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    Best Casino With Live Quantum Roulette

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    Quantum Roulette, released in 2019 by one of the most authoritative gaming software brands, Playtech, is rightfully considered one of the best live croupier versions of the famous classic game. It provides traditional gameplay of the European game variation and an original multiplier system with unique multiplier boosters. Our team conducted a detailed analysis of the game to present you with the detailed game description in our comprehensive review.

    Best Live Casinos With Live Quantum Roulette

    Our team has studied all the platforms that offer the Quantum Roulette live game and selected the best of the best to make sure that our readers do not stumble upon unscrupulous casinos. The market is overflowing with offers, so finding a safe site that will also meet all your individual requirements is quite difficult, especially if you are a beginner. That’s why using our selection of top-rated platforms is a great opportunity to save time and be 100% sure that you will gamble on a trusted platform.

    What is Quantum Roulette?

    Quantum Roulette is one of the most successful Playtech live gaming projects. The concept of the game is not unique (for example, it resembles Lightning Roulette by Evolution). Also, it is quite simple – winning and losing are determined by the ball landing on a certain cell after the stop of the wheel rotation. However, this roulette variation presents an original multiplier mechanism which makes the game stand out. The Playtech version presents high multipliers (they range from 50x to 500x) that can boost up to 5 numbers in every session. Moreover, when all multipliers are revealed, they can be randomly increased by additional features: the Quantum Boost (additional 50x multiplier) and Quantum Leap (multiplier doubling or tripling). 

    The minimum stake in the game is $0.2, and the maximum limit is $500. Playtech’s roulette is accessible to desktop and mobile users, and its interface is available in 15 languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Greek, etc.).

    The Gameplay

    Picking Quantum Roulette by Playtech, gamblers deal with the traditional wheel with 37 segments of Black and Red (Zero cell is green), typical for European Roulette. When all stakes are made, the wheel starts spinning, and the outcome of the round is determined by where the ball lands. Five multipliers that are randomly assigned to the numbers make the game more thrilling and the results unexpected. There is a real host in the game, but their task is reduced to an entertaining mission since they simply attract gamblers and advise them. They do not spin the wheel since the wheel in the game is automated.

    the platforms that offer the Quantum Roulette live game

    The Multipliers

    The multipliers in the game are really high; they go from 50x to 500x. They are generated by the RNG technology every round and can boost up to 5 numbers. Additionally, there are two Quantum enhancements that make the game more profitable. The first bonus feature is the Quantum Boost, which can add an additional 50x multiplier. The other function is the Quantum Leap, and it allows any multiplier doubling or tripling.

    How to Play Quantum Roulette?

    Our team learned the game well by playing it and going through all the stages several times. Now we are ready to present you a detailed step-by-step guide that will help you to start playing Quantum Roulette live smoothly:

    Select the casino from our list, sign up, and open the game.
    Wait for the new round and place your stakes within 20 seconds (the limits are from $0.2 to $500).
    Watch the Random Number Generator selecting and multiplying up to 5 numbers.
    Wait for the wheel to start spinning.
    Take your winnings if you guessed the stake correctly.

    Placing Bets

    Between the end of one session and the start of the next one, there is a period when you need to place your stakes. Usually, it lasts approximately 20 seconds. During this time, gamblers can make any number of wagers both at a standard table and at the racetrack. However, consider that although you can make various stakes simultaneously, multipliers only apply to stakes on single numbers from 0 to 36. As soon as the bet placement period is completed, the RNG mechanism designates the multipliers, and you can no longer influence your stakes.

    Understanding The Payouts

    The payout system in Quantum Roulette by Playtech is the same as in any game version with the European wheel and layout. The only significant difference provided by the game is a decreased payout for Straight-Up stakes, which is 29:1, while the regular payout in the European variation is 35:1. The reason for the reduction in payout is that the multipliers are quite high and can only apply to such Straight-Up stakes.

