Deal or No Deal Live Casino Game By Evolution

Deal or No Deal Live Casino Game By Evolution

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Seeking a progressive online game that will keep you entertained? Enjoy the thrill and anticipation of Deal or No Deal live casino game, which is an interactive adaptation of the popular American TV show. Compete with other players for the possibility to win big and test your luck while taking your gambling experience to the next level.

Explore our detailed review and learn how to play the game, find the list of top-notch live casinos that feature Deal or No Deal and discover the most efficient gambling tactics.

Best Live Deal or No Deal Casino Sites 2024

As the game has been developed by a famous casino software provider – Evolution, you will not have a problem finding an online gambling site that features a Deal or No Deal game. Below, we present a collection of the top Deal or No Deal live casinos, where you can indulge in this game and make a significant profit while having the best time.

Deal or No Deal Live Casino Game Overview

Developed in May 2019, Live Deal or No Deals casino is now available on both desktop and mobile devices. The game features a skilled host and hostess who are responsible for revealing the contents of the briefcases. Each of the game’s 16 briefcases has a cash prize of between $1 and $500 000. The main objective of the online Deal or No Deal casino game is to open as many low-value briefcases as possible, increasing the chances of winning the highest cash prize.

Game nameDeal or No Deal Live
Software providerEvolution
Game typeGame Show
Bonus FeaturesMultipliers, jackpots, free spins
Live streaming fromMalta
Bet range$0.1 – $5000
Max win$500 000
Side betsNot features
Supported platformsPCs, smartphones, tablets, laptops
Supported OSWindows, Android
Languages20+ languages

About Evolution Gaming

Established in 2006, Evolution Gaming has become one of the leading casino software providers specializing in live casino games. In addition to Deal or No Deal live game, Evolution provides the major live gambling operators with games, such as Live Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Monopoly Live and many others. Each of these games is available to play 24/7 and features hosts and live dealers.

Video Performance And Sound

Live casino game is broadcasted in HD video and comprises a live studio section along with two RNG segments preceding it. The live studio segment is captured by numerous cameras so that gamblers may embrace the atmosphere of a real casino.

Both RNG segments leading up to the live studio boast exceptional quality. The three-reel bank vault emulates the standard of a high-end slot machine, and the top-up round features a realistic wheel, which adds to the overall appeal of the game. Top-notch sound effects are skilfully synchronized with the gameplay and adapt dynamically based on the player’s actions during the game.

How To Play Deal or No Deal Live Casino Game: Rules And Rounds

Deal or No Deal is split into several levels allowing players to advance to successive rounds and qualify for huge cash prizes. To obtain a better understanding of the game mechanics, read the short description of each round below.

Qualification Round

At the beginning of the Deal or No Deal live casino game, a player is presented with a three-reel bank vault wheel. In order to be eligible for the game show, they are required to spin the wheel and accurately position the gold segments within the top central section. Next, the bank vault door is unlocked, along with access to the game. The gambler can spin without any limit during the designated time frame, but they will be charged for each spin based on their chosen betting amount.

To enhance the likelihood of qualifying, a punter can purchase one ring for 3 times their bet amount or two rings for 9 times their bet amount. The highest cash amount in a briefcase is determined by 75x – 500x of the total bet on each spin.

The Top Up Wheel

Upon completing the qualification round, a player is granted access to the subsequent stage of the Deal or No Deal live casino game, which presents an opportunity to increase their winnings through the use of a Top-Up Wheel. It comprises several segments, each offering a unique multiplier coefficient that ranges from 5x to 50x. If the gambler opts to avail of this feature, they need to simply choose their desired Top Up stake and initiate the wheel spin.

The Top Up wheel may be spun an infinite number of times during the specified time frame, but each spin necessitates payment of their selected betting amount.

The Game Show Round

After completing the qualifying criteria and passing the Top Up Wheel process, a participant proceeds to the main event of the Deal or No Deal Live game show. The centerpiece of the game is a table situated at the forefront, on which 16 briefcases are placed, one of which is chosen by the player. The other 15 briefcases are positioned in two rows beside the chosen briefcase.

Each of the briefcases, randomly dispersed throughout the studio, contains a concealed number from one to sixteen. The sum of money in each briefcase is visible on either side of the screen. Subsequently, the host’s assistant gradually uncovers the briefcases to reveal the corresponding number and sum of money inside. Once a briefcase is opened, the corresponding number no longer plays a role in the game.


In order to determine the potential winnings, a player may check the payout table, which outlines the corresponding payout amount for each individual briefcase:

1665x – 100x

During the first opening, 3 out of 16 briefcases are opened. The Banker presents a “Deal or No Deal” offer. If a gambler accepts the offer, the agreed-upon amount is awarded and added to their balance, and they may go back to the qualification round. In case of the offer rejection, a gambler continues to play.

