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    Best Casino With Live Blackjack Early Payout

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    The Blackjack Early Payout feature is a great way to add variety to the famous table game where punters try to score 21 to beat the croupier. Today, there are many various versions of the standard Blackjack, but the early cashout option is definitely worth your attention. The unique feature is considered fairly profitable as it allows the RTP increasing and success chances rising. This happens because gamblers get a possibility to cash out before the croupier’s cards are revealed and the session is over. 

    Best Online Casinos to Play Blackjack Early Payout

    Blackjack Early Payout is available only on those platforms that have Visionary iGaming software integrated. Below, we present a list of casinos that offer this variation of the well-known game. All selected platforms are officially licensed and regulated.

    What Is Blackjack Early Payout And How It Works

    Before we start playing, let’s figure out what is Early Payout in Blackjack. Early Payout is an extra feature for the classic gameplay that was presented by the Visionary iGaming team. The function was designed to add variety to live dealer variations of Blackjack released by this developer. Therefore, it is available only in games by Visionary iGaming.

    The peculiarity of this function is that with its help, gamblers can get cash on their hand before the croupier completes their work. This actually makes it another variation of Blackjack Surrender. Usually, with Surrender, you lose 50% of your initial stake, but in this case, the probability of your hand beating the croupier’s hand influences the calculation of the winning odds. If the live host has a strong open card and you show a weak hand against that, the refund will most likely be less than your original wager. However, if you hold a strong hand and the croupier’s hand is weak, you will receive more than the initial stake.

    The basis of the gameplay in the early cashout variation remains classic, that is, the same as in the traditional Blackjack version.

    Differences Between Blackjack Early Payout and Traditional Blackjack

    The basis of the gameplay in the early cashout variation remains classic, that is, the same as in the traditional Blackjack version. The main difference is that in Blackjack Early Payout, punters can cash out at any moment before the end of the session. This makes this version less risky. However, you should also take into account that reduced risks mean that payouts may be smaller than you would expect in the classic game variation. Nevertheless, both versions are suitable for high rollers, although the traditional variation is considered more exciting.

    Basic Rules Of Blackjack Early Payout

    Let’s get to know the basic Blackjack Early Payout rules. Each game session of this Blackjack variation starts with the gambler joining the table and making one or more stakes. Once the wagers are made, the croupier deals each punter two open cards. When it comes to the dealer’s turn, the host themselves gets only one open card, and the other is closed. Then, the deal of cards is completed according to the optimal scheme and you start comparing hands.

    You can end the game or claim the early cashout at any moment, based on your hand strength and the dealer’s up-card strength. Thus, the game provides chances oriented on the relative strength of the croupier’s open cards and your hand. In case your hand is stronger than the host’s face-up card, you will get paid bigger than your wager but smaller than the traditional 1:1 pay.

    Special Features

    What is Blackjack Early Payout’s main special feature? Of course, it is a unique opportunity to cash out anytime you want throughout a game. Thus, gamblers can stop their participation in the game at any moment before the session ends by using the Early Payout function and get their money.

    Side Bets

    The Early Payout game version provides two side stakes:

    Perfect Pairs;

    The Perfect Pairs option means betting that your first cards will make a pair (for example, 4 hearts and 4 clubs). The payout will be 11:1.

    The Rummy side bet is wagering on that your first two cards, along with the croupier’s open card, will create one of the following sets: 3 cards of the same rank, 3 cards of the same suit, or a 3-card straight (for example, 6 of hearts, 7 of clubs, 8 of spades). The payout will be 9:1.

    RTP, Probability And Odds

    Usually, the presence of additional functions in the gameplay of different Blackjack releases significantly reduces the RTP. However, the Early Payout version is an exception to the rule. It offers a fairly high theoretical RTP, which is 99.5%, to all gamblers who use the optimal strategy that is always rewarded in the card game. For comparison, the RTP of the classic version is 99.54%.

    Strategy For Live Blackjack With Early Payout

    We recommend trying diverse strategies when you start to learn a new game in order to find the most suitable method of play for yourself. The use of one or another Blackjack Early Payout strategy will make it possible for you to make the gameplay more organized and avoid unnecessary risks.

    Collect Early Payout

    If you have just started to understand the Blackjack Early Payout chart, this system is a great choice since it is fairly simple. The scheme of collecting the early cashout works, in case:

    You got a hard total of 15 against the croupier’s Ace.
    You got a hard total of 16 against the croupier’s 10 or Ace.
    You got a hard total of 17 against the croupier’s Ace.
    You got a 7-7 Pair against the croupier’s 10 or Ace.

    Double Down

    If you already have a little understanding of what Blackjack Early Payout means, you can try this scheme. There is a possibility to double down if the basic strategy does not require the hand to stand.

    This strategy is used when you have a hard total of:

    8 against the croupier’s 5-6.
    9 against the croupier’s 2-6.
    10 against the croupier’s 2-9.
    11, always.

    Also, use it when you got a soft total of:

    12-16 against the croupier’s 4-6.
    17 against the croupier’s 2-6.
    18 against the croupier’s 3-6.
    19 against the croupier’s 6.

    The system works if you get a pair of 5+5 against the croupier’s 2-9 as well.

    Split Pairs

    This system can be used in many cases which we have described below. Gamblers should use a splitting system when they have a pair of:

    A+A, always.
    2+2 against the croupier’s 2-7.
    3+3 against the croupier’s 2-8.
    4+4 against the croupier’s 4-6.
    6+6 against the croupier’s 2-7.
    7+7 against the croupier’s 2-8.
    8+8, always.
    9+9 against the croupier’s 2-6, 8-9, or Ace.

    Advantages and Disadvantages


    Gamblers get more control over the bankroll.
    Lower house advantage with Blackjack Early Payout.
    Fast-paced gameplay.
    Suitable for high-rollers.


    Only available in Visionary iGaming games.
    Thrill decreases due to the lower risk.


    After analyzing the Early Payout feature, we came to the conclusion that it has many more advantages than disadvantages and is definitely worthy of your attention. Blackjack Early Payout gives a lot more freedom of player choice than the regular game version since they can make cashout decisions at any moment they want. Moreover, it minimizes the house edge and the loss risks, so check a list of live casinos offering that game and enjoy it yourself.

    We hope that we clearly explained the Blackjack Early Payout meaning and that the material we prepared was useful to you.

    Responsible Gambling

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    Gambling guidelines

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