Live Dealer Infinite Blackjack Game Review

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    Best Casino With Live Dealer Infinite Blackjack

    Table Limits

    If you do not like to rely on fortune alone and would like to add a bit of skill to it, you should not miss a chance to play Infinite Blackjack. This variant of a popular card game attracts both newbies and experienced players. Even though it is similar to a traditional variant, this blackjack still has some nuances and strategies that should be explained before jumping into real-time play. So let’s focus on what Infinite Blackjack is and how to win big playing it.

    Best Live Casinos for Infinite Blackjack 2024

    Before diving into the details, features, and strategies of Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming, we offer you the chance to take a look at top online operators where it can be played. Our experts have played at each of them and tested how suitable they are for blackjack players. Each online casino listed below is licensed and boasts secure banking. Blackjack versatility, which is essential for many players, and hefty promotions are also available in those operators.

    What Is Infinite Blackjack and How It Works

    After exploring all its rules and testing different strategies, we will provide you with a lowdown on this innovative variant of Twenty-One. It was introduced by Evolution Gaming, the studio that added ‘infinity’ to the blackjack live dealer genre by presenting one small yet game-changing feature. It has a countless number of seats, so all players are enjoying this Twenty-One game simultaneously and have cards dealt at the same time. As a result, you can gamble at any moment and enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

    It might seem a bit confusing at first, but Evolution Gaming has used a combination of live casino technology and RNG mechanics that help deal cards to an unlimited number of players. Except for this feature, as well as a six-card Charlie rule and side bets, Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming is still an old good 21 that we love! You can still hit or stand, split pairs, benefit from double exposure, and do card counting to increase your chances of a win. At the same time, it remains a fair game that allows you to win a jackpot of 250:1 (a side bet placement is required to land it).

    Is Infinite Blackjack Better Than Classic Blackjack?

    After playing both classic and Infinite Blackjack online, we can certainly claim that the latter is better. It includes the basic features that a classic blackjack can offer and some extras. Four exciting side bets, accessibility at any time, and simultaneous hands for all players are among those extras.

    Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming is still an old good 21 that we love

    How To Play Infinite Blackjack

    If you have ever played any variant of this exciting card game, you will most probably know how to play Infinite Blackjack. Still, this game by Evolution has some rules slightly modified (like six-card Charlie).

    Here is what a typical Infinite Blackjack round looks like:

    All players and the dealer receive their two initial cards.
    All players take the first actions: hit, split, do doubling, stand. That is a perfect time to apply one of the strategies described in this article.
    A dealer peeks at the second card if the open card is Ace. If the dealer has Blackjack, the hand is over, and insurance is paid.
    Otherwise, extra cards are given to those who ask for them.
    When no more cards are dealt, hands are calculated. Players receive payouts for winning hands and lose their bets if their hands are losing ones.
    Side bets are calculated for those who have placed them.
    When all calculations are over, a new round begins.

    Basic Rules

    Infinite Blackjack is played with 8 card decks. Each player is dealt two initial cards, and their aim is to have 21 or the closest to it to win. To have this lucky 21, players can take the following actions:

    Double down (possible for any initial two cards).
    Split (for initial cards if they are of the same value). However, you can split only one time per hand. Aces cannot be split.
    Buy insurance if a dealer has an Ace.

    Other Infinite Blackjack rules we’ve found essential after playing this card game are as follows:

    You cannot surrender here;
    You cannot double down after a split;
    Only when it is Ace and not 10 will a dealer check for Blackjack.

    Six Card Charlie Rule

    A unique rule that is available only at Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming is a six-card Charlie rule. It gives a player a winning privilege even if a dealer has 21. For this, a player should have a six-card hand, not exceeding 21. This rule applies in all cases with no exceptions.

    Exciting Additional Side Bets

    Infinite Blackjack side bets are the feature that convinces many experienced players to choose this title over classic variants. They allow players to receive additional payouts for predicting their cards, as well as the cards of the dealer. We, ourselves, tried those side bets to see if they are as exciting as they seem to be. We can confirm that they certainly add an extra thrill to each hand.

    Any Pair Side Bet

    Any pair side bet is quite simple and self-explanatory. All you need to win on this Infinite Blackjack side bet is to have any pair on your initial two cards. The RTP for this bet is 95.9%. There are two winning variants (see table below):

    Any Pair VariantOddsChance of Having It
    Non Suited Pair8:15.78%
    Perfect Pairs25:11.69%

    21+3 Side Bet

    21+3 side bets will be appreciated by poker fans, as they can get extra winnings for having one of the poker combinations with their two initial cards and a dealer’s upfront card. Even though placing side bets is not the best winning strategy, choose this one if you have a desire to place them. At least, it has the highest RTP out of all four – 96.30%.

