Is Live Blackjack one of your favourite casino games, but you haven’t had much luck lately? Great news! Today, I’ll take you through all the need-to-knows about this game and offer valuable Live Blackjack tips to help you earn money while playing it. Following that, I will share the most effective betting strategies to guide you towards becoming a successful Live Blackjack player. Without further delay, let me begin.

How To Win At Live Blackjack (And Is it Even Possible)

In my personal experience, winning at Live Blackjack is more than possible, but it requires a combination of gaming expertise, proper bankroll management and a significant element of chance. Before you learn how to win money at Live Blackjack tables, I highly recommend reviewing the basic rules of the game and practising them diligently. Familiarize yourself with different strategies, such as card counting and mastering the art of deciding on your next move based on the cards in play.

Having explored numerous Live Blackjack variations and diligently experimenting with betting strategies

Years of playing multiple variations of Blackjack online proved to me that patience and discipline are the keys to success. It’s also important to choose a reputable online casino with fair gameplay and reliable dealers to ensure that Live Blackjack is not rigged and players have equal winning chances. While winning consistently is challenging, it is indeed possible to increase your chances of success by honing your skills and employing a smart Live Blackjack online strategy.

Best Live Blackjack Tips For Players

Having explored numerous Live Blackjack variations and diligently experimenting with betting strategies, I am ready to share invaluable tips that will be equally useful for experienced and inexperienced casino players.

Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy

The Basic Live Blackjack strategy implies you taking certain actions regarding your cards based on the dealer’s upcard and your current hand. Such actions include standing, hitting, splitting, doubling down, or surrendering your hand. The Basic Strategy can only be applied for games using 4 to 8 decks. Surrendering your hand is an option with some Blackjack games, and it can reduce the house’s edge.

Avoid Taking Insurance

Regardless of the amount you wager or the value of your hand, it is always ill-advised to opt for Insurance. Only 4 out of the 13 possible cards in the deck can grant the dealer the necessary Blackjack when paired with an Ace. A 30% probability of losing is inevitable, whereas opting for Insurance, which pays only 2:1, amounts to an unfavourable wager. So if you are gambling just for pleasure, I strongly recommend steering clear of Insurance at any expense.

Start With Low Stakes

The Live Blackjack dealer tip that I personally use the most often is starting my gambling sessions with low stakes. As an experienced Blackjack player, I opt for tables where the minimum bet amount is 5% or less of my initial bankroll. This approach allows for longer gameplay, contributes to developing a proper gambling strategy and safeguards against losing the initial deposit right away.

Take Advantage Of Casino Bonuses And Promotions

Card counting is often thought of as the only way to beat the casinos, but it can only help you increase the stakes when the current dealer shoe is favourable for you. Casino bonuses give you free funds to play Blackjack with, so any losses are not actually losses since they don’t come out of your pocket. To get the most out of available bonuses and promos, look for low requirements and high wagering contributions.

Don’t Chase Losses

Drawing from my observations, not chasing losses is one of the most important Live Blackjack tips, as all problems with gambling addiction start with players not knowing when to stop. Chasing losses is when a gambler deposits more money after losing a large sum, believing that their luck will soon change. Unfortunately, this almost never happens, and the player ends up depleting their bankroll in one night.

Pay Attention To The Dealer’s Upcard

Understanding the dealer’s potential hand is crucial for making informed decisions in the game. By observing the card facing up, you can gain valuable insights. For instance, if the dealer’s up card ranges from 2 to 6, it indicates a weak position and increases the likelihood of them going bust. Conversely, if the up card is 7 or higher, it suggests a potentially strong hand, prompting a more cautious approach to gameplay. These observations can significantly improve your decision-making process in subsequent moves.

Play At A Reputable Online Casino

Through my exploration of Live Blackjack online strategies, I’ve come to realize that regardless of the betting tactics employed, success in Live Blackjack is unattainable when betting at a casino with a shady reputation and a dubious track record of providing consistent Blackjack payouts. That is why, below, I have listed the online gambling operators that turned out to be the best on the current market in terms of seamless real-money transactions, multiple gaming options and high-paying bonuses. Now you can go to the list and opt for the most suitable gambling website.

Quit While You’re Ahead

If you’ve had a good run and made some decent profits, don’t get greedy by trying to win more. Even the most robust Live Blackjack strategies cannot guarantee a win, and sometimes it’s better just to walk away from the table. You never know when your luck might run out, so make sure you control your gambling process and choose to stop when you are winning instead of taking the risk of losing.

Live Blackjack Online Strategy To Try

As a seasoned gambler, I am constantly on the lookout for betting strategies that are both effective and convenient to employ. I understand that you are also looking for simpler ways to win, so I have taken the initiative to compile a comprehensive list of the best Live Blackjack online strategies that you may test.

In addition, I have prepared a table that will help you determine the value of your hand and locate that specific value along the corresponding row, aligned with the dealer’s visible card, and make the informed decision on your next move.

Your CardsDealer’s Cards
Hard Cards2345678910A
Soft Cards2345678910A

Live Blackjack Basic Strategy

This particular Live Blackjack strategy is applicable to Blackjack games where the dealer is required to stand on Soft 17. If the dealer holds a hand with a total of 17, including an Ace counted as 11, they cannot enhance their hand further. When this rule is implemented at the Blackjack table, it increases the RTP by 0.21%. If the dealer does not adhere to the practice of standing on soft 17, it is advised to leave the table promptly.

Double Down After Split

This strategy is an effective way to enlarge your bankroll, as it increases the game’s RTP by 0.14%. When granted the opportunity to Double Down After Split, your primary focus will be on splitting small pairs, with the goal of obtaining one or more hands that are worthy of doubling down. If you would like to test this strategy, I recommend playing Live Quantum Blackjack or Live Seven Seat Blackjack.

Blackjack Surrender Strategy

It is always wise to have an exit plan, and in Live Blackjack, it is the option to Surrender. This Live Blackjack online strategy serves as a tool that allows you to minimize your losses when it seems like you are not going to win. Instead of losing the entire bet, you have a chance to surrender and give up only half of your initial bet if you feel as if you are not able to beat the dealer’s hand.

Multiplier Strategy

Even though it is not common, some Live Blackjack games may feature multipliers. By playing such games you can definitely enlarge your profit. However, to guarantee the randomness and fairness of the game outcome, these multipliers are generated by the RNG, so it is not quite possible to foresee and influence the round outcome.

Side Bets Strategy

The last but not least method how to win at Live Blackjack is to place side bets. It does not mean that you are required to place all of them at the same time, as some side bets come with low RTPs and high house edges. While they can be tempting, it’s essential to use them wisely. I recommend reviewing the betting rules for each side bet available and only then determining which side bet can be the most profitable for you.

The best Live Blackjack online strategies

Final Thoughts

Online Live Dealer Blackjack is a great casino game that not only allows you to make a significant profit but also will never let you get bored. Since I have shared with you all the best Live Blackjack tips and strategies, nothing is stopping you now from registering at one of the listed above casinos, making the first deposit, playing Blackjack and finding the proper betting strategy that will work wonders for your wallet.

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