Live Speed Roulette By Evolution Gaming Review 2024

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    Best Casino With Live Speed Roulette

    Table Limits
    €1 - €5000

    Live Speed Roulette by Evolution follows the current tendency of fast gambling and offers players a chance to play this live dealer game twice as fast as any other available alternative. Given its impressive speed, the studio had to offer a specially designed wheel to meet the high-speed spinning.

    However, the result appeared to be worth the effort. After testing this game by ourselves, we offer you a review of the main features and tips on how to play it at online casinos to maximize your winnings.

    Best Live Casinos With Live Speed Roulette In 2024

    As experienced reviewers, we know how responsible the stage of finding a reputable live casino for Speed Roulette is and how challenging it might be for newbies. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best online casinos in the gambling industry. All of them have the reviewed game in their game lobby. Moreover, they are licensed by trustworthy authorities, have a convenient payment system, and provide a good selection of bonuses for live dealer games.

    General Info About Speed Roulette Online

    Launched in 2017, Speed Roulette by Evolution Gaming appears to be the fastest game in the portfolio of this live dealer games provider. The streaming is conducted from Evolution’s live studio in Riga, Latvia. That is where a specially designed wheel by TCSJOHNHUXLEY is installed. After playing its game, we should admit that it is a really fast-paced variant of live roulette, as one gaming round takes 25 seconds on average. You will find some basic information on the game below.

    Basic Rules

    The rules in Speed Roulette played live are extremely similar to other roulette games: you should decide on your bets and place them on the betting board. There are both outside and inside bets, and the odds in this release depend on the chosen bets. Speed Roulette uses a single zero wheel, so it follows the European variant of roulette with a lower house edge than in American roulette games.

    Time Per Bet

    We have already mentioned in our review that one gaming round takes approximately 25 seconds. This incredible pace is possible due to the way bets are placed here. Players should decide on their bets during the previous gaming round (basically while the wheel rotates), as the dealer starts the next round as soon as the wheel stops. Dealers at Speed Roulette were specially trained to be able to keep up with the pace of the game. This innovation allows players of this roulette variant to play 50 more gaming rounds per hour than in Live Roulette or Immersive Roulette by Evolution.

    Special Features

    Some other features that make this game different from other European roulettes:

    Low and high limits.
    Even though their value depends much on a selected casino, the limits range from $1 to $5,000. Such a big range allows players to place various bets depending on their preferences.
    Minimum ‘dead time’.
    Due to placing bets while the wheel is still spinning, the time spent waiting for all players to place their bets is not an issue in the reviewed game.
    Video recognition technology.
    It helps to recognize the winning numbers faster, and it also helps to increase the gaming pace.
    Live chat.
    Players have a chance to communicate with each other and talk about the winnings and strategies thanks to the live chat.

    Video Features

    The Speed Roulette online game uses multiple cameras to capture all important moments in the gaming process and provide an immersive gaming experience. There are two main high-resolution cameras:

    The first one focuses on the wheel, so you can see how the ball lands on the winning number closely.
    The second one shoots a dealer with the wheel.

    An exciting thing about multi-camera broadcasting is that you can have a fully immersive view and see the gameplay simultaneously from different angles.

    How To Play Speed Roulette By Evolution Gaming

    If you are wondering how to play Speed Roulette, you should keep in mind one important step: finding a reputable casino. You can select one of the operators listed in our review. After that, take the following steps:

    Register at the casino by filling in the registration form with the required information. This step cannot be skipped, as there is no Speed Roulette demo. Thus, the only way to try it is to set up your casino account.

    Deposit funds via cashier to have money for placing bets.

    Find the game in the lobby either by writing its title in the search field or by filters available at the casino. Usually, choosing Evolution as a software provider is enough.

    Place bets while the wheel is still spinning. They range from $1 to $5,000.

    Withdraw winnings when the winning number or color matches your bets.

    Play On Different Devices

    Even though Speed Roulette has no free version, it allows players flexibility in devices used for playing. Aside from a convenient desktop version, this release is also available on portable devices. No matter if you choose a smartphone or tablet, Speed Roulette will be available to you. We have tested both Android and iOS devices, and we can assure you that the gaming experience is smooth and convenient.

    Live Speed Roulette RTP & Payouts

    The RTP in this European version of the roulette game is 97.30%, which is quite high. However, the house edge will be visible in the long run, and it will be 2.7% on average. Simply put, you will lose $2.7 on every $100 invested. Nonetheless, the exact winnings still depend on luck. If you are curious about the Speed Roulette max win info, the biggest payout that can be scooped is $175,000. However, it is possible to get such a win only when you place a bet of $5,000 on a single number.

    Bet TypesNumbers CoveredDescription
    Low (1-18)18Winning number will be between 1 and 18
    High (19-36)18Winning number will be between 19 and 36
    Red18Winning number will be red
    Black18Winning number will be black
    Even18Winning number will be even
    Odd18Winning number will be odd
    Dozen12Winning number will be either within Low (1-12), Middle (13-24), or High (25-36) numbers
    Column12Winning number will be in a selected horizontal row
    Corner4Winning number will be one of the selected 4 numbers located next to each other
    Street3Winning number will be in a selected row of three numbers
    Split2Winning number will be one of the two neighboring numbers selected
    Straight Up1Winning number will be the one selected

    Live Casinos With The Best Bonuses For Speed Roulette

    There are no in-game bonuses in this variant of roulette, but cash rewards and tournaments can be found at selected operators. Normally, they should be available for live dealer games, including Speed Roulette. The most common among them are welcome packages, deposit matches, reload bonuses, and cashback. The casinos that we recommend have at least one type of such bonus.

    Game Strategy & Tips For Winning

    The Speed Roulette strategy is quite simple and similar to other roulette games, which we covered here. This a game of chance, and no predictions can be made:

    Determine your budget and stick to it.
    Vary outside and inside bets.
    Place higher bets on even/odd or black/red and lower bets on a single number.
    Use bonuses available at a casino, especially if they have easy wagering restrictions.

    Pros And Cons Of Speed Roulette By Evolution Gaming


    Multi-camera streaming
    Wheel with a single zero
    RTP of 97.30%
    Fast gaming rounds
    Live chat
    High betting range
    Maximum win of $1750,000


    No side bets
    No demo version

    Other Similar Games To Consider

    If the pace of Speed Roulette is too high for you, Evolution Gaming has plenty of other roulette variants in its lobby. Some of them are Immersive Roulette and classic Live Roulette. If you are still interested in exploring high-paced releases, we encourage you not to miss Lightning Roulette by the same software provider. Its speed is a bit lower than in the reviewed game, but it is still dynamic.

    Final Thoughts

    Speed Roulette by Evolution Gaming is a perfect choice for players who make up their minds about their bets quickly and do not want to spend ‘dead time’ waiting for others to decide on their bets for the upcoming round. High-quality video, professionalism of dealers, and high betting limits are among other reasons why we would recommend you play the reviewed release after we tried it ourselves!

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