Boom City Live Casino Game Review

Boom City Live Casino Game Review

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The rise in interest towards live game shows made it inevitable for a game like Boom City to enter the market. Launched by Pragmatic Play, the Boom City live casino game has a unique online format that provides gamblers with an immersive real casino atmosphere and a chance to boost their winnings by up to 20 000x.

Below, we present to you our Boom casino review, intended to provide a comprehensive analysis of its features and gameplay and determine if the game is worth your attention.

Best Boom City Live Casinos In 2024

Finding a trustworthy casino amidst an abundance of options on the gambling market cannot be easy. To simplify this process for you, our team of experts has diligently analyzed multiple platforms and compiled an extensive list of the best Boom City live casino sites. So hurry up, check the available options below and select your preferred live online casino.

How To Play Boom City Form Pragmatic Play

The popularity of online casinos continues to soar annually. With approximately 1.6 billion individuals engaging in gambling activities worldwide and generates 61.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2021, casino providers are enhancing their gaming functionality to cater to their ever-growing clientele.

For example, the gameplay mechanics of Pragmatic Boom City are unique and have never been seen before in the world of casino game shows. The game comprises an exhilarating main mode and three bonus games. In addition, it has a special Power Up event that maximizes the multipliers. Now, let’s examine the game rules in detail.

Basic Rules

To start playing Boom City Pragmatic Play, you must wager on one of six available options, which include fixed payouts of Bronze-1x, Silver-2x, Gold-5x, as well as bonus round bets like Dice Battle, Lucky Drop, and Boom or Bust.

After all wagers have been made, the game commences with two large dice shaking in a gold and blue shaker. The result board’s tiles then light up randomly, displaying the six bet options across the board. The gold shaker stops first to determine the resulting column on the board, followed by the blue shaker to determine the resulting row. The intersection of the resulting column and row indicates the outcome of the round.

Most Boom City game rounds result in an even money return if a player has placed a chip on the 1x payout tile. However, the top fixed payout bet (5x) and bonus rounds, such as Dice Battle and Boom or Bust, may occasionally appear. Bonus rounds have varying mechanisms for determining a multiplier to be applied to the original bet, all of which involve the dice.

Odds, Payouts And RTP

The Boom City RTP rages from 93.49% to 96.21%, based on the bet placed by a gambler. The maximum payout that one can get is 20 000x the original bet, which in fiat money equivalent may reach $500 000. However, this maximum payout limit of the Boom City casino game is only achievable through consecutive Power-Ups and bonus rounds. The regular payout range for the game varies from 1x to 250x.

ResultNumber of segmentsOddsPayout
Power Up38.33%determined by values of final multiplier 
Dice Battle25.55%
up to 20 000x
Boom or Bust12.78%
Lucky Drop12.78%

Bonuses At The Boom City Game

The primary focus of the Boom City game lies in its 3 bonus rounds rather than the base round. The objective is to correctly foresee the outcome of a two-dice roll. If you happen to land on a position that corresponds to Luck Drop, Dice Battle, or Boom or Bust, you will unlock the respective bonus round.

Power Up

During each round, up to three Power Up spaces may appear, introducing an additional bonus game. When a gambler lands on one of these spaces, instant win multipliers replace every Bust space, and all available board multiplier spaces are upgraded. The Power Up feature can be activated up to five consecutive times, and upon the fifth activation, all the lowest multipliers are automatically converted into 50x winning multipliers.

Dice Battle

In this Boom City Live round, players choose a Golden or a Blue dice. Then, the host rolls the dice three times. All values of one die are summed up to create a total, which transforms into a multiplier of the initial bet. The value of the defeated side is combined with the total. In case a side manages to roll 6 three times, you get a special reward of 500x.

Lucky Drop

In the Lucky Drop bonus round, gamblers will be directed to a new screen featuring six columns. They will then select one column and await their fate. The dice will be rolled up to six times, and each roll will result in a multiplier being added to the corresponding column for every number achieved. A payout is based on the number of times their chosen column’s number appears on the dice.

Boom Or Bust

This Boom City Live bonus game includes a grid with 36 sections with Multipliers, Safe Values, and Hyper Jump. The goal of the game is to climb up the grid towards increasing multipliers. Landing on Hyper Jump automatically takes you up 6 levels to the main Multiplier. Before each die roll, gamblers have to choose to Keep Rolling or Cash Out. Special fields such as Safe Value protect players from future Busts, while Huper Jump guarantees an immediate move to Level 6 with a guaranteed multiplier.

