Buffalo Blitz Live By PlayTech

Buffalo Blitz Live By PlayTech

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Playtech breaks exciting new ground with Buffalo Blitz Live, forging seldom-seen live dealer adaptation of popular slot titles. At its foundation lies the fan favorite Buffalo Blitz video slot – widely celebrated for volatile wild stampedes. Yet now as a live experience, players can revel alongside a spirited host manually spinning reels in real time for added entertainment.

๐ŸŽฒ Game TypeLive Slot with Host
๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป ProviderPlaytech
๐ŸŽฅ Casino StudioLatvia
๐Ÿคต Game HostsLive human presenters
๐Ÿ’ฒ Min/Max Bet$0.20 / $500
๐Ÿ“ˆ Return to Player96.5%
โš–๏ธ VolatilityHigh
๐Ÿ’ฐ Maximum Payout5,000x stake
๐ŸŽฐ Reel Format6 reels, 4,096 paylines
๐ŸŒŸ Bonus FeaturesFree Spins, Multipliers
๐Ÿ“ฑ Mobile CompatibleYes

While retaining the charming wilderness visuals and features ensuring the original Buffalo’s appeal, Evolution expands interactivity and personalization through a presenter. They inject commentary and charm otherwise absent from automated RNG slots, helping evoke the sociable aura of casino floors. Fans can watch reels come to life guided by a guide embedding themselves in adventures.

Live Casinos To Play Buffalo Blitz Live For Real Money

To identify the premier destinations for experiencing Playtech’s novel Buffalo Blitz Live gameshow concept, our experts carefully evaluated dozens of reputable online casinos on critical criteria. We specifically targeted sites officially licensed to host Playtech’s full suite of RNG and live dealer game libraries โ€” guaranteeing availability of the Buffalo Blitz Live Casino slot recreation.

Other aspects scrutinized included the size and flexibility of welcome bonuses, ongoing promos and rewards through comp points, dedication to supporting live casino fans with robust game varieties, video stream quality and performance on both desktop and mobile, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Buffalo Blitz Live Game Review

Playtech introduces an ambitious industry first: the Buffalo Blitz Live Slot. Merging beloved Buffalo Blitz video slots within an interactive live gameshow spearheaded by an ebullient host expands the horizons for both formats.

As leaders like Evolution affirm, injecting human personality into slots gameplay pays engagement dividends. Playtech wagers that same magnetism applies to Buffalo, their most storied title, and elevates retention through elevated presentation.

Playtech introduces an ambitious industry first: the Buffalo Blitz Live Slot

While preserving core imagery and explosive mechanic enabling Buffalo’s wild appeal, Playtech dared a format mashup. Buffalo Blitz Live enmeshes real-time commentary, bonus triggers, celebratory sounds, and a chance to directly congratulate winning players Unavailable purely software-based.

How To Play Buffalo Blitz Live Slot

At its core, Buffalo Blitz Live retains the mechanical essence guaranteeing the original video slot’s widespread appeal. The same 4,096 payline approaches fostering frantic action translate over, just presented under a new live lens. Now players benefit from expanded entertainment seeing wins unfold firsthand rather than strictly software-animated.

From a visual perspective, Playtech seamlessly carries over Buffalo’s signature imagery too like lush landscapes and ornery animals. This ensures preservation of artistic charm while introducing an energetic host running the show rightward of tables. Bettors can engage them and fellow participants through live chat during the heightened moments.

Basic Rules

Wagering works identically as well – simply distribute bets across available lines and settings then observe left to right symbol matches triggering payouts dictated by the paytable. Minimum 20p bets with loss limits allow all bankroll sizes joining the stampede. So outside surrounding flair, Buffalo veterans will feel right at home with familiar procedures amplified by a warm human element.

Placing Bets

Players place desired wagers dictated by personal budget and strategy across available paylines using the integrated console, while communicating with the live host on adjustments. Autoplay facilitating automated hands-free spins is also available.

Bonus Rounds

No Buffalo zone would be complete without occasional stampedes storming reels, so like its namesake, Buffalo Blitz Live delivers. Players can watch in anticipation as up to six buffalo line up in succession when lady luck allows, paying like clustered scatters. Given the 4,906 avalanche potential, full screens quickly create insane multiplier cascades.

The elusive diamond wilds further pepper excitement, albeit ineligible for direct wins without reel 1 presence. Nonetheless, their substitute role couples with up to 5X multiplications throughout the vaunted free spins mode. So between resident buffalo herds and glistening diamonds, big rewards loom with just a little luck thanks to augmenting friends.

Free Spins

Like any captivating slot worth its salt, Buffalo Blitz Live retains the crucial Free Spins feature to spur extended gaining possibilities. Players need simply observe three or more Scatter icons land concurrently to unlock initial gratis games, providing buffers to bank wins without additional wagers required.

