Lightning Dice Live Casino Game Review 2024

Lightning Dice Live Casino Game Review 2024

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Venturing into 2024, Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming emerges as a frontrunner in live casino entertainment. This immersive game, blending traditional dice dynamics with electrifying multipliers, has captivated seasoned gamblers and newcomers alike. 

Dive into our hands-on review to discover some Lightning Dice tips and what makes it such a standout this year.

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Lightning Dice Game Overview

Introduced in 2018 by Evolution, Lightning Dice at casinos offers an RTP of 96.21%. The platform supports both mobile and desktop gadgets. It offers betting limits ranging from $0.20 to $2,000, and its distinct feature is the Lightning multiplier mechanism. Together with Lightning Roulette and Blackjack, this game completes a series of live casino classics by Evolution, primarily recognized for their unique lightning multiplier system.

Software providerEvolution
Game typeSpecialty Games
Streaming fromLatvia
Minimum bet€0.20
Maximum bet€2000
Max win1000x
Side betsNo
Live chatNo
Supported platformsAndroid, iOS, macOS, Windows
Supported OSAndroid, Windows

Theme, Video & Sound

Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Dice slots are set in a dedicated live studio featuring a labyrinthine centerpiece. A dynamic host manages the game, surrounded by electrifying visuals and a medley of immersive sounds, from thunderclaps to casino ambiance.

Basic Rules

Players place bets on a total of three dice thrown into the Lightning Tower, with outcomes ranging from 3 to 18. After your wager, the Lightning round ensues. Selected numbers receive random multipliers that can soar to x1000. The dice then tumble, revealing the winning number. This Lightning brand game offers an accessible, memorable experience with its straightforward mechanics and potential big wins.

Game Mechanics

The camera focuses on pivotal moments, primarily showing the maze, the lever, and the host. Players initiate by selecting a number for wagering. After the bets are placed, the host releases the dice, which descend through the maze. With bets from €0.20 to €2,000, the game is simple yet thrilling.

Bonus Features

Lightning Dice enhances traditional dice gaming with its electrified interface. Players can choose specific numbers or use Bet On All to speed up gameplay. After betting, lightning randomly selects numbers, giving them multipliers up to 1,000x. This increases the chance for players to win more.

How To Play Lightning Dice Live

In Lightning Dice Live, the first things you notice are the bright lights and the unique way the dice are introduced. So, how do you play? It’s about guessing the total number of three dice. Players can place their bets on any outcome, be it just one number or all of them. 

Once everyone’s done betting, the game amps up with its Lightning phase. This is where certain numbers are chosen to get bonus multipliers. Then, with a flick of a switch, the host releases the dice down a transparent tower. 

All eyes are on the dice as they tumble. When they settle, a camera close-up shows the dice total, revealing which bets win. After the excitement of that round, the dice are reset, ready for players to try their luck again.

Multipliers In The Game

Every possible outcome on the table has the potential to be enhanced with Lightning Multipliers. Yet, in contrast to Lightning Roulette, where any number can get any multiplier, Lightning Dice assigns specific multipliers to distinct outcomes:

For totals of 3 & 18, multipliers range from 149:1 to 999:1.
For 4 & 17, it’s from 49:1 to 499:1.
For 5 & 16, it’s from 24:1 to 249:1.
6 & 15 have a range of 14:1 to 99:1.
7 & 14 are between 9:1 and 99:1.
For 8 & 13, it’s 6:1 to 49:1.
9 & 12 can see 5:1 to 49:1.
Lastly, 10 & 11 have multipliers from 4:1 to 49:1.

For clarity, the odds shown on the betting layout are in addition to your original bet, which is returned. However, if a winning bet involves a multiplier, the payout corresponds directly to the multiplier’s value (inclusive of the initial stake).

Lightning Dice Slot RTP & Payouts

When placing a bet on totals of 3 or 18, the maximum RTP stands at 96.21%.

For other totals, the RTP typically fluctuates between 96.03% and 96.21%.

Here’s a breakdown of the totals, their standard payouts, max multipliers, and the associated probability:

TotalsNormal PayoutMax MultiplierProbability 
3 or 18149:1999:10.463%
4 or 1749:1499:11.389%
5 or 1624:1249:12.778%
6 or 1514:199:14.630%
7 or 149:199:16.944%
8 or 136:149:19.722%
9 or 125:149:111.574%
10 or 114:149:112.500%

Mobile Device Compatibility

Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Dice stands out as an exceptional live casino dice experience everyone should try. With its sharp visuals and thrilling interface, the game runs smoothly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Whether you’re on the move or just away from your desk, accessing your casino profile allows you to indulge in a game or two wherever you are, you can check our list to discover the best live mobile casinos.

Best Strategy To Win Lightning Dice At Live Casino

Success in Lightning Dice isn’t about blind luck; it demands strategy. While throwing money and hoping for huge payouts is tempting, a calculated approach can increase both enjoyment and profit potential. Dive into the game’s math to strategize. Place bets on dice totals from 3 to 18, understanding that totals like 8 through 13 appear most frequently and offer multipliers up to 50x. For adrenaline rushes, sprinkle small wagers on 3 or 18, eyeing the 1000x multiplier. 

We have detailed the best strategies for Lightning Dice so that you can have more fun and win more games.

Key Lightning Dice tips to raise your chance of winning are as follows:

Write Down Every Bet: Running your own Lightning Dice stats can help.
Stay Consistent: Stick to numbers 8-13 for steady outcomes.
Take Risks: Small bets on 3, 18, 4, or 17 can yield massive returns.
Diversify: Mix regular and high-reward bets.
Budget Wisely: Manage bets to sustain longer play.
Avoid Bet All: It’s enticing but risky.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Game


Offers up to 1000x multipliers
Interactive and immersive gameplay
Wide range of betting strategies available
Playable on mobile devices
Multipliers are somewhat predictable


Big multipliers might induce over-betting.


Lightning Dice offers an exciting twist to live casino game shows, combining electrifying gameplay with potential high multipliers. While the game can be advantageous for those who employ a strategic approach, it’s essential to exercise caution, especially for newcomers. With its immersive experience and mobile compatibility, it’s no surprise that Lightning Dice continues to capture the interest of casino enthusiasts. As with all gambling ventures, responsible play and bankroll management are key.

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