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    Best Casino With VIP Roulette

    Table Limits
    €1 - €5000

    For many years, the 17th-century invention by Blaise Pascal was one of the essential components of every gambling venue around the world. The name of this invention is a roulette. This wheel triggers an indissoluble association with luxury lifestyle and exclusivity. Even though these days, roulette is available for everyone, the VIP Roulette by Evolution Gaming still gives the feeling of exclusivity. 

    Hence, our experienced team of players would like to introduce you to the main features of this roulette and how to play it. Continue reading, and you will learn about VIP Roulette and the best winning strategies for it. 

    Top VIP Roulette Live Casinos 2024

    Experienced punters know how important it is to find a credible casino that accepts numerous currencies, offers reasonable withdrawal limits, and enhances data safety. However, it may take a while to find such a platform. Fortunately, our team of experienced gamblers and reviewers has prepared a list of such casinos to save you more time for the VIP Live Roulette itself. State-of-the-art data encryption, the best bonuses on the market, and the seamless reputation of all these top casinos are precious gifts for players.

    VIP Roulette Overview

    VIP Roulette was launched by a leading Swedish game developer, Evolution Gaming. The game studio is well-known across the industry as one of the best live gambling providers in the market. The roulette features a classic one-ball and one-wheel game but with an enhanced upper bet limit to accommodate players with higher bankroll capacities. Basically, the player is participating in a live streaming from the Latvian studio with the real dealer.

    VIP Roulette was launched by a leading Swedish game developer, Evolution Gaming

    Main Features And Characteristics Of The Game

    Given that Roulette VIP is tailored for high-rollers, there are a lot of different perks that create an atmosphere of the best land-based casinos worldwide. Deriving from our experience, these are the most prominent characteristics of the game: 

    Perfect streaming quality, enabling seamless gameplay even with a slow connection. 
    Exclusive Red Rooms with experienced dealers.
    High betting limits up to $5000 per single bet.
    The ability to place up to $20,000 per spin thanks to side bets.
    Live chat with other players.

    How to Play VIP Live Roulette Online

    Once you enter the VIP Roulette game, you will see a specially designed studio with a dealer and a standard wheel. It offers 37 or 38 numbered slots, which are colored red and black, with two green (zero) slots. 

    The player’s task here is to place wagers before the wheel starts spinning. You can use numerous inside (straight, split, corner) and outside (red/black, odd/even, high/low) bets. Also, there are additional side bets, such as finale and neighboring bets. After you make a bet, wait until the results of the spin and win the first money.

    In-game features

    Besides mentioned high betting limits, multiple betting options, and live chat, VIP Roulette Live has even more to offer: 

    Adjustable settings

    Players can change the camera angle, video quality, and even the game’s pace and music settings.

    Favorite bets

    The system “remembers” the bets you make and allows you to save your favorite bets to make the process quicker. 


    You can submit your bets automatically by setting the first wager and turning on an Autoplay mode. 

    More Roulette strategies you can find here.

    Table Limits

    Table limits in VIP Live Roulette strongly depend on the casino you choose. However, in most cases, you can find a table with at least a $5 minimum bet. Meanwhile, the maximum sum per wager can get up to an outstanding $20,000. Moreover, such flexible limits, in tandem with a high 97.3% RTP percentage, give this type of roulette an extreme winning potential. 

    Where To Play Live Dealer VIP Roulette

    There are dozens of casinos that offer many Pragmatic Play products, including roulette. Yet, to experience truly outstanding gambling, we recommend you to select only the platforms complying with the following criteria:

    Possessing a 128-bit SSL encryption certificate and a proper license. 
    Providing a multi-currency gateway and up to 24-hour withdrawals.
    Offering a considerable list of bonuses and promotions
    Featuring a multilingual and omnichannel customer support service. 

    The list of the platforms that comply with the mentioned criteria is available above in this VIP Roulette review.

    VIP Roulette Strategies 

    Roulette is one of the oldest and the most exciting casino games. However, it is a game of chance, so the results are patternless and unpredictable. Yet, you are able to mitigate losses and increase your winning frequency by applying some strategies.

    Betting Strategies

    Bear in mind that not every strategy is suitable for each punter. However, if you are up to play VIP Roulette online, our team of experienced punters recommends you consider the following strategies:

    The Martingale strategy

    This strategy suggests doubling the size of the wager after each loss and returning to the initial bet after the first win. The logic here is that the win will compensate for the losses. 

    The Parole system

    This is a reverse strategy if compared to Martingale, as here, you will need to double the wager amount after each win until you get three wins in a row. After that, reset to the initial bet.

    James Bond Strategy

    This is a combined betting strategy that requires wagering at least $20. In order to use it, you need to place a bet of $14 on red or black pockets. Also, put a bet of $5 on a double street, covering six numbers on the table. Finally, add a straight-up bet of $1 on zero. That is how you are nearly guaranteed to win. 

    Understanding Odds

    Obviously, the probability of a certain outcome to occur in VIP Roulette online differs. Hence, the odds for more prevalent events will always be lower. For instance, if you bet on only one number, the odds will be extremely high, as the probability is low – 1:37 (in classic roulette). For betting on black or red, your chances are 18:37 (almost 50/50); therefore, the odds will be lower. 

    Playing VIP Roulette Live On Your Mobile Phone

    Most players would not even proceed to Roulette VIP without the ability to play on the go. This game is well-optimized for cross-platform use. Hence, customers will get an exceptional experience on both Android and iOS-based smartphones. Moreover, even if your internet connection is unstable, the roulette will still be running smoothly. 

    Pros And Cons Of VIP Roulette by Evolution Gaming


    Generous betting limits
    Autoplay mode is available
    Side bets
    Availability across many online casinos
    Unlimited winning potential 
    Skilled VIP dealers
    Presence of a mobile version
    Live chat


    Below 3% per bet of the house edge
    Repetitive gameplay 


    VIP Roulette by Evolution Gaming provides numerous advantages, such as side bets, profitable RTP, live chat, and autoplay mode. But we think the most important feature is unlimited winning potential and flexible betting limits, accommodating both high rollers and players with a modest bankroll. Hence, if you want to know what the VIP experience at real tables is – VIP Roulette is just for you. 

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