This flexible functionality grants freedom to then bet heavier utilizing house money should patrons desire during the reprieve. And with more Scatters possible mid-Free Spins, additional bonus rounds can stack, chaining carefree action for potentially substantial rewards unchecked. Pairs wonderfully when clusters or screens hit.

What Are The Differences Between Buffalo Blitz And Buffalo Blitz Live?

As one of Playtech’s first endeavors merging slots gaming within a live dealer construct, Buffalo Blitz Live retains familiar digital mechanics while infusing the unique flair of hosted guidance. Let’s examine key contrasts that set the live edition apart:

In Buffalo Blitz, spins unfold as typical software-generated fashion – automated virtual sequences narrowly focused on reel results alone. But Buffalo Blitz Live adds a wheel-spinning host encouraging real-time participation and changing ambience each round. This human touch fosters perceived personalization through elevated social elements like banter unavailable digitally.

In Buffalo Blitz, spins unfold as typical software-generated fashion - automated virtual sequences narrowly focused on reel results alone

Free spins and bonus features also integrate seamlessly given backend virtual functionality. Yet their activations and outcomes feel more immediately impactful since a presenter announces events as they hit while responding to chat reactions. Seeing multipliers pile up with player communication raises perceived stakes.

Even audio and visual presentation stays true to Buffalo Blitz aside from a smiling host sharing the screen. Vibrant colors, reactive animal calls and a rich wilderness vibe pull players in equally whether RNG or live dealer spins guide results. But added physicality makes for a more visceral and reactive experience long term across similar mathematical foundations.

Buffalo Blitz Live RTP & Volatility

True to its roots, Buffalo Blitz Live ensures its signature symbols like stampeding beasts and diamond wilds make lucrative appearances across reels while a charismatic host keeps the action lively. Stacked buffalo offer the most lucrative base payout potential at 300x the coin value for six landing, while slippery extra wilds packing 5x multipliers maintain mayhem.

Review symbol types and standard pays below:

Symbol2 on Payline3 on Payline4 on Payline5 on Payline6 on Payline

Game Payouts

True to slots familiarity, Buffalo Blitz Live calculates payouts simply by multiplying symbol paytable values by the chosen coin bet and instances landing per winning payline combo. So with ample 4,096 lines always active alongside six rows, mammoth screens readily create five and six-figure scores.

The frequent stacked stampeding buffalo proves quickest conduit given their300x base value for six aligning. But diamond wild multipliers up to 5X quickly compound when substituting additional wins left to right too. Free Spins mode especially juices jackpots potential since all wilds then carry said multiplications beside cascades.

For example, a modest $0.40 total wager with allocated $0.01 coin value would return $3 for the aforementioned six buffalo hits thanks to the math:

$0.01 Coin Value
X 300 Buffalo Paytable Value
X 6 Instances
= $3 Payout

Extend similar principles to wilder screens with all multipliers accounted, and five-digit returns become feasible. This baked-in volatility explains Buffaloโ€™s fame!

Pros & Cons Of The Game


Merges popular Buffalo Blitz slots with live dealer entertainment
Charismatic host increases perceived engagement
Cluster pays and multiplier potential remain intact
Maintains volatility and payout range of original slot
Pairs seamlessly between digital and live components
Retains Buffaloโ€™s signature visuals and sounds


Less focused purely on slot features due to added elements
Requires learning Curve adapting to merged formats

Similar Games To Buffalo Blitz Live By Playtech

Here are a few alternatives serving up advantages similar to Buffalo Blitz Live:

Buffalo Blitz Slot – Playtech’s blockbuster original bringing stampeding volatility through notoriously stacked beasts that enabled its huge fanfare. Nearly identical math and mechanics apply for devotees seeking purely automated slots.
God of Storms Live Slot – Another Playtech innovation fusing slot machine DNA with live charm. Their trademark social dynamics star here against the backdrop of dueling Greek deities and quad progressives with every boost possible.
Age of Gods: God of Storms – Storm’s mythological predecessor bringing wayward wins through a maritime lens rather than Buffalo’s signature wilderness aura. Nonetheless, savory multipliers persist alongside jackpots and a Greek pantheon of symbols stirring up rewards.


As true trailblazers merging slots gameplay into a live-hosted format, Playtech’s Buffalo Blitz Live will be judged not on novel concept alone – but refinement towards perfecting interplay between pre-programmed reels and lively human direction.

In some regards the ingredients for engagement are assured. The dual draws of recognized Buffalo volatility and personable dealing seem destined to delight, evidenced by early traction. Yet work remains syncing the balances where both reel reactions and host contributions shine equally.

Still, credit is due for such ambitious vision. In pioneering territory, missteps pay future dividends if learnings better the model. And the underlying foundations of proven slots math married with live entertainment potential brim with promise.


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