    Strategies for Playing Quantum Roulette

    Roulette is not the game format where you can mathematically calculate the outcome of the game. Though, there are some game strategies you can use to increase your winning chances. For instance, one of the most popular strategies is wagering on every single number that gives you a chance to get your stake multiplied since multipliers randomly apply only to single numbers. Another popular Quantum Roulette strategy is staking on a particular wheel section which allows making smaller wagers.

    Advantages of Playing Quantum Roulette

    After testing the game, we highlighted its main positive attributes:

    Opportunity to multiply the win. The game offers generous multipliers (50x-500x).
    Unique gameplay. The game is an advanced roulette with the best features of European classics and Quantum special rules.
    Automated game. The auto-wheel assures consistency and reliability.

    Is Quantum Roulette Worth Playing?

    The Quantum Roulette live game is definitely worth your attention. The advanced gameplay makes it more thrilling, and multipliers increase profitability. Although the odds for supporting non-multiplier singles are not that favorable, there are increased chances to win big with multiplied Straight-Up stakes. 

    Comparison with Other Roulette Variants

    Since Playtech has retained the basis of the classic game in Quantum Roulette, it has some similarities with other game versions from different producers. However, despite these game comparisons and some similarities, it also has unique features that you will not find anywhere else. This guarantees an unforgettable gambler experience.

    Similarities And Differences

    Quantum Roulette visually resembles the well-known Lightning Roulette by Evolution, and in general, these two games work similarly in many aspects. If you are familiar with one of these games, it will be easy for you to get used to the other because of the similar convenient layout and classic Roulette wheel. However, the Playtech version looks more impressive thanks to the many flashing lights that turn on when the multipliers are determined. Also, the game can be compared with Extreme Multifire Roulette by Switch Studios in terms of high payouts that are possible due to high multipliers.

    Why Choose Quantum Roulette?

    We recommend picking Quantum over other Roulette variations because of the exclusive Quantum experience you can get and the high winning odds. The game RTP is 97.3%, and multipliers give everyone a chance of a big win. RNG-based multiplier functions assure the fairness of the game outcome.

    Play On Different Devices

    It is possible to play Quantum Roulette live on any device you prefer, including mobile appliances. The game is compatible with all Android and iOS gadgets. The mobile gameplay is in no way inferior to the browser gaming process and desktop interface thanks to the use of HTML5 technology that adapts the game to any screen size. Also, a lot of casinos offer their own apps where you can enjoy Quantum Roulette instant play.

    Live Casinos With The Best Bonuses For Quantum Roulette

    The usage of bonus offers when playing Quantum Roulette by Playtech gives a great opportunity to increase the winning chances. When choosing this game at a reliable casino, you can take advantage of such bonuses as a welcome offer, a no-deposit bonus, or a special promotion (for example, a holiday bonus). We at LiveCasinoMate took bonus offers into account when we were researching casinos that offer Playtech Roulette and compiled our list of the best sites. So, all platforms presented in our selection guarantee gamblers great bonus deals.

    Pros And Cons of Live Quantum Roulette by Playtech


    Fast-paced gameplay
    High multipliers
    The Leap and Boost features increase multipliers
    Mobile compatibility
    Excellent broadcast and attractive design


    Large multipliers are financed by reducing payments on Straight-Up stakes 
    The statistics show only 12 previous spins


    Games with real hosts are becoming increasingly popular in the international gambling community, and Playtech is clearly becoming a leader among live version producers thanks to releases such as the Quantum Roulette live casino game. This title is an ideal example of how a provider can be attentive to the requests and wishes of gamblers and offer a game that meets all modern trends.

    The game is not just visually appealing and sophisticated; it attracts a lot of beginners and experienced punters with the perfect combination of the classic gameplay of the well-known European Roulette and exclusive features like the Leap and Boost. What is more, the exciting game gives great chances of winning big thanks to high multipliers. We have already included this game in the list of our favorites and enjoy the Quantum Roulette instant play from time to time.


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