French Roulette Live Table Game by Evolution Review

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    Best Casino French Roulette Live

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    Gambling is always about unpredictability and risk, but if you choose Live French Roulette, there is something guaranteed – an authentic experience and incredible emotions. French Roulette, developed by the industry giant Evolution, is a perfectly balanced combination of classic game mechanics and exclusive gameplay features like extra stakes. In addition to providing an exciting pastime, the game also offers high winning odds. We have prepared our review to let you find out everything you need about the game and start playing as soon as possible.

    Best Live Casinos With Live French Roulette In 2024

    French Roulette is an unchanging classic; it is difficult to find a gambler who has not tried their luck at least once in this famous game. However, despite the incredible popularity of the French version, it is not always easy to find a reliable site where you can safely enjoy it. That’s why our selection of the top-notch licensed casinos with Live French Roulette by Evolution Gaming is a salvation for everyone who doesn’t want to waste time searching for a trusted platform and is ready to start enjoying the game right away.

    French Roulette Live Table Game By Evolution Details

    Introduction To Live French Roulette

    The layout of the French version of Roulette is not very different from the traditional version because the classic game has French roots. Moreover, the French Roulette live game not only offers a gameplay that is familiar to many (with the exception of a couple of additional features) but also excellent winning odds since this version presents the lowest house edge (2.7%).

    French Roulette Table Layout

    Roulette StakePayoutFrench Roulette Odds
    Straight-Up35 to 12.70%
    Split17 to 15.4%
    Street11 to 18.1%
    Corner8 to 110.8%
    Six Line5 to 116.2%
    Column2 to 132.40%
    Dozen2 to 132.40%
    Even/Odd1 to 148.60%
    Red/Black1 to 148.60%
    Low/High1 to 148.60%

    Betting Layout

    If you are already familiar with European roulette, then the layout of the French game version will be familiar to you because here, too, the wheel is located on the same side of the table. Though, the French staking scheme differs in that all the inscriptions, including those on the slots for stakes, are in French. The Odd/Even staking sections are signed as Impair/Pair; the Low/High sections are called Manque/Passe, and Rouge/Noir stands for the Red/Black slots.

    The three staking boxes where you place Dozen stakes are marked as P12 (the first dozen), M12 (the middle dozen), and D12 (the last dozen). Original Call and Neighbor stakes are positioned on the other side of the layout, which is called the racetrack.  This section, which is a copy of the wheel, is traditionally separated from the main staking board.

    Live French Roulette Variations by Evolution

    Based on our experience, we want to assure you that Evolution is one of the best developers of first-class Live French Roulette versions. The brand presents a wide range of tables, low betting limits, and optimal odds. It is possible to enjoy the game from diverse angles and take advantage of a variety of original features, like game statistics, fast games, autoplay, special betting areas, etc. Such versions as Auto-roulette La Partage and Gold version are in greatest demand. 

    Evolution’s French Roulette. Rules And Gameplay

    In both Auto-roulette La Partage and Live French Roulette Gold, there are classic features such as the main wheel with inside and outside sections. The inside segment includes 37 pockets, 36 of which are painted black and red (the zero-cell is green).

    Based on our experience, we want to assure you that Evolution is one of the best developers of first-class Live French Roulette versions

    The outside segment presents areas that occupy a bigger range of stakes, including Dozens, Pair, Impair, 1-18, etc. The segment also includes the racetrack, where you can place additional wagers.

    How To Play French Roulette by Evolution Gaming

    Each round in French Roulette Live begins when the croupier announces that the stakes are open. Then, you have approximately 20 seconds to pick the chips of the corresponding value and place them in the sections you choose. Within this time, you can also make side stakes. When the time runs out, the host launches the ball in the opposite direction to the wheel spinning. When the ball lands in a certain cell, everyone knows the winning bet.

    Auto-Roulette La Partage

    Having tested Auto-Roulette La Partage, we can say that this version differs from Live French Roulette Gold with European origins in that it provides a more realistic game. It has optimized screens, real wheels, fast-paced gameplay, and a more comfortable computer-generated layout. Surprisingly, there is no real host here because the fully automated wheel is pushed by the compressed air.

    Game Interface

    The version offers an easy-to-use interface with an automatic dealer instead of a live host that can be contacted using the chat function. As in the standard version, you have a wheel in front of you and the ability to choose between many available stakes (inside, outside, neighbors, etc.).

    Evolution Gaming French Roulette Gold

    In Live French Roulette Gold, Evolution has added a new rule to the classic gameplay. La Partage rule allows you to return half the wager amount if the ball lands on zero. There is also a branch of this rule that is called the En Prison rule. The rule allows players to leave the stake for the next round if the ball lands on zero.

    Live Video Feed

    The multi-camera view assures the most realistic experience of the game. Gamblers can watch the game from different angles and distances. Broadcast quality automatically adjusts to your Internet connection.

    Valid Spin Rule

    The winning number is announced only within a valid spin. The spin is valid when the ball makes at least three revolutions in the opposite direction from the rotation of the wheel. If the ball comes out of the wheel, does not touch the rim, makes less than three revolutions, etc., the spin isn’t valid.