    21+3 Winning HandOddsChance of Having It
    Straight Flush40:10.02%
    Suited Three-of-a-Kind100:10.02%

    Hot 3 Side Bet

    This side bet includes a dealer card and two player cards. Their values are summed up to determine the final number of points that impact potential rewards. The RTP for the Hot 3 side bet is 94.60%.

    3 Hot CombinationsOddsChance of Having It 
    19 points1:17.28%
    20 points2:17.54%
    21 points4:18.38%
    Suited 2120:10.54%
    3 Sevens100:10.04%

    Bust It Side Bet

    If you plan to guess if the dealer will go bust, then use the Bust It side bet. As Infinite Blackjack makes a croupier stand on soft 17, the chances of winning on this bet are 29.1%. The overall RTP for the Bust It bet is 94.12%. The chances of hitting this bet are slightly reduced because of the soft 17 rule.

    Bust It Combinations Odds
    3 cards1:1
    4 cards2:1
    5 cards 9:1
    6 cards50:1
    7 cards100:1
    8 cards250:1

    Infinite Blackjack Optimal Winning Strategy

    As Infinite Blackjack is a card game, using a certain winning strategy appears to be quite effective. Therefore, we encourage you to give Hard Hand, Soft Hand, or Paired Hand strategies a try. There is one thing that we would not recommend doing extremely often. It is placing side bets as RTP for them is slightly lower than for the base game. Still, side bets are good for adding versatility and excitement to your gaming. 

    Hard Hand

    If you have a hard hand with no Aces or an Ace with a value of 1, you can apply the following strategy:

    Hand Value Action to Take
    8 or lessHit
    9Hit unless a dealer has 3-6. If it is 3-6, double 
    10Hit unless a dealer has 2-9. If it is 2-9, double
    11Hit unless a dealer has 2-10. If it is 2-10, double
    12Hit unless a dealer has 4-6. If it is 4-6, stand
    13-16Hit unless a dealer has 2-6. If it is 2-6, stand
    17 or moreStand

    Soft Hand

    With a soft hand, you will never bust when hitting. Why? Soft Hand is the one in which an Ace counts as either 11 or 1. A detailed strategy for a Soft Hand is as follows:

    Hand Value Action to Take
    2 or lessHit
    13-14Hit unless a dealer has 5-6. If it is 5-6, double.
    15-16Hit unless a dealer has 4-6. If it is 4-6, double.
    17Hit unless a dealer has 3-6. If it is 3-6, double. If a dealer has 7, stand.
    18Stand unless a dealer has 3-6. If it is 3-6, double. If it is 9-A, then hit.
    19 or moreStand

    Paired Hand

    There is a special strategy for a paired hand. New players often ignore it, but we encourage you to try to act according to the scenarios described below.

    Hand ValueAction to Take
    2-2Split unless a dealer has 4-7. If it is 4-7, hit.
    3-3Split unless a dealer has 4-7. If it is 4-7, hit.
    5-5Hit unless a dealer has 2-9. If it is 2-9, double.
    6-6Split unless a dealer has 3-6. If it is 3-6, hit.
    7-7Split unless a dealer has 2-7. If it is 2-7, hit.
    8-8Hit unless a dealer has 2-9. If it is 2-9, hit.
    9-9Split unless a dealer has 2-6 or 8-9. If it is 2-6 or 8-9, hit. Otherwise, stand.

    Infinite Blackjack RTP And Odds

    Infinite Blackjack RTP is 99.47%, which is one of the highest percentages among different live dealer games. As for the Infinite Blackjack odds, they are quite the same as for the other 21 variants:

    Blackjack pays 3:2.
    Insurance pays 2:1 when a dealer has Blackjack.
    All other winning hands pay 1:1.

    Infinite Blackjack – Pros and Cons


    High RTP of 99.47% for the basic game
    Unlimited seats make it accessible at any time
    4 side bets
    Six-card Charlie rule
    You can make an insurance


    Low RTP for side bets (no more than 96.30%)
    No surrender


    The Infinite Blackjack game is a perfect variant of 21 for those who are searching for a classic live Blackjack playing experience but would like to have several rules that bring diversity and dynamics into mundane rounds. This game by Evolution can offer this thanks to a unique six-card Charlie rule and four bets. As for the winning chances, you can increase them by applying popular strategies for the infinite-deck blackjack betting, and we have described them to you. Taking all this into consideration, we would certainly recommend this release to blackjack fans. So, do not hesitate, choose a casino with the best live Blackjack bonuses, and get the game going!

    Responsible Gambling

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    Gambling guidelines

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