Lightning Dice is an innovative online dice game which presents a fresh twist on the traditional Sic Bo casino dice game. Similar to Sic Bo, Lightning Dice involves online gamblers placing bets on numerical outcomes of the three-dice roll. In each round, a random outcome is selected for an odds boost, with the potential to reach up to 1000:1. This unique feature sets Lightning Dice apart from Sic Bo, as the latter does not offer enhanced odds for any numbers.

Help you choose the best Lightning Dice strategy and share the most helpful gambling practices and tips

While the game show features the element of luck, there are viable betting strategies that will not only amplify your bankroll but also present an opportunity to secure substantial winnings. So go through this review, as below we will discuss the gameplay, help you choose the best Lightning Dice strategy and share the most helpful gambling practices and tips.

What Is Lightning Dice Casino Game

Lightning Dice is an original live casino game developed by Evolution. It was launched on June 1st, 2019 and offers an RTP that falls within the range of 96.03% to 96.21%. If you are a fan of Lightning Roulette due to its Lightning feature, you will definitely enjoy Lightning Dice since this captivating element is also incorporated into the game. This straightforward yet highly engaging live casino is accessible for play 24/7 on multiple platforms.

The online casino game features a board layout comprising of 16 numbered spots ranging from 3 to 18. In each roll, punters have the freedom to bet on a few or all of these spots as per their preference. After the betting phase ends, three dice will be rolled, and the values on these dice will be summed up. It is important to note that the sum of the values on three dice will always fall between 3 and 18, with certain numbers having higher probabilities of appearing.

How To Play Lightning Dice

After analyzing this live casino game in detail, we observed that similar to its high-speed wagering, Lightning Dice offers a simple learning experience. So to make sure you start gambling knowing all the essential rules, below we provide a mini-guide on how to play Lightning Dice.

Rules And Gameplay

As we previously mentioned, the rules of the game are easy to learn, and the game’s appeal lies in its simplicity:

Casino players place real-money bets on the total sum of three dice that are thrown. There are 16 possible outcomes ranging from 3 to 18.
Players can wager on a selection of numbers or choose to bet on all of them with a simple click of a button.
During this process, one or several numbers are chosen to have multipliers added to them.
The multiplier increases with each strike of the lightning and can reach up to x1000.
Once the betting phase concludes, by activating a switch on the wall, the dealer releases the dice into the Perspex maze.
Zooming in, the camera unveils a close-up of the dice, revealing the winning number.
Successful wagers are rewarded while the host replenishes the dice at the top of the tower in preparation for the next round of the game.

Odds And Payout

Now that you have a basic idea of how to play Lightning Dice, we recommend checking the table that presents the likelihood of each result along with the corresponding payout odds, excluding any lightning multipliers.

Dice TotalOddsPayout

Choosing A Lightning Dice Strategy That Works

To enjoy playing the live dice game fully, it is essential to have a Lightning Dice strategy in place. Merely throwing money at the game and hoping for significant payouts will not suffice. While we cannot guarantee substantial winnings, employing a wagering strategy will enable you to manage your bankroll effectively. In the following discussion, we will provide our expert insights into the likelihood of specific number outcomes and how that should influence your betting decisions.

Bet On The Most Probable Outcomes

Certain combinations of dice have higher probabilities of occurring compared to others. The reason behind this lies in the various ways the dice can be arranged to yield these specific numbers. Opting to wager on these combinations presents a reliable method to consistently win. We need to mention that this Lightning Dice strategy carries minimal risk since the aforementioned numbers are more likely to emerge, despite not offering the highest payouts. The numbers in question encompass 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.

Go High Or Low

There is a nearly 50% probability of obtaining either a low number (3-9) or a high number (12-18). To maximize your chances of winning, consider placing your bets on these ranges, as they cover a significant portion of the potential outcomes. By doing so, you can expect to win approximately half of the time you engage in the game.

Bet On Numbers 3 And 18

Our investigation has shown that numbers 3 and 18 stand out as the least common yet highly advantageous results. Therefore, we highly advise you to consistently wager on these specific numbers. It is not imperative to place a substantial bet, considering that it will be multiplied by 150x upon winning. Additionally, there is a possibility of an even greater payout if the Lightning strikes before the Dice are rolled.

Martingale Strategy

Opt for five numbers, which can either be the most frequently occurring ones or your personally favoured digits. Wager the minimum allowable amount on the chosen set of five numbers, such as $0.20. Increase the initial unit by adding $0.40 to the bet in each successive round. As soon as a lightning strike occurs, it is advisable to conclude the session. If no lightning strikes are witnessed within the following ten rounds, we recommend using a different strategy.

How To Decide On The Lightning Dice Strategy

To opt for the best Lightning Dice strategy, we recommend to:

Understand the payouts and odds associated with each bet in Lightning Dice.
Pay attention to the strategies, which include guidelines on how much to bet per round and how to adjust your bets based on your bankroll’s performance.
Consider whether you lean towards a conservative or aggressive approach, as it will influence the bets you place.
Observe the outcomes of previous rounds to identify any patterns or trends.
Consider testing several vetting tactics with small bets or playing in demo mode if available.

How To Win Lightning Dice: Helpful Tips And Best Practices

Through trial and error, we were able to not only highlight the best betting strategies that actually work but also make a list of helpful tips on how to win in Lightning Dice game. Check them out below.

Start With Smaller Bets

It is wise to begin betting with smaller amounts in Lightning Dice to understand the gameplay and develop a strategy that suits your objectives. You will mitigate the risk of significant financial losses and will have better chances to gauge the frequency and magnitude of winning outcomes.

Never “Bet All”

Placing bets on every conceivable number is an unwise method of how to win Lightning Dice that will deplete your funds, despite initial successes. The cumulative cost of wagering on all 18 numbers will exceed the eventual winnings. Although this approach may yield temporary gains through a handful of substantial victories, it is inevitable that you will eventually exhaust all your finances.

Spread Your Risk

We recommend distributing your wagers evenly between frequently occurring numbers and infrequent ones. Make a single bet on either 10 or 11, followed by another bet on numbers 3 or 18. By doing so, you increase your chances of winning the first bet, with a probability of 1/8 and receiving a 5x payout. Additionally, the second bet offers a chance of winning, albeit less likely at 1/217, but with a minimum payout of 150x.

Review The Previous Outcomes

By examining the previous winning numbers, you can figure out the game’s pattern and easily determine the numbers to wager on in the upcoming rounds. This Lightning Dice strategy stands out as a contributing factor to our observation that numbers ranging from 8 to 12 exhibit a higher frequency of occurrence.

Manage Your Bankroll

This is a tip we want to put a special emphasis on, as by setting predefined loss limits, you can ensure that you have enough funds to play longer, avoid getting addicted to gambling, limit your losses during periods of unfavourable outcomes or simply walk away from the game when you hit the losing streak.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy games of chance, we highly recommend giving Lightning Dice a try. However, it is important to note that not all game betting options may be suitable for you. While the potential for multipliers of up to 1000x may be the most appealing feature of Evolution’s Lightning Dice, there is no obligation to invest in it.

Do not allow the idea of winning a substantial amount in a single round to overwhelm you. Your primary concern should be choosing the best Lightning Dice strategy for managing your bankroll effectively. So use all the available tips we shared above and start winning big.

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