    Live Statistics

    On the right side of the screen, there is a statistics section. There, you can observe the results of the previous 13 rounds. You can also expand the statistics and see the results of the last 500 games. We recommend paying attention to this section as it will help you make the game more organized and develop a suitable strategy.

    Betting Area And Limits

    The staking grid, which is similar to the real-life layout, is located at the bottom. The layout has three sections: Red/Black, Even/Odd, and High/Low. On the right, there is an additional area – the racetrack. The determined limits are set in the top right corner. The lowest stake is $1; the highest is $1500.

    Autoplay And Favorite Bets Features

    If you pick the Autoplay feature, the game automatically repeats your stake for the next number of sessions that you determine. The Favorite Bets function allows saving and editing up to 30 stakes for easier wagering in the future. From our experience, we can safely say that these functions greatly simplify the game and make it more comfortable.

    Chat Window and Other Features

    On the left side, there is a chat box where you can communicate with the dealer or other players. On the right, you’ll find a help menu with info about rules, RTP, payouts, etc.

    Types of Bets in Live French Roulette by Evolution

    One of the most attractive Live French Roulette features is the diversity of staking possibilities. The game presents various wager types that provide separate payouts. Let’s get to know each available option better.

    Inside Bets

    Inside stakes are provided within the boundaries of the inner or central section of the wheel. This wager type offers higher payouts but lower winning chances. Since such stakes involve a lot of risk, they are not recommended for beginners. The list of French Roulette live inside stakes includes Straight-Up, Split, Corner, Street, and Line stakes.

    Outside Bets

    Outside stakes are wagers provided outside the main section of numbers on the staking grid. If you pick this stake type, you can wager on the variety of colors and numbers. There are 5 outside stakes: Red/Black, High/Low, Odd/Even, Column, and Dozens. Outside stakes provide better odds but offer lower payouts.

    Call/Announced Bets

    This type of stake is a unique feature of the Live French Roulette. The peculiarity of this stake is that only the live dealer can place it on the table, positioning chips after it is called by the gambler. Such a rule simplifies wagering on complicated number combinations. Call/Announced stakes are provided on the racetrack section and generally occupy a number series (variable stakes) or a determined wheel section (fixed stakes).


    Choosing this stake type, you wager on a single number placed on the racetrack and two numbers adjacent to it on the right and left sides. To place a Neighbor stake, you don’t need to place chips on three slots. Just pick a number on the racetrack, and the wager will be placed on the neighboring sections automatically. The Neighbors include Tiers du Cylindre, Voisins du Zéro, Orphelins a Cheval, and Jeu Zero. 

    Finals and Complete Bets

    These types are special stakes located in the Favorite Bets section. Finals wagers have two options: Finales en Plein (straight-up stakes) and Finales a Cheval (splits). Complete stakes allow you to cover all inside wagers and place them on one number. This type is popular among high-rollers as it covers a great range of numbers.

    Playing French Roulette In Mobile Version

    Great news for everyone who prefers to gamble on the go – French Roulette Live is compatible with iOS and Android appliances. With high-quality streams and HTML5 technology, Evolution guarantees that the mobile version gives the same emotions and experience as the browser one. 

    Live French Roulette Tips

    We prepared some tips that will make your Roulette experience easier and maximize your winning chances:

    Familiarize yourself with the layout and learn the basic rules.
    Don’t ignore Neighbor bets, as they allow you to close many numbers at once.
    If you are a beginner, start with outside stakes.
    Place stakes within your budget and control your bankroll.

    Live Roulette Strategies

    Although traditional roulette is a game in which almost everything is decided by luck, there are several ways to improve your chances of winning. Below, we explain three strategies developed and tested by professional gamblers that are considered the best for Live French Roulette.

    D’Alembert System

    The essence of this strategy is to gradually increase the stake every time the gambler loses and reduce the stake after each win. For instance, your initial wager is $10, and you win. Then, your next stake should be half as much – $5. If, on the contrary, you lose, then the next optimal stake amount will be $15. The strategy is the most effective when it comes to short sessions.

    Martingale System

    This one is the most common strategy among both beginners and professionals. If you follow this system, you must double your stake after each loss. The main point of this strategy is that by doubling the stake amount, you will cover the losses of the previous unsuccessful stake in case of winning. So, if your original wager is $5 and you lose, the next wager should be $10.

    Labouchere System

    This strategy is similar to the previous ones and is also called the strategy of cancellation or American Progression. It recommends increasing the wager size after the loss and reducing it when you win. To use this system, write down a series of any numbers (for example, 5-6-7-8). To place the first stake, combine the first and last number from the series (5+8, in our case). If you win, make a stake with the combination of the left numbers (6+7). In case you lose, the sum of the first and last numbers is added to the series, and the new series will be 5-6-7-8-13.


    Live French Roulette is an iconic casino game that offers exciting gameplay, amazing payouts. lower house edge, and multiplicity of staking options. Evolution presents classic gameplay in the Gold version and automated variation Auto-Roulette La Partage. So, whatever your preferences are, you will definitely be satisfied by the Evolution product.


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