Cash Or Crash Live Casino Game

Cash Or Crash Live Casino Game

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Cash or Crash Live is a live dealer game that was developed and launched by Evolution Gaming. The gameplay is set on a blimp that gracefully floats above a vibrant metropolis. This thrilling game boasts a ladder-style paytable with payouts increasing up to 50 000 times your bet.

Read this article and do not miss a chance to pick the most suitable live dealer casino to play Cash or Crash, as well as find useful information on the game’s key features and rules, RTP, odds and payouts.

Best Cash Or Crash Live Casinos 2024

Only thorough research allowed our team of independent casino gambling experts to meticulously evaluate the leading live casinos on the market and create a list of the best Cash or Crash live casinos in 2024. Browse through the list, compare bonus offers and available betting options, pick your casino, follow the link and get closer to becoming a successful gambler.

About Cash Or Crash By Evolution Gaming

This live casino game show provides gamblers with a distinctive and captivating betting experience. The game’s format combines a live host with a lottery-style machine and creates an interactive atmosphere. Unlike many other casino games that offer moderate winnings, Cash or Crash by Evolution presents punters with an opportunity to win substantial sums in each round.

Game nameCash or Crash Live
Software providerEvolution
Game typeLive Casino Game Show
Bonus featuresGolden ball, high multipliers, live chat
Streaming fromLatvia
Min bet$0.10
Max bet$1000
Max win50 000x

Key Features Of The Game

Live Evolution Cash or Crash is a popular online blimp-themed game with a live host. The 20-step ladder-style paytable is designed to provide players with increasing payouts as they climb higher. The automated ball drawing machine randomly selects coloured balls, which propels the player skywards. The red, green, and gold balls drawn have varying effects on the player’s position and payouts. Green balls move the player closer to the top of the ladder, while red balls result in their descent. Gold balls, on the other hand, provide a shield against the next red ball and can increase payouts on the Cash or Crash paytable.

Graphic And Sound

Evolution’s commitment to providing players with the best gaming experience is reflected in top-quality Cash or Crash Live HD live streaming and graphics, which are visually stunning. The game is set in a futuristic world, featuring a high-tech city skyline in the background with bright neon lights and vibrant colors that create a sleek and modern design. 

The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, catering to both new and experienced players. Another standout feature of the game is its sound effects and music, which are perfectly synchronized with the video and add excitement to the gameplay.

How To Play Cash Or Crash

This Evolution game is quite simple in terms of rules and gameplay, so even amateur gamblers may easily start playing and win a significant profit. If you happen to be one of such gamblers, below, we explain how to play Cash or Crash in a step-by-step format.

Place A Bet

You can place your bet at the beginning of the round. You have 20 seconds to make a wager. The betting options range between $0.10 and $1000. Such a wide range of betting limits makes the game a good choice for players with any budget. When placing a bet, pay attention to the paytable since it shows how your payout will increase as you move up the ladder.

Ball Drawing

When you’ve placed your bet in the Cash or Crash online game, the first ball is drawn from the machine, which has a total of 28 balls, comprising 19 green, 1 gold, and 8 red balls. The gameplay depends on the color of the ball that is selected.

Green Ball

Drawing a green ball means the blimp’s position on the pole gets higher, and you proceed to the next level. The longer you are drawing the green ball, the bigger prize you can potentially win at Cash or Crash casino.

Red Ball

When a red ball is depicted on the screen, and you lack an operational shield, it will lead to a collision, forfeiture of earnings, and ultimately, the conclusion of the game. In the event that a shield is present, it will be compromised, and the game will continue.

Gold Ball

This ball allows you to advance a level on the Cash or Crash Live paytable ladder, amplifying your prospective earnings. Additionally, a golden ball will grant you a shield that protects you against the forthcoming red ball drawn, accompanied by a supplementary bonus round.

Make A Choice

Each time a green or golden ball is drawn from the machine, you have to make a choice from three available options: Continue, Take Half, or Take All. These options allow you to keep playing the game and manage your winnings.


By selecting this option, you continue playing the Cash or Crash casino game with your entire bet in play. There is no option to change your wager, so you simply wait for the next ball to be drawn.

Take Half

This option allows you to get 50% of the money in play as a prize and keep participating in the game with another half of the sum. It may be a great tactic if you are not ready to risk all your winnings.

Take All

By picking the Take All option, you withdraw all the money and no longer participate in the game. Your choice does not affect the game outcome for other players, and even though you bank your win, you may still watch the game till the end of the round.

