The live casino game show known as Deal or No Deal gained popularity over the years by offering fortunate players the chance to win up to $1 million. Even though the game revolves around luck, there is quite a large number of tricks that can help you become a lucky winner.

Being a team of independent experts in live online gambling, we have tested an enormous amount of wagering strategies and endured numerous setbacks so that in this article, we can recommend the best Deal or No Deal strategy and also share practical tips to help you win.

Quick Overview Of Deal or No Deal Live Casino Game

Deal or No Deal is a unique online game launched by Evolution Gaming in May 2019. This is an interactive adaptation of a prevalent American TV show. The main objective is to eliminate low-value briefcases and select the highest-value briefcase from a set of 26. Each briefcase contains a different amount of money, with the highest value being $1 million. The game features a host who is famous for his catchphrase – “Deal? Or no deal?!” and also a character which is known as the “Banker”, whose purpose is to prevent you from winning Deal or No Deal.

Deal or No Deal is a unique online game launched by Evolution Gaming in May 2019

By incorporating a memorable theme along with top-quality music and HD video live streaming, Deal or No Deal live slot machine is one of the most recognized game shows in the modern iGaming industry.

How To Play Deal or No Deal Online And Win Real Money

At the beginning of their career in live casino gambling, some members of our team made a crucial error by attempting to employ multiple winning strategies simultaneously, with no extensive understanding of the game rules. For you not to make the same mistake, below, we explain how to play Deal or No Deal online and win real money.

The Qualifying Round

Upon entering the game, you will encounter a three-reel bank vault which serves as the preliminary round. In order to proceed to the prize top-up round, you need to spin this vault, and we recommend doing so using the minimum bet to avoid excessive qualifying costs. Note that the money used for qualification does not contribute to the funds in the briefcases, which is why it is recommended not to spend too much on it.

The Prize Top-Up Round

This phase of the game involves a wheel containing various random multipliers ranging from 5x to 50x. You need to determine the size of your wager, pick one out of the 16 briefcases, and find out if you are able to increase your monetary reward. You have the option to continue spinning the wheel and adding funds to briefcases until the countdown concludes.

The Main Game

When the countdown is over, you enter the main game. At this point, a series of briefcases will be presented, each containing a covert cash prize. During the First Opening, a host engages with the participants while receiving calls from the Banker. Additionally, a hostess accompanies them, unveiling the contents of the briefcases. She starts by opening the initial set of briefcases. Subsequently, the Banker presents the first offer. Following that, the host poses a well-known question to you: “Deal or no Deal?”.

The Final Opening

During the Final Opening, the last two briefcases are opened to reveal their hidden prize sums. The player’s final choice between “No Deal” and “Switch Briefcases” is one of the main methods on how to win Deal or No Deal online. If the player decides to stick with their original selected briefcase and chooses “No Deal,” they are rewarded with the amount that was initially disclosed in their chosen briefcase, while those who dare opt for “Switch Briefcases” will have a chance to secure the amount revealed in the alternate briefcase.

Best Deal or No Deal Strategy For Live Casino Players

After thoroughly testing a variety of Deal or No Deal strategies in live online casinos, we were able to outline the top 3 betting techniques that will considerably improve your chances of securing sizable rewards. Check them out below.

Qualify At The Lowest Stake Possible

The results of the qualifying round are totally dependent on chance because the qualification procedure is carried out using a Random Number Generator. As a result, we advise qualifying at the lowest stake, which will ensure that you have a seat at the table and the opportunity to compete for a huge cash reward without making a sizable upfront investment.

we can recommend the best Deal or No Deal strategy and also share practical tips to help you win.

Top-Up 3 To 4 Briefcases

One of our main suggestions on how to win Deal or No Deal is to consider topping up three or four briefcases during the prize top-up round. Opting for a single briefcase would entail significant risk, as opening it before the final rounds could result in a collection of low-value briefcases. By playing with three or four briefcases, you get a chance to collect more wins while keeping most of your briefcases in play.

Try To Even Out The Value Of Your Briefcases

Based on our observations, in the prize top-up round, it is better to balance the values of your briefcases to the best of your ability. The objective is to maximize the worth of each briefcase in order to receive favourable offers from the banker. If you happen to land on the red section of the wheel, you will be in a fortunate position.

Best Tips On How To Win Deal or No Deal Every Time

Although the live online casino game is mostly based on luck, we want to share several useful Deal or No Deal slot machine tips that will help you manage your funds wisely and optimise your way of playing the game.

Familiarize Yourself With The Game

Online game shows are considered the easiest casino games, but it does not mean you can take the game rules for granted and skip the part where you thoroughly revise them. So make sure you take the time to acquaint yourself with the game mechanics. One of the methods on how to win on Deal or No Deal online that actually work is to register in an online casino and play the game for free in the Demo Mode.

Understand The Prize Structure

Understanding the prize structure of Deal or No Deal is no less important than learning about the game rules. Familiarize yourself with the values assigned to each briefcase and your chances of obtaining them. This knowledge will enable you to make better decisions during the game and strategically negotiate with the Banker for the best possible outcome.

Assess The Risk-Reward Balance

Consider the potential hazards and benefits of each choice you make throughout the game. Think about how much the selected suitcase is worth compared to the other sealed briefcases. Assess the likelihood of having higher-value briefcases among the unopened ones. The chance of having a low-value briefcase increases if the majority of the high-value briefcases have been opened, and it may be wise to consider accepting a Banker’s offer.

Manage Your Bankroll

Setting a specific budget that you can afford to spend during one session is another good Deal or No Deal strategy that will help you prolong your gambling time. Avoid overspending, and if necessary, use the casino’s tools for responsible gambling. Use a percentage-based betting strategy, where you wager a small portion of your bankroll during the qualifying round. Moreover, regularly review your progress and adjust your winning Deal or No Deal tactic.

Play Strategically

Start by following the game progress to recognize any recurring patterns or trends in the awarded prizes. Next, review the Banker’s offers and, with no rush, consider continuing the game or accepting a deal. We also recommend keeping yourself from making impulsive decisions and sticking to the chosen winning Deal or No Deal strategy throughout the entire game.

Choose A Reputable Online Casino

Keep in mind that none of the above-mentioned tactics and tips won’t work if you gamble at a blacklisted casino with a shady reputation. So check out the list of the finest live online casinos at, as this list contains only the most renowned gambling platforms with a profitable welcome and no deposit bonuses, free spins and an extensive library of betting options. Browse through the available options and pick the casino that is the most appealing to you.

Enjoy The Experience

Take your time to savour the excitement, the anticipation, and the unpredictability of the game. Do not view winning as the sole objective of the game, and remember that true enjoyment lies in the process of playing and making the right decisions.

Final Thoughts

Deal or No Deal Live is an innovative live online casino game that accepts a limitless number of players who want to compete for a generous cash prize. The objective is simple yet captivating: predict whether the remaining briefcases hold more money than the Banker’s offer. But before you reach that moment in the game, it is wise to employ one of the Deal or No Deal strategies that we described in this article and also use some of the listed tips and tricks. Do not let the doubts stop you now – pick your gambling tactic, register at any of the casinos recommended on our website and start making money with one of the most popular live casino game shows.

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