PowerUp Roulette (Pragmatic Play) Review

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    Best Casino With Live PowerUp Roulette

    Table Limits
    €0.1 - €5,000

    Pragmatic PowerUP Roulette Live is a variation of roulette with a live croupier. It’s fair to say that this live show is just an amped-up version of the provider’s earlier offerings.

    PowerUP Roulette might seem like a typical roulette game, but do not be misled; this is not a standard roulette version. Participants have the opportunity to win hundreds of multipliers and unlimited rewards throughout five unique PowerUP bonus rounds. All the numbers are multiplied by one during the round, a feature pioneered in Boom City Live. The largest multiplier gamblers can get in PowerUP Roulette is 8,000x! To learn how to increase the board’s multipliers and your winning chances, keep reading our review of PowerUP Roulette.

    Best Live Casinos With Power Up Roulette

    If you are interested in trying this game, our team of experts has carefully hand-picked the top live gambling establishments with Power Up Roulette, ensuring a captivating gambling experience for players. These recommended gambling sites have been selected based on such factors as reputation, bonus offers, user experience, safety, customer support, etc. By choosing these top-tier platforms, you can enjoy gambling Power Up Roulette with confidence, knowing that you’re accessing the best platforms in the industry.

    Pragmatic Power Up Roulette Live Overview

    PowerUp Live Roulette is a hit among Pragmatic Play’s roulette options. This game has become quite famous despite having just been launched in 2022. The wheel in this game has one zero, as in classic European roulette. The key feature of this roulette variation is the unique function that adds multipliers to all numbers, but we’ll go over that in more depth further.

    In PowerUp Roulette, the expansive studio helps the dealer put on a great show for the audience. The realistic casino atmosphere is enhanced by the game’s intuitive design and top-notch graphics. The game’s user interface stands out because of its many innovative elements, including a continuous line of game data down the screen’s base.

    PowerUp Live Roulette is a hit among Pragmatic Play's roulette options

    Power Up Live Roulette, like the majority of live entertainments from this provider, impresses with a ton of fancy extras that make you enjoy a roulette game like never before. Let’s dive in deeper to thoroughly inspect this game and check out its cutting-edge options and fan-favorite features.

    Graphics And Sound

    Power Up Roulette’s visuals and audio design work together to create a thrilling and true-to-life environment. The visuals in this game were carefully crafted, presenting a realistic set of a roulette table, immersing players in the action. Betting and navigating are a breeze because of the streamlined UI. The gaming is also made more authentic by the careful replication of the roulette wheel turning and the ball moving. Players may feel the thrill of a real casino with the sounds of the wheel spinning and the ball bouncing. 

    Focus Of The Game And Gameplay

    When playing the basic game, PowerUp Roulette has the same appearance and feel as any other roulette online. The host/dealer controls when and how often the wheel is spun. There are no RNG involved. However, the game takes on a new appearance once you begin experimenting with the PowerUP options.

    Power Up Roulette's visuals and audio design work together to create a thrilling and true-to-life environment

    PowerUp Roulette combines elements of RNG roulette, live croupier roulette, and a casino game show when the PowerUP mode is activated. This mode, which made its debut in Boom City, is the game’s main addition (new feature). Firstly, the intended function here is somewhat different from how it sounds. In the first phase of the game, which features standard roulette action, it will not provide a player with a multiplier. Instead, to get the PowerUP bonus, you must land on one of the three, four, or five PowerUP numbers shown in bold. Then wait for some really impressive rewards.

    How To Play PowerUp Roulette

    Power Up Roulette Pragmatic Play is quite similar to European Roulette in that players may put inside and outside stakes on the same wheel. The objective is, of course, to choose the winning number. If your guesses turn out to be correct, you win. The higher the stakes, the greater the reward for a successful wager. A successful wager covering eighteen numbers, for instance, will pay out less than one covering a single number. If you have never gambled on roulette before but want to, we have a beginner’s guide to direct you to the game.

    Place Your Bets

    To begin playing, you need to make your wagers. The roulette table consists of various betting options, such as separate numbers, several numbers, colors, odd/even, or high/low numbers. The presenter will give you 20 seconds to choose your winning numbers at the beginning of each round. You have the option of placing bets either on the main betting board or directly on the racecourse. Every wager is played exactly the same except for Straight Up stakes. But you must use this type of wagers if you wish to access the bonus round. Bets must be made on the table’s betting positions before time runs out.

    PowerUP Numbers Are Selected

    In PowerUp Roulette, the “PowerUP” numbers are chosen at random before the wheel is spun. These are additional winning numbers that can greatly enhance your winnings if they match your bets. The presenter will announce which numbers have been selected to get PowerUP multipliers before trigerring the wheel.