Where To Play Boom City With Live Dealer

Having conducted thorough gambling market research, we selected the top Boom City live casinos, so that you do not need to spend hours doing it yourself. Our knowledgeable experts have thoroughly examined live casinos using various criteria. So now we can confidently state that by choosing one of the gambling sites listed below, you can count on a user-friendly interface, instant deposits and fast payouts, appealing bonus deals and high-quality gaming options. So why wait any longer? Pick your casino, where to find the best bonuses and let’s gamble.

How To Win Boom City At Live Casino

Due to the unpredictable nature of the game, there is no guaranteed method for winning. Nevertheless, there are some effective gameplay tips that can improve your chances. Firstly, it is advisable to choose bets that are suitable for you before placing them. As a beginner, it is wise to start with small bets. Secondly, using the Autoplay mode can be helpful in focusing on the game. Another tip is to avoid the temptation to continue betting if you have already won a reasonable sum of money.

Best Boom City Strategies

Pragmatic Play’s Boom City offers strategies for the main game as well as each bonus round, providing gamblers with a means to manage their bets and control the gameplay. By utilizing these strategies, players can streamline their betting approach and maintain a more controlled and calculated gaming experience.

Betting On The Bronze, Silver And Gold Squares Only

Based on statistical analysis, it is highly likely that sections 11-14 will result in Bronze, sections 7-10 will yield Silver, and sections 3-7 will yield Golden outcomes. Coloured sections account for 77% of the grid, which makes it sensible to place bets on the most probable colour, which is Bronze. The recommended strategy is to allocate 6 units to Bronze and 2 units to both Silver and Gold. It is important to note that this is a slow strategy.

Bonus Round Strategies

Bonus rounds of Boom City casino games are mostly games of luck. However, there are still some tips to consider when playing bonus rounds.

For Dice Battle

In fact, there is no special tactic for this round. You just choose the Golden or Blue side and hope that the choice is correct. Remember that it is a beginner’s mistake to think that previous results somehow affect new ones.

For Lucky Drop

In this Boom City Live round, luck is a deciding factor. Gamblers opt for a number between 1 and 6 and then wait for the outcome. If the number they selected matches the total sum of the rolled dice, they win the game.

For Boom Or Bust

Knowing when to take the Cash-Out offer is the primary strategy in this round. The bonus game commences with a predetermined safe multiplier that you can obtain if you bust out. During this round, it’s crucial to monitor the next row and determine if it’s worth taking the risk.

Boom City Live Casino Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips and strategies to improve your chances of winning:

Just enjoy playing the game and don’t try to force wins. Take part in every aspect and enjoy the outcome, whatever that may be.
My advice is to bet no more than 10% of your bankroll.
Each Boom City bonus round has its playing strategies. For Dice Battle, the strategy is “Gut Feeling.” Pick one side and hope that it wins. For Lucky Drop, the strategy is the luck of the draw. You need to pick one number from one to six.
Power-ups and bonus rounds can increase the multipliers you can win. The maximum multiplier is 20,000x, but this will require a few consecutive power-ups before you can achieve that. The most likely multipliers players can win are between 1x and 25x.
During each round, up to three Power Up spaces may appear, introducing an additional bonus game. When a gambler lands on one of these spaces, instant win multipliers replace every Bust space, and all available board multiplier spaces are upgraded. The Power Up feature can be activated up to five consecutive times, and upon the fifth activation, all the lowest multipliers are automatically converted into 50x winning multipliers.
Consider your individual risk tolerance and bankroll. A balanced approach often involves distributing wagers across different types of squares. For example, placing smaller wagers on Gold dice and feature round squares can provide the excitement of while also wagering on Bronze and Silver squares to maintain a steady flow of smaller gains.

Remember to play for fun and within your means.

Features Of Mobile Playing

Boom City from Pragmatic Play is a mobile game that’s accessible to all users with various iOS and Android devices. The list of casinos provided in this article only includes platforms that have a mobile-adapted site version or a separate downloadable app. Pragmatic Play ensures that the mobile version of the game delivers the highest quality in terms of visuals and sound. Our team, in turn, makes sure that you can easily access this well-known casino game at any location while gambling on the go.

Pros & Cons Of Boom City Live Casino Game


Mobile compatibility.
High-value multipliers.
Uncomplicated gameplay.
Vast selection of betting options.
Distinctive gambling mechanics.


Potential for financial loss.
Location-based restrictions.
Reliance on Internet connectivity.
Absence of social interaction with live dealers and fellow gamblers.


Although the gambling industry has previously witnessed various dice games, Boom City live casino game is a novel addition. Pragmatic Play has adeptly integrated the most favourable aspects of real host games and classic RNG to create a distinct gaming experience. We highly recommend this game to anyone seeking an engaging and stimulating atmosphere. If you are one of such gamblers, use our compiled list of licensed live dealer websites and start your gambling journey now.


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