Blackjack Azure Live Casino Game Review

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    Best Casino With Blackjack Azure

    Table Limits
    $1,000 and $5,000

    Try to name at least one licensed online casino that does not allow you to play Live Blackjack, but I’m sure you will not be able to. Within the last few years, prominent gaming providers such as NetEnt and Evolution Gaming have introduced fresh Live Blackjack versions. Yet, none have been more prolific than Pragmatic Play, which has unveiled Blackjack Azure, an impressive assortment of six live Twenty-One tables accessible in any live casino.

    I couldn’t miss a chance to test this new live dealer game, so do not miss an opportunity to learn about this innovative gambling option. Below, I’ll explain how to start playing the casino game and show you the best platforms where you can do so, write about the key gameplay features, and provide the list of the Live Blackjack Azure table betting limits.

    Best Live Casinos To Play Blackjack Azure In 2024

    Upon the game’s release in 2020, I started testing it at various local and global live dealer casinos. Through this process, I have identified the top Azure Blackjack live online casinos. Now, I aim to share them below to ensure that you engage in gambling activities at the most reputable and lucrative gambling platforms. Each of these casinos offers the finest betting options, enticing bonuses, and employs technologically advanced security measures.

    What Is Blackjack Azure

    Blackjack Azure represents a series of Live Blackjack tables introduced by Pragmatic Play into its live casino section.

    Blackjack Azure represents a series of Live Blackjack tables introduced by Pragmatic Play into its live casino section. Through the utilization of advanced HTML5 technology, each table remains accessible 24/7 and boasts a remarkable 99.59% RTP.

    What sets this Blackjack card game apart from the software provider’s existing titles? Firstly, it introduces a total of 10 tables available at any given time. Four of these tables have limits ranging from $10 to $2500, which is notably higher than most Live Blackjack games. The remaining tables have limits between $50 and $5000.

    In addition to the state-of-the-art studio, the Live Azure Blackjack user interface includes a live chat feature, an interactive display of the previous 250 hands or so, a multi-seat option, early decisions, “Deal Now”, “Auto-Stand”, and more.

    💎 Game titleBlackjack Azure
    🔺 ProviderPragmatic Play
    ✔️ Release date8th September 2020
    🧾 TypeBlackjack
    📺 Streaming fromRomania
    💰 RTP99.59%
    💵 Betting range$10 – $5000
    💲 Maximum payout100:1
    🃏 Multihand
    ♠️ Side bets
    📍 Decks8
    📝 Live chat
    💻 Supported platformsPCs, smartphones, tablets
    📱 Supported OSAndroid, Windows
    💱 Currencies100+
    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 LanguagesEnglish, French, German, + 18 more

    Key Features Of The Game

    Since Live Azure Blackjack is a relatively new game, I understand that you must be eager to discover its key features. After playing the game at numerous live online casinos, I was quite impressed with what the game has to offer:

    Multi-seat options. Players have the option to occupy multiple seats with the same betting limits simultaneously at a Blackjack Azure table.
    Early Decisions. You are able to make strategic decisions such as Hit, Stand, Double Down, or Split before your turn, enhancing the speed and flow of the game.
    Auto-Stand. It automatically makes you stand when your hand reaches a certain total.
    Deal Now. This feature enables you to request an immediate deal, bypassing the regular countdown timer, for quicker rounds.
    Perfect Pairs and 21+3 Side Bets. Blackjack Azure offers additional side bet options, allowing you to wager on specific combinations of cards that can result in bonus payouts.
    4K cameras. The game developer utilizes high-definition 4K cameras to provide you with a clear and immersive view of the live dealer and the game table.
    21 UI languages. The user interface of this type of live virtual Blackjack supports a wide range of languages, allowing you to enjoy the game in your preferred language.
    Live Chat. Live Azure Blackjack provides a live chat feature that enables you to communicate with the live croupier and other gamblers at the table.

    Side Bets

    One of the main features of the Blackjack Azure I like the most is the Bet Behind which allows you to observe seated casino members drawing and playing cards and predict the winning player. When the chosen player wins, you also receive a payout, which is equivalent to the primary Blackjack bet.

    In addition to the Bet Behind options, you have an opportunity to place two additional side bets:

    Perfect Pair side bet pays out if the initial two cards dealt to you form a pair. There are three distinct types of pairs, each offering a different payout.
    Type of pairFormed ifPayout
    Mixed Pair2 cards displaying identical numbers but varying colors6:1
    Colored Pair2 cards with identical numbers and colors, but distinct suits12:1
    Perfect Pair2 cards are identical in terms of number, color, and suit.25:1
    21+3 side bet involves creating a legitimate three-card poker hand using your initial two cards and the visible card of the dealer. Upon forming a qualifying winning combination, you will be awarded an appropriate monetary prize.
    Winning combinationPayout
    Straight Flush40:1
    Suited Trips100:1

    How To Play Azure Blackjack By Pragmatic Play

    Azure Blackjack adheres to the standard rules of online Blackjack.

