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    Best Casino With Live VIP Blackjack

    Table Limits
    £50 to £5000

    Everyone who wants to experience the taste of the real risk of gambling should definitely pay attention to VIP Blackjack by famous Evolution. The game released in 2018 has become an absolute favorite among high rollers.

    Professional dealers, high-limit tables, and luxury atmosphere provide you with an unforgettable gambling experience. From our review below you will learn about the basic rules, special features, strategies, and odds of the best high-stakes live game.

    Best VIP Blackjack Live Casinos Of 2024

    Our team has vast experience in gambling market research, so we know exactly which casinos are worth your attention and can provide you with the service you deserve and expect. After carefully studying all the offers, we have selected the best options for our readers. We are happy to present you a selection of top-notch VIP Blackjack live casinos where you can get an excellent gaming experience in a safe and comfortable environment of a licensed casino.

    About Evo VIP Blackjack

    How To Play Online Blackjack VIP

    We have prepared a short guide for those who want to start playing VIP Blackjack live. Follow the outlined steps:

    We are happy to present you a selection of top-notch VIP Blackjack live casinos where you can get an excellent gaming experience
    Choose a casino. Use our selection of websites to be sure you pick a licensed casino. Sign up, create an account, and make the first deposit.
    Pick the game. Navigate to the Live Casino section and click any Evolution-branded icon. In a separate lobby where you will be directed choose Live VIP Blackjack.
    Enter the game. After game loading click Sit Here button, wait for the next round, and get your cards that are dealt from right to left.
    Place a stake. Staking option turns on when a timer and playing chips appear. Pick a chip and put it in the circle within the betting period.
    Stick to the chosen strategy. Evaluate the situation and possible outcomes and choose a move (Stand, Split, Hit, or Double).

    Basic Game Rules

    It’s time to learn how to play Blackjack VIP. In general, for those who are familiar with the game, this variation does not bring anything new to the gameplay. It is played with up to 7 hands simultaneously and 8 decks. The main goal is to gain the higher score than the dealer but the total card count can’t be over 21.

    Special Features

    Such special features as pre-decision and side stakes make the game interesting even for experienced Blackjack fans. We will talk about the types of side stakes below, but what about pre-decision, this is a function that allows you to avoid waiting in line to make your move. You can hit, double, stand, etc. at the same time as the first player.

    Betting Options

    Variety of staking options available in real-money VIP Blackjack will please everyone who wants to experiment with bets. Let’s find out the features of offered staking options.


    Insurance is a way to protect your funds in the game where luck matters a lot. It includes the half of the sum of your initial stake. It is paid in 2:1 if the croupier got blackjack.


    The surrender features allows you to give up and still keep some of your money. To lose only half of your bet you can fold your cards after the first two cards have been dealt, but before you take the next move.

    Perfect Pairs

    In this Blackjack VIP review, it’s important to note that this side stake is winning when you get two starting cards that form a pair of any kind. Pays for the Colored Pair are 12:1, for Suited Pair – 25:1; and for Mixed Pair – 6:1.


    When you choose this side stake, the croupier checks your two cards and open their up card to find out if they together form a winning three card combination like in Poker. Pays for Suited Trips are 100:1; for Straight Flush – 40:1; for Three of a Kind – 30:1; for Straight – 10:1, and for Flush – 5:1.

    Different VIP Blackjack Tables

    With online Blackjack VIP you will never be bored as it offers an amazing variety of tables:

    Red Tables (min stake – $50).
    Silver Tables (min stake – $50).
    Platinum Tables (min stake – $250).
    Diamond Tables (min stake – $1.000).

    RTP And Payouts Of Live Dealer VIP Blackjack By Evolution

    Evo VIP Blackjack RTP is 99.28%.

    Evo VIP Blackjack RTP is 99.28%. For natural payouts are 3:2, regular winnings are paid in even-money, price of the insurance is half of the basic stake and it covers the stake completely in case of a straight on the croupier’s side. In games with side stakes RTP changes: Perfect Pairs offer 95.90% and 21+3 – 96.30%.

    Live Dealer VIP Blackjack Strategy

    Taking into account that VIP Blackjack offers the same gameplay as in the classic game variation with 8 decks, it is reasonable to use well-known strategies used in traditional game. From our testing, it became evident that the best strategies here are:

    Basic strategy. The most popular option with which many start and to which many return after numerous experiments. It implies the decision chart where the optimal decision is displayed. The decision is based on the analysis of situations that may arise in the round. The strategy helps player reduce the house edge.
    Bankroll management strategy. It helps to plan the increase in rates in accordance with the increase in the bankroll. This will allow you to play within your limits and not place stakes that you cannot afford yet. 
    Side stakes avoidance strategy. Side stakes have their benefits, however, it is not recommended to focus your entire betting budget on them due to the lower RTP.

    Pros And Cons Of The Live Casino Game

    In the process of studying and testing any game, we highlight the main pros and cons. This helps our readers to understand what the game has to offer and what unfortunately it can’t and decide if the game is right for them.


    Great variety of tables.
    High staking limits.
    Side stakes and special features.
    Low house edge.


    No soundtrack.


    Through our expertise in live casino gambling we determined that VIP Blackjack is a perfect option for high rollers who are looking for premium player experience. Although the game offers traditional gameplay it assures exclusiveness with the diversity of tables, side stakes, and special features. In addition, the game is mobile compatible and provide users with the high-class quality of video stream on any device. Register in one of the listed casinos and enjoy the game with high stakes anytime anywhere. 

    Responsible Gambling

    Remember that gambling should always be a fun and entertaining activity, never a source of stress or financial burden. To ensure you maintain a healthy relationship with gambling, always follow these responsible gambling guidelines.

    Gambling guidelines

    We have everything you need to know about gambling guidelines. For more information, please visit Responsible Gambling page.


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