Enjoying live casino games is a fun activity, but neglecting live casino tips can lead to a disappointing experience. Although players cannot control everything, they can prepare by acquiring essential knowledge. To help you get started, we have compiled some general recommendations.

Our live casino tips on how to play live casino are based on years of online gambling experience, and following them will help you succeed as a live casino gambler. With our guidance, you can be confident that you will maximize your wins and find the perfect online gambling platform to place your bets.

What Is Live Casino And Why Play At One

Live dealer casinos are a fantastic substitute for offline casinos, as gamblers are offered the chance to interact with real human croupiers in real time. Specialized gaming studios produce innovative games, which are broadcasted with a multi-camera view. Players can also use live chat windows to communicate with live dealers and comrade players.

Live dealer casinos are a fantastic substitute for offline casinos, as gamblers are offered the chance to interact with real human croupiers in real time.

Major advantages of playing live casino games include the real-life experience and communication it provides and the elimination of the need for players to adhere to a dress code. Additionally, virtual games hosted by live croupiers are known for their constant availability, high RTPs and a multitude of gambling options.

How To Play Live Casino Online Step-By-Step

As a team of experienced casino gambling experts, we have crafted a comprehensive guide on how to play live casino online. Here you will find the necessary information for beginners, from opting for the best casino to deciding on what type of bets to place. Let’s get started!

Choose A Casino And Create An Account

Before you take any steps in live casino gambling, it is advisable to review at least 5 – 6 licensed online casinos and decide on the most secure and trustworthy platform, check if a company is licensed before you open an account. Next, you need to register as a new gambler by indicating personally identifiable information, user ID and a secured password in the sign-up form.

Log In And Go To The Lobby

Use the newly-created account credentials to sign in. Once you’ve logged in, you can proceed to the homepage and enter the main lobby of the casino, where you can access the various games. Some live casinos may allow you to customize the interface by choosing the light/dark theme and preferred language.

Select A Live Casino Section

Obviously, the Live Casino section features games played with live dealers, providing a more reliable gaming experience. Navigate the casino’s website or app and search for the Live Casino Section tab or button, which is usually visible on the homepage. After locating the section, you can explore the various games that are on offer.

Choose A Casino Game And Start Placing Your Bets

Some gambling platforms feature a Live Casino section not only with an extensive choice of games but also detailed guides on how to play live casino games. Determine the preferred game category, check available betting limits and decide on the live casino game. Next, find out what types of bets are accepted, take your seat at the gambling table and make your wagers.

How To Play Live Casino Games

It is important for amateur casino players to understand that live dealer games come in various types, each with its own set of rules and wagering options. To help beginners get started, a concise guide on how to play live casino online games is provided below.


Live Baccarat is often perceived as a challenging casino game. However, in this game, you simply wager on either the banker or player’s hand or a tie outcome. For you to win, you need to obtain a hand value as close to nine as possible, with the numerical cards from two to nine being worth their face value, aces worth one, and face cards and tens worth zero. You have the option to play at single or multiplayer tables, giving you the freedom to choose.


The card game of Blackjack remains the most popular and retains its appeal in the live casino format. One of the unique features of Blackjack is the opportunity to compete against a dealer, and this aspect does not change in Live Blackjack. The objective is to get a hand total of 21 or less without exceeding it. The game begins by dealing two cards to each gambler, who may then decide to hit, stand, split, or double down.


Live Roulette is an exhilarating game granting gamblers an opportunity to win big with a bit of luck and a gaming strategy. One can participate in Live Roulette by placing wagers on the spinning wheel and predicting where the ball will ground. After placing corresponding real money wagers on the interface, the live croupier will announce the winning number or colour.


This live casino game provides both intensity and excitement to players and requires analytical skills and basic knowledge of rules. Live Poker involves gamblers trying to form the most favourable five-card hand using two cards dealt to them and five community cards. During the game, wagers are made in order to win the pot.

Game Shows

This form of entertainment is fairly innovative in the realm of live casino games. Game Shows are produced on the basis of renowned TV shows, read detailed description about these games. Generally, hosts provide instructions on how to play live casino game rules, and punters place their bets accordingly. After that, the host deals cards, spin the wheel or throw dice to reveal the game outcome.

Tips To Play Live Casino Online

Before you join any live gambling table, especially for the first time, we recommend you review the following tips to play live casino online:

Ensure you gamble with a stable Internet connection to avoid being kicked off the game in the middle of the action.
Establish your budget and stick to it so that you do not fall into the temptation of spending more than you can afford.
Do not participate in live casino games blindly, and study the rules beforehand.
Opt only for a licensed online casino that supports responsible gambling.
Play responsibly and avoid chasing losses, as this is risky behaviour that can lead to even more losses.
Know when to call it quits while playing at a live casino since not every day will be a winning day.
Maintain proper etiquette while engaging in live gambling activity.
Use an optimal game strategy to increase your chances of winning.
Search for promotions exclusively tailored for live games.

Where Can You Play Live Casino?

The world of online gambling has witnessed a surge in live casino games popularity. To help you locate the ideal casino, at LiveCasinoMate, we have compiled a list of credible and authorized gambling platforms where you can play live casino games. Our experienced team has meticulously searched the Internet to provide you with top-tier options that guarantee a safe and secure online gambling environment. Don’t miss out on the chance to revel in the excitement – click on the links in our table and begin playing immediately!

Final Thoughts

Playing live casino games offers an enjoyable and thrilling experience, mainly if you adhere to the guidelines and tips we presented on this webpage. It is essential to select a trusted and reliable online casino, set a budget and follow it strictly, and acquaint yourself with the game rules and strategies before you commence playing. Additionally, it is advisable to take frequent breaks, remain concentrated, and appreciate the game without becoming excessively engrossed in winning or losing. By keeping these pointers in mind, you can enhance your live casino experience and potentially boost your chances of success.

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