In the second and third rounds, 4 briefcases are opened, and the Banker makes offers based on the same principle as in the first opening.

The Final Opening

The final opening, in which the last two briefcases are opened to disclose the prize sum, marks the end of the Deal or No Deal casino live game. If the player’s final choice is “No Deal”, they receive the amount that was disclosed in the briefcase they originally selected. In case the gambler opts for “Switch Briefcases”, the amount that is revealed in the alternate briefcase is awarded to them. All winnings are exhibited on the screen before the player proceeds to the qualification round.

The Game RTP Explained

The RTP is the percentage of wagered money that is paid out to players. Deal or No Deal Live has an RTP of 95.42%, indicating that players will receive $95.42 in winnings for every $100 wagered. It’s worth noting that this sum is an estimate and may vary based on each player’s individual gaming session.

Play Deal Or No Deal Live At Top Casino Sites

Deal or No Deal has become a widely popular live casino game. While easy to comprehend, it can be tricky to master, which is why both novice and professional players find it appealing. Below, we present you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to play Deal or No Deal Live.

Explore A List Of Top Live Casinos

With our list of the finest live dealer casinos offering appealing and easy-to-claim no deposit bonuses for novice gamblers, finding the proper gambling platform could not get easier. We have selected only reputable and trustworthy gambling operators that comply with legal requirements and boast advanced betting options. Examine the list and opt for one of the websites.

Sign Up And Make A Deposit

Create a new live casino gambling account by entering personal and contact details. Verify your account and, if required, submit valid proofs of your identity, age and address. Next, you need to top up the account balance via the Deposit page by choosing the preferred payment solution. Finally, enter the bonus code and claim your welcome bonus in the Promotion section.

Find Deal or No Deal Live At The Game Library

Once your deposit has been successfully processed, you can proceed to the Live Casino section of the website and select the Deal or No Deal Live game. This casino title may have different variations and bet limits, so choose the one that best suits your gambling preferences and budget.

Make Your Bet And Enjoy The Game

At this stage, you need to place your wagers by choosing a briefcase and picking your stake. The minimum/maximum bets vary depending on the game version and the casino’s policy. The game will start with the host opening a set of briefcases containing different cash prizes.

Playing Deal or No Deal Live Game On Your Phone

At our platform, we take great care in ensuring that our visitors have an exceptional betting experience. Thus, you may rest assured that each of the recommended live Deal or No Deal casinos will offer you games that you can easily access and play on your iOS, Android or Windows smartphone or tablet. So, whether you are on the go or relaxing at home, play your favorite casino game and win.

Deal or No Deal Live Strategy To Win

The game heavily relies on decisions made by the player during the main show, making it a potentially risky game for one’s bankroll. Although there is no one definite, winning Deal or No Deal Live strategy, here we present you with some useful tips and tricks to help you win:

Pay attention to the odds. Eliminate briefcases with lower values so that the likelihood of the remaining briefcases containing higher values will increase.
Consider the value of the remaining briefcases. When multiple briefcases with a high value remain, it might be worth taking a risk and continuing to play. Conversely, if the majority of the remaining briefcases contain low-value amounts, it may be a suitable time to contemplate accepting the Banker’s offer.
Set a budget and stick to it. Prior to participating in the live version of Deal or No Deal, it is essential to determine your spending limit and strictly adhere to it to prevent yourself from pursuing your losses.

Similar Games To Check Out

Deal or No Deal Live is a game that has garnered a significant fan base among online casino enthusiasts. For those who enjoy this game, there are numerous other similar games that are worth exploring. 

Monopoly Live, for instance, is a live casino game that combines the traditional board game with an immersive online gaming experience. Another game worth considering is Dream Catcher, a money-wheel game that is easy to grasp and offers ample opportunities for significant wins. Lightning Roulette is another game that shares similarities with Live Deal or No Deal, featuring a live dealer and thrilling opportunities to win generous payouts. By exploring these comparable games, players can discover new and exciting ways to enjoy online casino gaming.

Pros And Cons Of The Game

If you are still not sure whether the Deal or No Deal live game is worth playing, check the lists of its benefits and drawbacks:


24/7 accessibility.
Unique and engaging gameplay.
Remarkable visuals and sound effects.
Potential for winning substantial sums of money.


High risk of losing funds.
Slow pace of the game may be boring.
Complicated rules, especially for beginners.

Final Thoughts

The Deal or No Deal Live is an enjoyable and potentially lucrative game. The game’s outstanding graphics, impressive sound effects, social interaction, and simple gameplay all contribute to an unforgettable gaming experience. To join in the fun and increase your chances of striking it rich, select one of the top gambling platforms from our list, register and start playing right away.

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