Not every casino gambler is suited for playing Live Roulette. Certain players favour the ease and flexibility offered by playing at their own speed, and Online Roulette provides an ideal setting for such preference. Due to the wide range of live and online Roulette options available in more than 5000 trusted online casinos worldwide, you may face a challenge trying to decide on your preferred format.

That’s where I step into the game. In this post, I will provide you with a detailed review of Live Roulette vs Online Roulette, explain why Live Roulette is considered better than the online game version and give you a list of the leading gambling sites to play Live Dealer Roulette for real money.

Live Roulette Vs Online Roulette

is evident that multiple differences exist between Live Roulette vs Online Roulette

Some casino players categorize all variations of online Roulette together. While I have no objection to the general classification, it is evident that multiple differences exist between Live Roulette vs Online Roulette. So what are they? Let’s figure it out together.

Live RouletteOnline Roulette
Opportunity to select the Live Roulette table based on the game speed, dealer, betting limits and language.Available for play from various locations.
Immersive and realistic casino atmosphere.Regularly refined by casino software companies, resulting in visually improvised tables and wheels.
Certified by reputable independent organizations such as eCOGRA or GamCare.Payouts for this game can reach as high as 35:1.
Support for social interaction with croupiers and dealers.Available in multiple variations with high RTPs.
Certain tables allow you to adjust the camera angles and audio settings.Suitable for players seeking high-stakes casino gambling.
Absence of game speed control, unlike regular Online Roulette.Relies heavily on luck rather than betting strategy due to the use of RNG.
Certain casinos may feature a higher house edge for Live Roulette games.Prevents you from getting any social experience.

Online Roulette Features

Online Roulette operates through a computerized system and employs a Random Number Generator to determine the round outcomes, with no live dealers or physical components involved. Additionally, the entire process, including the betting interface and the wheel, is animated and automated.

Now, let’s talk about the main features of online casino Roulette:

Convenience is one of the significant advantages of Online Roulette, as there is always an available seat at the table.
Demo mode proves useful for new gamblers who wish to enhance their Roulette skills or familiarize themselves with the game’s strategies without risk.
Wide range of Roulette variations, with American, European, Lightning Roulette, Mini Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette and others, allow players to access diverse side bets and overall more options to make money.
More favourable betting limits create favourable conditions for beginner gamblers to play Roulette even if their initial gambling budget is small. The primary reason behind this is that maintaining Online Roulette is less expensive since it does not require as many physical elements.
Fairness and reliability are confirmed by the esteemed auditor, eCOGRA.

 Live Roulette Features

When comparing Live Roulette vs Online Roulette, the primary difference that I can outline is the presence of a professional dealer and the immersive casino atmosphere. Live Roulette tables are either located in physical casinos or purpose-built studios equipped by casino software developers.

Personally, I always choose Live Roulette over Online Roulette as it allows me to engage in conversations with the croupier through the chat box, where they respond to inquiries and comments during spins.

Another notable aspect of Live Roulette is the actual spinning of a physical wheel. Those who prefer witnessing tangible results unfold before their eyes rather than a computer-generated simulation will find this feature appealing.

Some Live Roulette games incorporate additional features, such as displaying previous winning numbers, personalized betting preferences, and space for tipping. The tipping option allows you to reward dealers, akin to the practice in brick-and-mortar casinos. However, I want to emphasize that there is no obligation to provide these tips.

Are The Betting Odds The Same Or Different In Online And Live Roulette?

If you are not familiar with Roulette games, you may question whether the odds are the same for Online Roulette vs Live Roulette. Based on years of personal experience in live and online casino gambling, I can confirm that the chances of winning in both game formats are identical.

However, it is important to note that various types of bets exist, each with its own payout ratio and probability. Outside bets, for instance, have lower odds but higher chances of winning, resulting in smaller payouts. Conversely, inside bets offer higher payouts with lower probabilities of winning.

As a seasoned gambler, I noticed that players tend to favour European Roulette due to its lower house edge of 2.7% compared to the 5.26% in American Roulette. This difference arises from the presence of a double zero pocket in American Roulette.

Why Online Live Roulette Is Better Than Casino Online Roulette

Your choice between online or live Roulette has a significant impact on your gaming experience and the profit you can make. While both options offer their own set of advantages, there are compelling reasons why online Live Roulette is better than the casino online version of Roulette. So, allow me to elaborate.

Realistic Experience

When you join a Live Roulette table, you can actively participate in the ongoing action. To take part in the game, you must place real-time bets, otherwise, you risk missing your turn and a round. The beauty of live casino Roulette is that you don’t need to visit a local casino to enjoy a lifelike experience. It’s just a click away from you since Live Roulette games are accessible both as a mobile casino and in desktop devices.

Interaction With The Dealer

Unlike computer-generated outcomes in online Roulette, live dealers facilitate the game, creating a sense of authenticity and social interaction. Moreover, you can always receive an immediate answer about specific betting options or any other inquiries. Players can engage in friendly conversations and exchange their experiences. Such a human connection contributes to the excitement and enjoyment of the gaming session.


The use of HD video streaming technology for casino games allows you to witness every spin of the Roulette wheel and every movement of the dealer in real time, leaving no room for hidden or manipulated outcomes. Licensed and trustworthy live online casinos often employ professional dealers who adhere to strict standards of fairness and integrity.


Live Online Roulette is frequently subject to independent testing by reputable organizations such as eCOGRA, iTech Labs which Since its establishment in 2004, has emerged as a global leader in testing and certifying online gaming systems, and GLI. By displaying these certifications, live online casinos offering Live Roulette demonstrate their commitment to maintaining trustworthiness and upholding industry regulations. The inclusion of real-life dealers, live video streaming, direct player-dealer interaction, and independent certifications collectively enhance the trust players can place in the game.

Social Experience

The social experience is one of the main reasons why online live Roulette is then the casino online Roulette. Live Roulette often includes multiplayer functionality, allowing players to interact with each other. They can observe the bets placed by others, share strategies, and even celebrate wins together. This shared experience creates a sense of community among players, fostering a more engaging and enjoyable gaming session.

Where To Play Live Roulette

As an experienced casino game analyst, I have extensively played Live Roulette at live online casinos. Throughout my journey, I have encountered various scam websites, prompting me to curate a rating of the top live casino platforms, which you may check below. These selected websites boast enticing bonus offers, secure payment systems, and favourable betting limits, ensuring a premium Roulette experience. So browse through the list and choose your preferred casino for an optimal gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

In the paragraphs above, I have outlined several advantages of engaging in online and live Roulette games. With a comprehensive understanding of the pros and cons, it is now up to you to make a decision based on your personal preferences. If you are new to Roulette, in the choice between Live Roulette vs Online Roulette, I would recommend starting with standard online Roulette, and once you have honed your skills, use your skill for gambling with Live Roulette games.

Personally, I derive enjoyment from playing Roulette in live casinos using my PC and my smartphone. However, I highly suggest trying each variation if you haven’t already, and only then make your choice.

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