    Azure Blackjack adheres to the standard rules of online Blackjack. It utilizes 8 decks in the shoe, with the dealer drawing on 16 and standing on 17. The Insurance option offers a standard 2:1 payout ratio. The interval for placing bets between each hand lasts approximately 10 seconds. Each table offers seven available seats, ensuring ample space for players. Interestingly, participants can choose to occupy more than one seat, enabling them to engage in multi-hand blackjack within a live environment.

    Now that I covered all the game basics, it is high time to place your first wagers. To do so, read the mini-guide I prepared for you below.

    Find A Live Casino, Sign Up And Fund Your Account

    Surely, you can try to find a web-based gambling establishment that has Azure Blackjack yourself. But if you want to be sure that you are gambling at a trustworthy online casino, just browse through my list of recommended live online gambling platforms.

    Then, create an account by filling out the registration form with accurate personal and contact details, and come up with reliable, but easy-to-remember account credentials.

    Join A Live Blackjack Azure Table

    Enter the game lobby and choose your favorite Azure table to get started. You may choose from one of ten different tables. The names of the tables range from A to J. Each table comes with its own minimum/maximum betting limit, where Table A accepts bets starting from $10, while Table I will not accept wagers less than $250. So pick the wagering table with the most comfortable for your betting limits, enter your name and join the Live Blackjack Azure table.

    Place Your Bet

    Here I recommend dividing your bankroll and entering a new betting round with a small portion of those funds. Place the main bet using virtual chips, and consider placing one or both available side bets. Confirm your wagers and start playing. While the dealer is dealing you cards, you have a chance to communicate with the dealer and other players at the table.

    Receive Your Cards And Make Decisions

    During the card dealing process in the Live Blackjack Azure, you receive your first two cards. That is the moment when you need to make your decision on how to proceed. There are several options available:

    Hit – you are requesting an additional card from the croupier.List item
    Stand – you are opting to keep your current hand and not request any more cards.
    Split – if you are initially dealt a pair, you have the option to split them into two separate hands. This requires placing an additional bet equal to your original wager. Each of the split cards will then be treated as the start of a new hand.
    Double Down – you double your original wager and receive one additional card.
    Insurance – is an optional side bet that you can place when the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. It is a separate bet that pays 2:1 if the dealer has a Blackjack.

    Compare Hands And Payouts

    Wait for the dealer’s disclosure of their cards. Afterwards, the round outcome will be determined by comparing hands to determine if you have won or lost. In the event that the dealer’s hand is unveiled and yours emerges as the victorious one, your payout, determined by the wager placed, will be swiftly credited to your account balance.

    Repeat Or Cash Out

    Upon the conclusion of a round in Live Blackjack Azure, you are provided with the choice to enter the new round or cash out your winnings. I highly recommend making this decision in accordance with your betting strategy, the outcome of the round, and the extent of your bankroll. Exercise responsible gambling and adhere to your predetermined limit for winnings.

    Blackjack Azure Table Limits

    You have a choice of ten distinct tables where you can sit down and experience exclusive live entertainment. However, selecting one may pose a challenge since they all bear a striking resemblance. Scratch that – they offer identical gameplay and rules. The only distinguishing factor is the table limit. 

    While it was a bit confusing for me, there is no need for you to do the research and look for the table limits. Below, I have prepared a table limit table that will help you make a choice.

    Blackjack Azure Table NameMinimum LimitMaximum Limit
    A$10 $2500 

    Pros And Cons Of The Live Casino Game


    High RTP rate of 99.59%.
    Live streaming and user interface exhibit exceptional quality.
    Innovative gameplay features, namely Deal Now, Auto Stand, and Bet Behind.
    Players may interact with a lie dealer and other gamblers via Live Chat.


    Higher minimum bet requirements.
    Payouts outside of side bets are relatively low.

    Final Thoughts

    To conclude my Pragmatic Play’s Blackjack Azure review, I must acknowledge the commendable work of the software supplier group. The Live Dealer Blackjack game impresses with its exceptional presentation and the availability of various side bet options.

    If you are seeking an immersive experience of live dealer Blackjack combined with the allure of art deco and visually appealing colors, Blackjack Azure is the perfect destination. With a selection of 10 tables to choose from, the gaming casino experience is unparalleled. Visit the top online Blackjack casinos listed above to explore your options and discover where you can play Pragmatic Play’s Blackjack variation with the best bonuses.

    Responsible Gambling

    Remember that gambling should always be a fun and entertaining activity, never a source of stress or financial burden. To ensure you maintain a healthy relationship with gambling, always follow these responsible gambling guidelines.

    Gambling guidelines

    We have everything you need to know about gambling guidelines. For more information, please visit Responsible Gambling page.

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