The UK Gambling Commission has recently unveiled a comprehensive online resource hub aimed at assisting operators in navigating their interactions with non-licensed entities. This resource is particularly valuable for operators who engage in partnerships with white-label companies and other third-party entities.

Situated within the Commission’s Compliance section, this resource hub serves to clarify the regulations and expectations for operators when establishing business connections with non-licensed parties. It aims to provide operators with a clear understanding of their obligations and responsibilities in such relationships.

The launch of this resource hub is a proactive response by the UK Gambling Commission to address previous instances where operators have demonstrated gaps in conducting thorough checks on their third-party collaborators. By offering guidance and information through this platform, the Commission seeks to ensure that operators are well-informed and equipped to comply with the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP), which outline the requirements for gambling businesses.

The resource hub offers specific guidance tailored to operators involved in white-label partnerships. It emphasizes the importance of compliance with gambling regulations, underscoring that the license holder retains the primary responsibility for adherence, even in the context of white-label websites.

The UK Gambling Commission has initiated a fresh web-based platform aimed at assisting operators in discerning their obligations when coordinating with non-licensed entities, inclusive of white-label partners

By providing operators with clear guidance and access to relevant information, the UK Gambling Commission aims to foster a safer and more responsible gambling environment. The resource hub will enable operators to navigate their interactions with non-licensed entities more effectively and minimize the risk of non-compliance.

As part of its ongoing commitment to ensuring compliance, the UK Gambling Commission will continue to monitor license holders engaged in business partnerships with non-licensed entities. The resource hub serves as a valuable tool to remind operators of the importance of thorough due diligence processes and a deep understanding of their obligations when engaging with third parties.

In summary, the launch of the resource hub by the UK Gambling Commission represents a significant step towards assisting operators in dealing with non-licensed entities. By providing comprehensive guidance and access to crucial information, the Commission aims to promote responsible practices and a safer gambling environment within the UK.


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