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Looking for a remarkable gaming experience with innovative live casino game shows? Live Sic Bo, also known as a “Dice Pair”, may be just what you need. The game is known for its exhilarating pace and unpredictable twists and allows gamblers to use actual dice to wager against a live croupier without any computerized RNG involved.

By reading further, you will find a compilation of the best live Sic Bo casinos, as well as useful tips for outsmarting the online casino and an expert guide on how to play the game.

Top Casinos For Live Sic Bo Online Betting

Experience the ultimate level of gambling with the prime live online casinos offering Sic Bo in 2024. Our team has meticulously evaluated dozens of gambling sites using a variety of criteria so that you can find the best live Sic Bo casino. Scroll through the list below and follow the link for the casino you choose today.

How We Select The Best Casinos For Live Dealer Sic Bo

When faced with a multitude of live dealer casinos, it can be challenging to define which one is trustworthy enough to entrust your time and funds with. To qualify for inclusion on our page, Sic-Bo live casino site must adhere to the following standards and criteria.

Casino Safety And Security

We meticulously assess numerous live casinos to guarantee that they satisfy our strict criteria for security and fair gambling. We exclusively feature casinos that have obtained valid licences and regulatory approvals from reputable authorities. Moreover, we check the efficiency of SSL data encryption, the application of KYC Policy and the availability of eCOGRA certification.

Banking Options And Payout Speed

We understand the significance of both the banking options available and the speed with which payouts are distributed. Therefore, we give preference to live Sic Bo online casinos that offer multiple convenient solutions for depositing and withdrawing funds, which may include digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, and bank cards.

Games Selection

To provide our gamblers with access to the best live dealer games, we thoroughly research each casino’s gaming library. Our investigation includes checking for a variety of live dealer Sic Bo games, their RTPs, payout coefficients and betting limits, as well as the casino software providers the gambling platforms cooperate with.

Mobile Optimization

In today’s online casino environment, mobile optimization is crucial. Our recommended casinos have undergone extensive testing to provide a seamless mobile experience across all platforms. We also make sure that there are mobile-specific promotions and high-roller bonuses available, which are compatible with various devices and operating systems.

Customer Support

Player satisfaction hinges on the effective customer support offered by live Sic Bo casino sites. As a result, we are highly selective and choose only those online casinos that offer 24/7/365 live chat, phone, and email support from friendly and knowledgeable agents. Additionally, we verify that the FAQs section is informative and cover the most common questions.

Play The Top Live Sic Bo Games Online

Playing Live Sic Bo is simple. However, new players may require a brief introduction on how to initiate a game. The subsequent recommendations illustrate the fundamental initial steps that must be followed.

Choose A Casino

When selecting a live gambling website to play live Sic Bo online, we recommend choosing one of the top live Sic Bo casinos that we present above. Opt for a casino that offers multiple gambling options, promotions and bonuses available for live casino games and low minimum betting limits.

Sign Up And Make A Deposit

Account registration is a quick and straightforward process that requires you to only provide personal details and create a username and password. Next, you have to deposit funds using the preferred banking method. Prior to performing any transactions, review the transaction minimum and maximum limits, fees and processing times.

Claim A Bonus

Live dealer Sic Bo casinos often reward new and regular players with generous promotions and bonuses. Once you make your first deposit, you’ll receive a welcome bonus in the form of bonus cash or free spins or even both. Familiarize yourself with the bonus terms and conditions and claim your sign-up reward.

Choose A Game And Place Your Bets

Proceed to the Live Casino section and initiate the game. The betting table and live croupier will appear on the screen. Choose a seat at the table, make your bets and wait for the results. To avoid any issues during the gambling process, follow the casino’s table etiquette and wagering limitations.

How To Play The Game

Sic Bo, a dice game riginated in Asia, showcasing the region’s rich gaming heritage. With their long-standing history and cultural significance, they continue to enthrall players globally and has gained popularity in live online casinos all over the globe. Players stake their money on the result of a roll of three dice.

Bets may be placed on the overall value of the dice, on specific numbers, or on any mix of the two. Each wager has a different reward that is determined by its probability of success. Bets are placed using a table configuration like that of Roulette, with participants putting chips in the appropriate spots. When all wagers have been made, a single roll of the dice determines who wins and how much they win.

Common Bets And Payouts

To play Sic Bo in a live online casino and develop a winning strategy, it is essential to get acquainted with the betting choices and the corresponding payouts before placing real money wagers.

Bet TypeDescriptionPayout
Big3 dice total will range from 11 to 17 inclusive.1:1
Small3 dice total will range from 4 and 10 inclusive.1:1
OddSum of the numbers on 3 dice results in an odd number.1:1
EvenSum of the numbers on 3 dice results in an even number.1:1
Specific TripleAll 3 dice have the same specific value (e.g., 1-1-1).150:1
Any TripleOutcome for 3 dice is the same number on each die, such as 2-2-2 or 5-5-5.30:1
Three Dice TotalWager is placed on a certain 3 dice total (e.g., 10 or 15).Varies with each total
Two Dice CombinationBet is made on the combination of any 2 dice out of 3 (e.g., 2-5 or 4-6).5:1
Single Dice BetBet is made on the outcome of a single dice.1:1, 2:1, or 3:1

RTP And Win Probability

Live dealer Sic Bo is a game in which both the probability of winning and the RTP vary depending on the bet type. To help you make informed decisions regarding your bets, below, we provide a table summarizing the RTP and win probability for some of the most popular bets in Live Sic Bo.

