessly to smartphone and tablet displays

Game Compatibility With Mobile Devices

Thanks to Pragmatic Play’s focus on mobile-first gaming experiences, Sweet Bonanza CandyLand translates seamlessly to smartphone and tablet displays regardless of operating system.

The vibrant candy colors and spinning wheel action appear sharp and fluid on mobile screens, with gameplay controls optimized for intuitive tapping or swiping. Handy features like portrait or landscape mode support, autosizing display adjustments, and disconnect protections keep the entertainment rolling interrupt-free as well.

So no need to rush home to enjoy CandyLand’s sugary exploits – just access the game directly through your Android or iOS casino app, or instant play site optimized for all devices.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland – Pros & Cons


Vibrant candy-filled visuals and sounds for added entertainment
Straightforward money wheel format simple for beginners
Engaging bonus rounds like Sweet Spins and Candy Drop
Special multipliers can lead to huge payouts up to 20,000x
Intuitive betting options and shortcuts for casual and advanced play
Optimized for desktop and mobile across operating systems


Very high variance means potential for big dry spells
Bonus rounds and multipliers trigger completely randomly


Money wheel games continue gaining popularity across online and land-based casinos for their straightforward, fast-paced fun. Seeing the genre’s versatility and potential for innovation, Pragmatic Play now infuses it with a sweet twist through new release Sweet Bonanza CandyLand.

At its core, CandyLand sticks to classic money wheel gameplay – players simply predict where the pointer will stop after a spin across slices labeled 1 to 5 or unique bonuses. This simplicity enables anyone to easily enjoy the action. Yet Pragmatic and decked CandyLand out with numerous enhancements setting it apart from traditional offerings.

Vibrant candy visuals coat both the backdrop and wheel itself for added appeal. Immersive second screen bonus games in Candy Drop, Bubble Surprise and Sweet Spins add layers of excitement. And with special Sugar Bomb multipliers in play, eye-popping jackpots up to 20,000x the bet (capped at €500K) are possible!

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