The Outcome

Cash or Crash Live round ends when the red ball is drawn or when you take all your winnings. As the game features 20 rounds, the entire game is over when you reach the top of the payout ladder.

Upon reaching the pinnacle of the ladder, a lucrative reward of up to 18 000 times the initial stake awaits you. This already impressive payout can skyrocket to an astounding 50 000 times the bet if a golden ball has been drawn. The Cash or Crash levels offer an exhilarating and potentially highly rewarding experience for players.

Special Features And Bonuses

The Cash or Crash live casino game is designed to be simple and low-risk and lacks many additional features. However, there is a unique Golden Ball that disrupts the green/red ball system and acts as both a shield and Cash or Crash payout multiplier.

In order to enhance the user’s gameplay experience, the screen exhibits an array of advantageous features. A small box continually updates the player on their current payout level, while tables on the left and right show the probability of receiving green and red balls, respectively. At the bottom of the screen, three options – Continue, Take Half, and Take All – are prominently displayed.

Cash Or Crash RTP

The Cash or Crash RTP is subject to variation, contingent upon the presence of the golden ball, and ranges from 94.51% to 99.59%. Evolution has established a maximum round payout of $500 000 for this game. As a result, should gameplay continue and exceed this limit, you have the option of either claiming 50% of the winnings or claiming the entire amount and concluding the game. Wagering beyond the specified limit is strictly prohibited.

Cash Or Crash Odds And Payouts

Understanding the Cash or Crash odds and payouts is crucial for making informed decisions regarding your bets and maximizing your chances of winning. Here’s a detailed table that outlines payout coefficients.

Paytable LevelRegular PayoutGold Ball Draw Payout 
196800x11 000x
2018 000x50 000x

Mobile Compatibility Of The Game

The rising usage of mobile Internet is evident as more people embrace it each year. Android OS alone holds a dominant market share of 71.63%. In response, online casinos continue to expand their mobile offerings, providing a plethora of games through dedicated mobile applications.

To make sure you are able to get an unforgettable gambling experience, we carefully select Cash or Crash live casinos that offer either native applications or mobile browser game options. By opting for one of the live dealer gambling sites featured on this page, you get access to live casino games on your mobile phone as well as your tablet or PC.

Cash Or Crash Strategy And Tips For Winning

The game is characterized by simplicity, and the key to success is decision-making. Specifically, you must choose between continuing, taking half, or taking all. Given its high variance, the game produces many small victories and occasional large payouts.

If you prioritize minimizing risk, a Live Cash or Crash best strategy for game is to cash out immediately upon earning a profit. Although this approach may be less exciting, it ensures that you will not lose your money.

However, if you are willing to take some risks, the take half option can be quite advantageous. By selecting this option and then advancing two levels, you can break even and begin playing with “free money”. Even if you lose at this point, it will not be a significant loss. Opting to take half and collect your winnings is one of the most effective means of generating profits.

Evolution also recommends a specific strategy: progress up to level 9 and then stop playing. If you happen to obtain a golden ball, you can continue playing until you receive a red ball.

Other Games You Might Like

If you are a fan of Cash or Crash Evolution gameplay but want to diversify your experience with new designs and unique game elements, Evolution Gaming and other leading software providers offer an extensive array of options for you to peruse. Some noteworthy releases include Crazy Time, Super Sic Bo, Mega Wheel, Live Monopoly, and Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. Each one of these games is renowned for its thrilling characteristics and the possibility of substantial rewards.

Pros And Cons Of Cash Or Crash Casino Game

Like any other casino game, Cash or Crash has its benefits and drawbacks. Let’s look at them closer.


Golden Ball bonus feature.
No specific gambling skills are required.
Great potential for enormous payouts.
High RTP percentage and low house edge.
Suitable for both beginners and experienced gamblers.
No limit to the number of players who can participate in the round.


Not available for trial in demo mode.
Limited opportunities for social interaction with other gamblers or a host.
High volatility and considerable risk of incurring substantial losses.

Final Thoughts

This Live show game is a captivating game suitable for both novice and seasoned enthusiasts of online gambling. The straightforward Cash or Crash rules and use of a simple lottery machine for determining outcomes make it easy to play and understand. Additionally, the game of chance offers attractive payouts and boasts an appealing design. Relish playing this Evolution title on your PC or mobile device at the finest live dealer casino sites we’ve hand-picked for you above, and enjoy big and quick wins.

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