Bet TypeRTPWin Probability
Small/Big Bet97.22%48.61%
Even/Odd Bet97.22%48.61%
Total Bet (4 or 17)90.74%1.39%
Total Bet (5 or 16)89.06%2.78%
Total Bet (6 or 15)96.30%4.63%
Total Bet (7 or 14)97.22%6.94%
Total Bet (8 or 13)96.30%9.72%
Total Bet (9 or 12)97.22%11.57%
Total Bet (10 or 11)96.30%12.50%
Triple Bet83.33%0.46%

Online Sic Bo Vs Live Dealer Sic Bo Games

Sic Bo games are available in two formats – live dealer and online. Each choice comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages that may make it more or less appealing to players. The following comparison table will help you analyze the available variants and opt for the most convenient gambling format.

Online Sic Bo Games ✔✘Live Dealer Sic Bo Games
✔ Real-time communication with friendly dealers.✔ Gaming tables are easily accessible through mobile applications and web browsers.
✔ Availability of random gambling perks and bonuses.✔ Gamblers control the chip placing and dice roll time.
✔ Opportunity to select the preferred camera view. ✘ No guarantee of any bonuses.
✘ Gameplay is slowed down by social interaction with a live dealer.✘ High chances of losing money.
✘ May not be available 24/7. ✘ No player-to-player and player-to-dealer live chats.

Best Live Sic Bo Online Games Software Providers

Live casino Sic Bo games are supplied by multiple software developers, each offering advanced graphics, user-friendly interfaces, and an extensive selection of betting options, catering to gamblers with diverse gambling skills and bankrolls. Below, we’ll review some of the leading casino software suppliers offering Sic Bo games in online and live formats.

Playtech Live Sic Bo


The Live Sic Bo, developed by Playtech, is an exceptional offering that blends traditional and modern features. It is streamed from Playtech’s studios in the Philippines and offers a Full Screen and mixed-mode camera view. The game features a pink baize table and a transparent domed dice shaker. Playtech’s Sic Bo Deluxe live is played on a different table that is streamed from a studio in Riga, with multipliers of up to 1000x.

XPGaming Software


XPG, also known as XProGaming, streams a Sic Bo game live from their studio in Bulgaria and generally creates games for European online casinos. The game has a typical Sic Bo table layout and offers various betting options, including bonus bets. The game utilizes a glass-domed shaker controlled by the live dealer and comes in multiple variations, such as Sic Bo Deluxe, Sic Bo Speed, and Sic Bo Macau.

Evolution Gaming Live Sic Bo


Evolution’s Live Sic Bo offers payout multipliers that are randomly added to the betting grid after betting has closed, allowing for the possibility of winning up to 1000x if the right segment is chosen. The studio is located in Riga, Latvia, and decorated in the standard Evolution Asian gold and red theme. The live dealer plays no active role in the game, as everything is automated, including the dice shaking in a sealed glass dome.

Pragmatic Play Software

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play’s live casino Sic Bo game is both visually appealing and functionally flexible. The game is broadcast live from the studio in Bucharest, where real-time game statistics and archives are available. Each betting option has a designated range for the multipliers that can be applied. The online games offered by Pragmatic Play include Mega Sic Bo, Speed Sic Bo, and Classic Sic Bo.

Eguzi Software


Ezugi offers two variations of the Sic Bo game – Ezugi Sic Bo game and Ultimate Sic Bo. The highest payout in Ultimate Sic Bo is 999:1.

Additionally, a few wager positions that usually receive standard payouts also receive multipliers, so it is recommended to explore those options before playing.

Playing Live Sic Bo On The Go

As an independent live casino review platform, one of our main priorities is ensuring that our users have access to high-quality mobile gambling websites. These live dealer casinos with native apps or mobile browser game options allow gamblers to enjoy Sic Bo online via their desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Game Strategy & Tips For Players

For new players of live online Sic Bo, there are some simple tips that can facilitate the gambling process and make it more beneficial in terms of profit:

Become familiar with the odds and payouts of each type of bet in order to make calculated wagers that will not lead to the loss of all your funds at once.
Start with low-risk wagers such as Small/Big or Even/Odd, as they are a reliable way to achieve long-term gains.
Gamble responsibly and take a break if you are out of luck.
Diversify your bets to raise the odds of winning in your favour.

Final Thoughts

Live Sic Bo is powered by top software developers, which results in high-quality graphics and seamless gameplay. By following simple techniques and recommendations provided in this guide, gamblers can increase their chances of winning, whether they are beginners or experts. Sic Bo offers hours of entertainment and an opportunity to win a considerable jackpot, which makes it an outstanding game in general.

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