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    Best Casino With Live Blackjack Party

    Table Limits
    $5 – $1,000

    Classic rules in the original processing – that’s what makes Blackjack Party so special and popular. Evolution presents a great live dealer variation of the famous game updating the well-known gameplay by adding such an unusual feature as two dealers. Here the position of the dealer exists not only to deal cards but also to perform the function of entertainment. Moreover, the player always has access to the table game, because despite the limited number of seats (7 seats), you can use the special Bet Behind feature.

    We have tested this game and are ready to share our observations on the gameplay, stakes, payouts, and the best strategy in this review.

    Best Live Casino Sites With Blackjack Party Game

    Our team of experts has been researching the gambling market and analyzing each new offer for a long time. So you can safely trust our experience, save your time, and use our selection of top live Blackjack Party casino websites. In addition to the game play terms and conditions, we also analyzed safety and fairness of each tested casino. Whichever option you choose, you will be provided with a high-class service on an officially licensed platform.

    About Live Blackjack Party Game By Evolution

    Live Blackjack Party Rules

    Blackjack Party is based on the standard live Blackjack rules. This is not a game of chance with a random generator, here the winnings depend on both luck and your moves. So you need to understand how it all works.

    Blackjack Party is based on the standard Blackjack rules

    Game Features

    Despite the fact that the rules are typical for most versions of the game, here the developer offers some very interesting unique features. Bet Behind and Pre-Decision expand the gamblers’ possibilities and make the game more exciting.

    Bet Behind

    Usually, if you are not among the seven players who have taken places at the table, you have to wait for a seat to become vacant. However, due to the Bet Behind feature, you don’t have to wait and can make your stake behind any seated gambler. After that, you are sharing the outcome of this gambler’s hand. So, it is better to watch the players for a while to choose the one who seems more experienced to you. If the stake of this player wins, you win as well. Every seat has the Hot Player icon which shows the number of winning rounds.


    Traditionally you have to wait for your turn to make a staking decision. However, in Blackjack Party it is possible to use the Pre-Decision feature that allows gamblers standing, hitting, splitting, or doubling at the same time as the first player. If you don’t make any decision within the allotted time, the option Stand will automatically be yours. 

    Side Bets

    In addition to the main game, there are two side stakes. They are completely independent and offer their own limits and payouts. Even if your main game can be losing, you can win with side stake.

    Perfect Pair

    This side stake will be winning if you get starting cards that make a pair of any kind (same-suit, same-colored, etc.). The highest payout for this stake is 25:1. 


    With this stake you can win if your two starting cards and the croupier’s face-up card make a combination like in Poker. For example, there are such combinations as Flush (three different cards of the same suit), Three of a Kind (three same cards of different suits), etc. The highest payout on this stake is 100:1. 

    How To Play The Game

    Blackjack Party rules are the same as for the standard version of the card game. Here is a quick guide to the rules:

    It is played with 8 decks of 52 cards.
    The game is held by two croupiers but there is a third one who shuffles the cards.
    The main goal is to score 21 points.
    The croupiers stand on soft and hard 17’s.
    The croupiers stop when there is a total of 17 or higher.
    Gamblers can split the cards in case you get two same rank cards when dealing.
    One split per hand without following doubling.
    Any two starting cards can be doubled down.
    Various types of stakes are available (21+3, Behind Bet, Perfect Pair).
    Blackjack payout 2:3.
    Insurance is provided on croupier’s ace and offers 1:1.

    Live Casino Blackjack Party Payouts And RTP

    Blackjack Party is famous for the extremely high score of RTP which is 99.28%.

    Blackjack Party is famous for the extremely high score of RTP which is 99.28%. Playing this table game you can gain 1.5 times your bet when you get Blackjack. Each side stake has its own payout characteristics, but the payout percentage always stays above 99%.

    Basic Strategy & Tips

    In live Blackjack Party, you can follow strategies that are suitable for most variations of this famous game. Based on our observations we recommend to use the Basic Strategy. It works when one card is open, and the dealer takes at 16 or less, and stops at 17 or more. Ace is the maximum card, 6 is the minimum. First comes the move/pass – solid hands, then refusal, after – doubling. Subsequently – move/pass – soft hands, breaking, insurance.

    Pros And Cons Of The Game

    We decided to summarize the collected information about the game and distribute it to those that we like and those that we don’t. Compare the main pros and cons of the game to finally decide whether it suits you.


    High win potential both in the main game and with side stakes.
    Multiplayer game.
    Easy-to-use interface with first-class sound and visual effects.
    Lively live chat with players and hosts.


    No dealer peak.
    Low staking limits.


    Live Blackjack Party combines the famous addictive and unpredictable gameplay of the classic Blackjack variation and the entertainment of live games. It is a great choice for both fans of the card game and for beginners. User-friendly interface and live chat assures the comfortable playing environment while the side stakes feature and high RTP make the game beneficial for every real money player. There is no reason to wait any longer, choose a casino from our list and start playing.

    Responsible Gambling

    Remember that gambling should always be a fun and entertaining activity, never a source of stress or financial burden. To ensure you maintain a healthy relationship with gambling, always follow these responsible gambling guidelines.

    Gambling guidelines

    We have everything you need to know about gambling guidelines. For more information, please visit Responsible Gambling page.


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