As a newcomer to online gambling, you may be interested in how this industry works, so it is only natural that the following question arises: Are online live casinos rigged? It is unlikely that you would willingly play a live dealer game that may be a scam and where you suspect one of the players or the host may have an unfair advantage.

Our goal in creating this article is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of effective methods for detecting and avoiding rigged live casinos and the list of top safe and trustworthy live gambling websites.

Can Live Casinos Be Rigged?

In most cases, legitimate live casinos are not rigged and offer fair gameplay. Reputable software suppliers prioritize the implementation of robust security measures to maintain a secure and social environment for their live game shows and table games. Additionally, the proficient dealers possess in-depth knowledge of the game and diligently contribute to establishing a just gaming atmosphere.

To safeguard gamblers from rigged live casinos, promote fairness, and prevent fraudulent activities

Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that certain live gambling operators engage in deceptive practices, targeting unsuspecting gamblers. Unlawful online casinos, in particular, may manipulate game outcomes, intentionally creating unfavourable conditions for gamblers.

How Operators Rig Live Casino Games

Every licensed live casino that plans to stay active on the gambling market focuses on equitable gameplay and adheres to strict gambling regulations. As you already know how live casinos can be rigged, now it is time to learn a few simple methods that will prevent you from registering and gambling at fixed live online casinos. Check the most efficient methods below.

However, cases of rigged live casino games are common in unregulated gambling platforms.

Live Roulette games may involve the use of an undisclosed tool that is utilized beneath the table or magnetic balls to exert control over the ball. Another example is the manipulation of card decks in Live Blackjack, where certain cards may be removed or shuffled in a way that favours the house. Occasionally, live croupiers may be trained to manipulate the outcome by subtly controlling the cards or the spinning of the wheel at a certain speed.

These examples represent only a couple of methods by which games can be subject to manipulation. However, we must emphasize that these practices are highly unethical and not representative of the majority of legitimate live online gambling operators who value customer trust.

Live Casino Regulations And Licensing

To safeguard gamblers from rigged live casinos, promote fairness, and prevent fraudulent activities, a set of regulations and licensing requirements has been established in regions where casino gambling is officially legalized. These rules are being reviewed so that the balance of gaming activity regulation in relation to modern reality is not disturbed.

For instance, online gambling within the United Kingdom is overseen by the UK Gambling Commission, while the regulation and licensing in Malta are handled by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Beyond the borders of Europe, various jurisdictions have their own regulatory bodies. The most renowned ones are the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, Gambling Supervision Commission, Remote Gambling Association and many others. In the United States, online gambling is regulated at the state level.

Are Online Live Casinos Rigged: How To Check If Casino Is Cheating

Detecting whether a live casino is rigged may be tricky. Nevertheless, it is crucial to be aware of the signs that may indicate potential cheating. To save you some time and trouble, below, we list key indicators that can help you determine if a live casino is engaging in any form of rigging.

Bad Reviews

One of the main methods to determine if live casinos are rigged is checking bad reviews posted by former or existing customers. Pay close attention to customers’ feedback, particularly those expressing concerns about fixed game outcomes or withheld payouts. Negative reviews can save you from potential cheating or unethical live online casino behaviour.

Payout Issues

Payout issues can be a red flag, so if you have read or heard that certain gambling operators do not pay out real money winnings or significantly delay them for no obvious reason, avoid them. You should only register and gamble at live casinos with transparent payout policies and secure payment methods, as well as positive feedback from other users regarding timely payouts.

Ignorant Dealers

One more way to tell how live casinos can be rigged is the presence of ignorant dealers. Such dealers may lack knowledge of the game rules or exhibit lousy skills in hosting live casino games. They might make frequent mistakes, misinterpret gamblers’ actions, or fail to follow proper procedures. When encountering such dealers, there are high chances that the online casino is fixed.

Lack Of Transparency

If an online live dealer casino fails to provide comprehensive details regarding its licensing, legal supervision and game testing procedures, it is a reason to doubt the legitimacy and fairness of such a gambling operator. Most likely, this casino offers fixed games and unjust services.

How To Avoid Rigged Online Live Casinos

As you already know how live casinos can be rigged, now it is time to learn a few simple methods that will prevent you from registering and gambling at fixed live online casinos. Check the most efficient methods below.

Research Casino’s Reputation

A reputable operator is a licensed live gambling platform that has established a track record of delivering a secure and reliable gaming experience. Seek out reviews of diverse online casino operators, particularly focusing on those that evaluate live dealer games, to make sure they use fair Random Number Generators and audited payouts.

Pay Attention To Independent Testing

Credible live dealer gambling sites undergo frequent audits conducted by both regulatory authorities and independent organizations, such as eCOGRA. These comprehensive evaluations aim to verify the integrity and fairness of the live casino games, eliminating any concerns of manipulation or bias.

Verify Licensing Info

To steer clear of a rigged live casino, start by checking if the gambling platform holds a valid license from a reputable authority. Such information is usually displayed on the main page of the casino’s website. Sign up only with a casino that is regulated in reputable jurisdictions, such as the UK, Malta, or Gibraltar.

Inspect The Transparency

A trusted online casino operates with complete transparency and has nothing to hide. We recommend that you opt for gambling platforms that demonstrate full disclosure of essential company details, such as licensing, regulatory compliance, and testing outcomes.

Play Safely At Legit Live Casinos

Ensuring the security of your sensitive information and financial transactions is of utmost importance to us when it comes to live casino wagering. As a team of gambling experts, we recommend a list of the most trustworthy casinos where you can enjoy playing diverse live dealer games without any concerns about rigging. Take the first step towards an exceptional gaming journey by following one of the links provided below.

Final Thoughts

So, are online live casinos rigged? Even though some casino websites have the potential to be manipulated, the majority of gambling operators provide their services under strict regulations and are subject to independent audits. Every trustworthy gambling platform is licensed by a reputable gaming authority and uses advanced technologies to make live dealer games completely random and unbiased. Avoid illegal and unfair sites by researching and choosing trusted casinos from the list we provided above.

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