Do you enjoy playing online Blackjack but need a challenge? Try Live Blackjack, as it seamlessly blends the traditional casino experience of playing card games and top-quality gaming technology that allows you to enjoy real-time gameplay and engage with friendly live dealers.

Do not let the opportunity to learn how to play Live Blackjack online pass you by. Check out our comprehensive guide for beginners and learn the basics of this live dealer game, what possible game variations are available for you to try out and how you can get started gambling at the leading Live Blackjack online casinos.

What Is Live Blackjack?

Live Online Blackjack game variations that were developed by major casino software developers

As of now, Live Blackjack is considered one of the most-played online casino games in the world. Regardless of your experience level in live casino gaming, you can make a profit by playing Live Blackjack, as the main rules remain the same. Only in this case, the game comes with real croupiers and player interactions and is easily accessible from the comfort of your home. Identical to traditional Blackjack, the objective is to get as close to 21 as you can and beat the dealer. Returning or more experienced players may spice up their gambling sessions by playing Live Online Blackjack game variations that were developed by major casino software developers, such as Evolution, Ezugi and Pragmatic Play.

How Does Live Blackjack Work And How Is It Different From Land-Based Game

Live online casinos feature Live Blackjack games that are broadcasted in real-time from dedicated studios that were designed and equipped by licensed casino software providers. Blackjack is legal in many countries around the world.

So how does Live Blackjack work? A skilled live dealer conducts the game using an authentic Blackjack table and real cards. Through advanced technology, you can access the game on your desktop or mobile device, choose a seat, and place bets.

Your username is displayed on the table, allowing you to participate as if you were in a physical casino. You have the freedom to make decisions such as standing, hitting, doubling down, or splitting, as well as place popular side bets such as Perfect Pairs and 21+3.

While gambling, you are able to communicate with the croupier through live chat. The dealer is always aware of the gamblers at the table and greets you when you join. Unlike the land-based game, Live Blackjack is accessible 24/7 and does not require you to follow the dress code requirements and every rule of table etiquette.

Live Casino Blackjack Rules Breakdown  

Prior to signing up at any online casino gambling platform and making any kind of deposit transaction, it is essential to closely study the fundamental Live Casino Blackjack rules. The Live Blackjack round starts with gamblers selecting their bets and placing them in the designated betting area. Then each gambler at a betting table is given two cards that form a hand with a certain score. As Jacks, Queens, and Kings are picture cards, they hold a value of 10, while Aces are worth either 1 or 11, depending on the dealer’s rules and other cards in your hand. Numbered cards ranging from 2 to 10 carry their face value.

The player’s goal in playing Live Blackjack game is to surpass the dealer’s hand without exceeding a total of 21 points. Once the initial two cards are dealt, players can obtain the optimal hand by option for one of the following options:

StandIf you’re satisfied with your hand, you can choose to stand and not take any additional cards.
HitTo improve your hand, you can choose to hit and receive an additional card.
SplitYou can use a strategic move called splitting pairs, where you divide a starting hand, which is a pair of cards with the same value, into two separate hands that will be played independently.
DoubleIf you’re confident in your hand, you can decide to double your original bet and receive only one more card.
SurrenderLeave the table and forfeit half of your bet if you believe your hand cannot beat the dealer’s hand.

Different Game Types

Figuring out how to play Live Blackjack game variations can be challenging due to the powerful technology behind them and slight differences in terms of rules and gameplay. For example, not every Live Blackjack game features a human dealer who typically leads the game. As dealers are directly responsible for card counting and shuffling, as well as interactive gaming, it may not always be convenient for gamblers to track the cards on their own.

Besides, the availability of the Surrender option varies among Live Blackjack games, and frankly, you should avoid tables that don’t offer it, as you are automatically at high risk of losing your bet. Split rules also differ since some live online casinos feature games that allow for multiple splits while others only allow one.

How To Play Live Blackjack Online

How To Play Live Blackjack Online: Payout And Return To Player

When playing Live Online Blackjack casino games, understanding the payouts and Return-to-Player is essential for effective bankroll management and the development of a winning Blackjack strategy. Overall, it has a high RTP, usually between 97% and 99%, which varies across online casinos and game variations. The standard payout for a Live Blackjack hand is 3:2, providing a rewarding return on your bet. Additionally, insurance bets, which protect gamblers against the dealer having a Blackjack, offer a payout of 2:1.

How To Play Live Blackjack Online

Side Bets

One of the distinguishing features of Live Blackjack is the availability of side bets with enticing payouts:

Mixed Pair (mixed colour and suit) pays 6:1.
Coloured Pair (mixed suit, same colour) pays 12:1.
Perfect Pair (same suit and colour) pays 25:1.