    Spin The Wheel

    After the bets are placed and the PowerUP numbers are picked, the croupier will activate the wheel. The dealer will then roll a small ball onto the spinning wheel.

    Bonus Game

    If the ball falls into the pocket and matches a PowerUP number, the bonus round starts. You have five chances to join this round, and with each subsequent round, the potential multiplier award grows by a factor of two. In the 1st round, the highest multiplier is 500x; in subsequent rounds, it increases to 1,000x, then 2,000x, and finally 4,000x. The highest payoff in the game is 15,525 times the initial wager, and the multiplier in the final round is up to 8,000x. 

    Bet Types And Payouts

    Power Up Roulette’s odds and rewards are comparable to those of any live roulette. Their RTP of 97.3% is quite compelling in the industry. However, the Power bonus round is only accessible with Straight Up stakes. Due to the enormous multipliers, their normal 35:1 payoff has been lowered to 24:1.

    Inside Bets

    BetNumbers CoversPays
    Straight Up124-7999:1
    Six Line65:1

    Outside Bets

    BetNumbers CoversPays

    PowerUp Roulette Bonus Features

    Pragmatic Power Up Roulette Live has a number of interesting UI elements. These additions bring a new degree of excitement to the game and make it more enjoyable for players. Here are a few perks you could find in this roulette variant.

    PowerUP Rounds

    After each spin of the wheel, the dealer’s screen will update to display three to five more PowerUP numbers. All Straight Up stakes are eligible for the bonus round in case the ball stops on one of these numbers.
    Your wager may be placed on any of the numbers, and the win multiplier increases by one for each numbered space. After that, PowerUP is reset, and fresh PowerUP totals are added. The highest multiplier of 8,000x is applied to winnings, and this feature may be reactivated up to four times.

    Alternate Betting Boards

    You may put wagers on the conventional Roulette board alongside with stakes on the Racetrack and the Hot/Cold Wheel, the latter of which displays the percentage of times an Inside bet has paid off in the previous 500 spins.

    Special Bets

    There is a possibility to activate a variety of common Roulette bets by pressing the bottom-most button labeled “Special Bet.” Favorites allow you to quickly access any betting option at any betting window.


    You may see your current PowerUP multiplier and the results of the past 500 rounds at any time during play. Winning percentages for Inside and Outside wagers, Hot/Cold numbers, and other wagering categories may be seen.

    Playing Pragmatic Power Up Roulette Live On The Go

    Thanks to advancements in technology and the availability of mobile casino platforms, gambling Power Up Roulette on the go has turned into a seamless and enjoyable pastime. With a compatible mobile device and stable Internet, you can gamble PowerUp Roulette wherever you are, without encountering any problems. Mobile apps or optimized websites are equipped with an adaptable interface specifically designed to ensure smooth gameplay on smaller screens. The game’s mechanics, features, and graphics are tailored to suit mobile devices, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the PowerUp Roulette experience without any compromises to quality or functionality, you check our list of the best casinos for mobile play here

    Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Game


    8,000x multiplier 
    Autoplay, racetrack, favorite bets, etc.
    Comprehensive statistics with up to 500 results.
    Dealer and player live chat.
    Roulette’s huge luxury studio adds to the casino atmosphere.


    Bonus features seldom effect rounds.
    Straight Up wagers have a lower RTP, but they’re still the best method to gamble.

    Power Up Roulette Strategy And Tips For Winning

    Here are some tips and strategies for playing PowerUp Roulette:

    Make more Straight Up stakes: If you want to enter the bonus round, put Straight Up stakes. But manage your bankroll wisely by also including some outside bets. This increases your table coverage and offers a chance to break even on spins where this type of wagers loses.
    Straight Up wagers shouldn’t take up the whole table: While they are essential for the bonus round, placing them on the whole table doesn’t provide an advantage. Remember that you can gamble without these wagers and still receive payouts similar to most European roulette variations. This is especially useful if you’re not aiming for multipliers.
    Multipliers are rare: Keep in mind that bonus rounds with higher-grade multipliers are rare. Statistics show that the majority of bonus rounds fall into the first grade, provided there are 50 and 500 multipliers. Graduating to a higher level with a larger multiplier is unlikely, so you should proceed with care.


    Pragmatic Play’s Power Up Rolette is a welcome change of tone from the other live roulette variations we’ve tested. The game looks amazing, as the developers have promised, you can enjoy an extravagant experience thanks to their professional studio.

    The grid and multipliers are shown clearly on the large screen behind the wheel, and the game’s user-friendly interface guarantees that you have all the data you need at your fingertips. Similarly, the rewards in PowerUP Roulette are also high. If you’re fortunate enough to activate all five of the unique PowerUP rounds, you might win as much as 15,525 times your wager. If you like live roulette, you should certainly give this Pragmatic Play title a try. 

    Responsible Gambling

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    Gambling guidelines

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