Moving from a physical to an online casino was a profitable move, but at the same time, gambling has somehow lost its authenticity. Such a phenomenon has presented an ideal opening for live online casinos to enter the global gambling industry.

So what innovative live casino technology is used to effectively deliver live games to your computer or mobile device? Read our ultimate guide on various technologies that underpin the functionality of online live casinos.

How Does A Live Casino Work?

Renowned software providers supply live online casinos with games that are hosted by croupiers who undergo rigorous training to master the rules of popular casino games. During gameplay, live dealers are stationed at casino tables, and their actions are captured in real time by multiple high-resolution cameras that provide casino gamblers with different perspectives of the game.

live dealers are stationed at casino tables

New casino players are required to only register a wagering account, deposit funds, receive their welcome bonus if the casino offers one and make real-money wagers in the most favoured games. The primary objective of live games is to replicate the authentic experience of playing at a physical casino table.

Now that we have answered the “how does live casino work?” question, let’s closely review the main components that differentiate live casinos from other gambling platforms.

Key Live Casino Components

In order to enhance the authenticity of every live dealer gaming experience, online gambling websites incorporate various live casino technologies. These elements contribute to the improvement of the virtual casino wagering process for gamblers.


Cameras are undeniably integral to seamless live game streaming. Recent advancements in technology have facilitated the utilization of smaller yet more robust cameras specifically designed for live feed HD streaming. To illustrate, let’s consider the game of Live Roulette, which traditionally incorporates three distinct cameras to capture an overall view, shots of the table, and the wheel, with the third camera offering a picture-in-picture display.

Game Control Unit (GCU)

The GCU is responsible for converting the analogue video stream captured by the cameras into a digital format that can be transmitted to the online players in real time. The GCU also facilitates communication between the croupier and the gamblers through the use of Optical Character Recognition technology. Additionally, the Game Control Unit ensures that the game is played fairly by verifying the outcome of each round and communicating it to the players.


Live dealers add a human element to the virtual gaming experience, creating an immersive and secure wagering atmosphere. They facilitate live interaction with casino punters, conducting the games and ensuring fairness. Live croupiers also enhance trust and credibility, as they are professionally trained and monitored to deliver a seamless and enjoyable gambling environment.


The wheel plays a crucial role in how live casinos work, especially in games such as Roulette and Dream Catcher. The wheel’s characteristics, including its design, size, and numbering system, differ based on the particular game, contributing to the overall ambience and distinctiveness of the live casino experience. Skilled and charismatic live croupiers expertly spin the wheel, creating an interactive environment for casino gamblers.


The monitor establishes a visual link between the dealer, the game table, and the game proceedings. Such monitors are specifically crafted with high-resolution screens, providing punters with vivid and precise visuals. The presence of a monitor is also important to the dealer, as it allows them to keep track of placed and closed bets and see gamblers who are online.

Live Casino Technology Used To Create An Unforgettable Gambling Experience

In the ever-evolving online gambling, live casino technology stands out as an innovation for punters seeking the excitement of a traditional casino. Below, we provide an extensive list of technologies that are the most essential for the triumph of a live online casino.

Video Streaming Technology

Live dealer gambling platforms exploit high-definition cameras to stream real-time video feeds of both croupiers who manage the game and the casino surroundings directly to punters’ devices. This advanced technology enables online gamblers to witness the progress of the live dealer game or a game show while actively participating in interactive communication with both the dealer and players.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software

The integration of OCR live casino technology has been successfully implemented in the live casino industry. In essence, OCR technology records every intricate detail in the gaming room and enables its streaming to punters through a video link. The OCR technology captures every action, including card shuffling, wheel spinning, and hand distribution, thereby displaying the game outcome right away.

Random Number Generators (RNGs)

Live dealer casinos incorporate Random Number Generators to guarantee the fairness and randomness of the game results, thereby eliminating any predetermined results. These RNGs employ intricate algorithms to produce unpredictable numbers so that gamblers are 100% sure that the live online casino and dealer may somehow influence the game outcome and the size of payouts.

Advanced Encryption

Online live casinos employ state-of-the-art encryption live casino technology to safeguard the personal and financial information shared by casino’s customers. This technology effectively protects data exchanged between the player’s computer and the casino server, rendering it unintelligible to unauthorized third parties.

Audio And Chat Technologies

Live chat and audio live casino technologies are offered to facilitate gambler-to-dealer and gambler-to-gambler communication throughout the course of the game. By utilizing high-quality audio systems, punters can hear the dealer’s instructions. The live chat feature grants players an opportunity to engage in lively conversations, creating a social atmosphere.

Regions Of The Major Studios Localization

As of now, a significant number of licensed live casino studios are situated in Asia and Europe. Notable destinations hosting some of the finest live casinos include Macau, Singapore, and the Philippines. The remarkable quality of live-dealer games offered by Asian-based studios is proved by the presence of Playtech, a leading software company headquartered in the Philippines.

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When examining the top-tier headquarters of live casinos in Europe, studios can be found in the UK, Spain, Ireland, and the Isle of Man. Additionally, Malta serves as a prominent hub for the majority of live casinos.

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Final Thoughts

The evolution of live casino technology has brought about significant advancements in the online gambling industry. The integration of technologies, such as high-definition streaming, real-time interactions, and immersive user interfaces, allows live casinos to stand out significantly from competitors and other types of gambling platforms. It is evident that live online casino technology will continue to push boundaries, offering even more realistic and captivating experiences for online gamblers worldwide. So why wait? Register at one of the listed above casinos and begin your journey towards big wins.

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