When playing Live Online Blackjack casino games, punters may place a 21+3 side bet that implies gamblers wagering on whether the initial two cards of their hand, along with the dealer’s face-up card, will form the three-card poker hands:

Flush (same suit with mixed values) that is tied to the 5:1 payout.
Straight (running values of different suits) that results in a 10:1 payout.
Three of a Kind (same value) that, if successful, provides a 30:1 payout.
Straight Flush (same suit with running values) pays 40:1..
Suited Trips (same value with matching suits) comes with an enormous 100:1 payout.

Different Game Variations

With the combination of skill, basic strategy, and the excitement of real-time multiplayer gaming, Live Blackjack stands out as one of the most popular live casino games to play, which you can learn more about by clicking here. As a result, the biggest casino software developers tend to create remarkable game variations. Read on to discover how to play Live Blackjack online in diverse variations.

Live Blackjack stands out as one of the most popular live casino games to play

Infinite Blackjack

Infinite Blackjack allows multiple casino players to simultaneously occupy a single seat. The croupier follows the usual procedure of dealing two cards to the seat, but now every online casino player has the freedom to play the hand according to their own gambling skills and preferences.

Free Bet Blackjack

To guarantee that you can make use of and withdraw the bonus funds, it is advisable to thoroughly acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions of the bonuses on the official casino website. Evaluate the associated playthrough requirements and verify the requirement of a promo code by reaching out to a customer support representative via any channel.

Power Blackjack

Playing Power Blackjack involves a notable aspect – the absence of 9s and 10s in the eight decks. During each round, the Multiplier bet empowers gamblers to increase their bets two, three, or four times by selecting the corresponding buttons. More experienced gamblers may also place four side bets – Bust it, Any Pair, Three of a Kind, and Hot Three.

Quantum Live Blackjack

Before one starts gambling, it is crucial to check how to play Live Blackjack in this variation, as it differs from a regular live casino game. Before each round, an RNG add-on selects three random numbers to assign as Multipliers. If players are dealt any of these three cards and win, their winnings will increase based on the corresponding Multiplier that does not exceed 10x.

Lightning Blackjack

The main feature of Lightning Blackjack is the incorporation of Lightning Cards that are randomly generated and come with random multipliers that can increase the payout of a winning hand. Gamblers are able to place additional wagers on these Lightning Cards and win big if their initial hand matches the selected Lightning Card.

Speed Blackjack

Speed Blackjack is a fast-paced online version of playing Live Blackjack. However, the moment of decision-making is the most essential here. The player who is the fastest to choose whether to Hit, Stand, Double, or Split is the first to receive cards. As a result, the game’s pace is always fast, eliminating the need to wait for other players to make their decisions.

How To Get Started Playing Live Blackjack At Online Casino

As you have already received an extensive answer to the “How does Live Blackjack work?” question, now is the right time to start your gambling adventure. If you are going to place casino bets for the first time, use this short guide on how to start playing Live Dealer Blackjack.

Choose A Reliable Casino And Create An Account

Do your extensive gambling market research and opt for a licensed online casino with the most lucrative bonus deals and advanced betting options. Avoid the exhausting evaluation of casino sites, scroll down and check our list of the best casinos.

Make Your First Deposit

Deposit funds using a payment method that is the most convenient for you in terms of localisation and transaction processing time. Check the minimum transaction requirements, type in your payment method details and top up your online account balance.

Go To Live Casino Sections And Choose Blackjack Game Variation

Navigate to the section with live dealer games, select the Blackjack gaming category and browse through available betting titles. Decide on the game with the most favourable Live Casino Blackjack rules and hit “Play”.

Start Placing Bets

Finally, check the allowed betting limits and join a Live Blackjack table. Choose the size of the stake, place your bets and wait for the outcome. Be mindful of proper table etiquette when interacting with the dealer and other players.

Play Live Blackjack At Top Live Casinos With The Best Software

Don’t miss the excitement of playing Live Dealer Blackjack. Review the live dealer casinos listed, check the range of offered gambling services and select the gambling platform that provides you with the biggest choice of Live Dealer Blackjack games. Don’t worry about your time and money, as each operator offered below is a well-known and reliable player on the live casino gambling market.

Final Thoughts

With high-quality streaming technology and professional dealers, Live Blackjack provides an immersive gaming atmosphere that’s hard to beat. Whether you prefer playing with real money or just for fun, there are a variety of game variants to choose from. So now that you know how to play Live Blackjack online, nothing stops you from becoming a registered gambler at the leading live casino and placing Live Blackjack bets.

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