The emergence of live online casinos brought more anonymity and convenience to the modern gambling arena. Nowadays, gamblers can interact with a live dealer and play at a game table from their smartphone or computer. The online live casino experience offers the same energy, excitement, and lively emotions that a physical casino does, complete with visual and sound effects.

This comprehensive review will extensively answer the question of “what is a live casino?”, offer valuable insights into live casino games, and provide a detailed explanation of why it is beneficial to play such games online.

What Is A Live Online Casino And How It Works

A live online casino is a type of gambling platform that allows gamblers to participate in classic and innovative casino games with live dealers who interact with players in a live manner. The games are broadcasted from a physical casino or a studio, and players can join the gambling table from any location with a steady Internet access.

A live online casino is a type of gambling platform that allows gamblers to participate in classic and innovative casino games with live dealers who interact with players in a live manner.

To select a game and join a table where they will be greeted by a live dealer, punters must register a new account and top up their account with a minimum deposit. During the game, players can communicate with the croupier/host using a live chat feature and place their wagers on the virtual table. The outcome of the game is determined by actual gameplay, guaranteeing a fair and random result.

What Are Live Casino Games

The live online casino is the number one choice for punters who are looking for an authentic gambling experience. So what are live casino games? Unlike other casino games, live dealer games use live video feeds to present real-life dealers and create an environment that replicates the ambience of a traditional casino. Hence, live casino games are also known as live dealer games.

Among the favourites are live table games, such as Live Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Poker, which are presented by genuine dealers. Additionally, there is a surge in the popularity of live game shows, frequently showcasing charismatic hosts, spinning wheels, and interactive gameplay.

Overall, live dealer games feature higher RTPs and betting table limits, making them appealing to high rollers as well. To ensure random outcomes, sophisticated software and licensed RNGs are used to design the games to be fair and transparent.

What’s The Difference Between Online And Live Casino?

If you find yourself questioning “what is a live online casino?” and looking for insight into the differences between this gambling form and an online casino, we are here to help. Below, we thoroughly explore the contrasting characteristics that separate online and live casinos.

Game Variety

Online casinos tend to offer an enormous selection of games, including online and video slots, table games, as well as dice and lottery games, to be able to stand out among their competitors. In contrast, live online casinos may offer fewer gambling options, but their main priority is traditional table games, often presenting multiple choices of live dealers, along with dedicated private and even native tables. More advanced live dealer casinos ( examples of such casinos can be viewed at the link ) may also feature live game shows.


Live online casinos distinguish themselves from regular online casinos by providing an authentic gaming experience. Unlike online casinos that rely on computer-generated graphics and RNGs to determine game outcomes, live online casinos employ live streaming technology, genuine casino equipment such as Roulette wheels, cards, dice, and multiple high-definition cameras to deliver real-life action to players.


Convenience stands as a primary advantage of online casinos over live casinos, meaning they are granting gamblers the ability to play their favourite games anytime and anywhere, all from the comfort of their own homes. Alternatively, live casinos may necessitate adherence to specific schedules and involve waiting for an available seat at a table.

Betting Limits

RNG-based online casinos generally cater to new players and are less frequently favoured by experienced gamblers due to their relatively restricted table limits. In contrast, live casinos create favourable gambling conditions for both high rollers and players with modest budgets, as they present the opportunity to place bets ranging from $0.10 to $10 000 and higher.

Human Interaction

So what are live casinos in terms of human interaction? Trustworthy live casinos excel by enabling punters to interact with live dealers or hosts and sometimes even fellow players through live chat functions. Online casinos, although lacking direct human interaction, compensate for it by offering features like live chat support and interactive elements in certain games.

Different Types Of Live Gaming

Certain live casino operators feature mobile gaming applications which deliver top-notch live gaming experiences. They allow casino players to conveniently engage in gameplay using their smartphones/tablets and make bets from any location and time zone. However, if concerns arise regarding gambling behaviour or the fear of financial loss, punters have the option to visit the Responsible Gaming site. By utilizing tools such as the Responsible Gaming test, one can assess their playing habits and behaviour, pinpointing any areas of vulnerability.

Certain live casino operators feature mobile gaming applications which deliver top-notch live gaming experiences.

The supervision and regulation of the gaming industry in each country are entrusted to gambling commissions and specialized authorities. Any reputable live casino must possess a license, a regulator, and an auditor to establish credibility. Similarly, software providers collaborating with live casino operations must also hold licenses specific to the country in which they operate.

Why Play At Live Dealer Casinos?

What is a live casino? This is a gambling type that has become a captivating and immersive choice for millions of players worldwide for a number of reasons:

The ability for gamblers to connect with real-life dealers and other players at the table.
A wider range of gambling options with higher payouts.
The use of advanced technologies and high-definition video streams ensures seamless and fair gameplay.
The transparency and trustworthiness that comes with witnessing the live action unfold.
Exclusive promotions and bonuses tailored specifically for live dealer games.

As you can see, the benefits of gambling at live dealer online casinos are abundant, ranging from immersive interactions to diverse game options, convenience, transparency, and exclusive rewards, making them an appealing choice for online gamblers with different levels of wagering skills.

What Do You Need To Play Live Casino Games?

At first glance, it might be overwhelming to get started with live casino tables. To fully immerse yourself in the captivating world of live dealer gambling, a few key elements are necessary:

Powerful PC, smartphone, or tablet.
Stable Internet connection.
Trusted payment deposit method.
New gambling account with accurate and valid personal information.

By having these essential elements in place, you’ll be fully equipped to enjoy the thrill of live casino games from the comfort of your own home or on the go.

Final Thoughts

So what is a live casino? By attentively reading this article, you already know that it is an online gambling platform where you can engage in real-time gameplay with professional and friendly croupiers or hosts, communicate with other punters, and witness the action unfold through high-quality live streaming. Technologies employed by live dealer casinos guarantee fair gameplay and provide an authenticity that cannot be replicated by online casinos.

Live casinos have revolutionized the gambling industry, so do not miss the opportunity to try and start playing now!

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