In many ways, Live Lightning Roulette is similar to the standard Live Roulette, but it comes with an innovative twist. As per usual, gamblers can place real-money wagers on individual numbers, groups of numbers, or groups of colours. And yet, they have more chances to win a large profit due to the availability of Lucky Numbers that may result in high multipliers of up to 500x.

Being a professional game analyst, I got a chance to play Lighting Roulette in dozens of trustworthy live online casinos and test multiple betting tricks and strategies. With a clear understanding that the proper bankroll management and a Lightning Roulette strategy for placing bets have a significant impact on your winnings, in this article, I will provide you with a brief game review and a list of the best Lightning tips and wagering strategies.

Quick Overview Of Lightning Roulette Game

So what is a Live Lightning Roulette? This is a well-known live dealer casino game that was launched by a not less-known casino software provider, Evolution, in 2018. The American Gambling Awards 2022 ceremony acknowledged Lightning Roulette’s outstanding quality and innovative gameplay, granting it the esteemed Game of the Year title.

what is a Live Lightning Roulette

The live dealer game provides players with a high-quality video streaming experience, synchronized audio, and gameplay that relies on a professional live dealer as well as a Random Number Generator and Provably Fair Technology.

Basic Rules

If you have experience playing Live Roulette, then consider that you already know 80% of the rules. Since Lightning Roulette happens to be one of my personal favourites, here I prepared a mini list of Lightning Roulette tips that will explain how the game actually works:

Choose your desired chip size and make your selection between Inside or Outside bets.
After the betting phase concludes, the live dealer will activate the lightning lever.
A multiplier ranging from 50x to 500x will be assigned to up to 5 randomly chosen single number Inside bets, amplifying any subsequent wins on those numbers.
The Roulette wheel is spun, eventually coming to a halt on a specific numbered slot.
All winnings are calculated, and the round resets, transitioning back to the betting phase.
In case the final outcome corresponds to a Lightning number, all wagers placed on that particular space will have the Lightning multiplier applied to their respective values.


There are two categories of wagers: inside and outside. The first ones are placed on the inner part of the table layout, while the latter are made on the outer part. Inside bets have a greater likelihood of succeeding as they cover a smaller area on the table, but they also have a smaller payout. On the other hand, outside wagers have a lower winning probability but promise bigger rewards.

Inside Bets

Bet TypeWhere The Bet Is PlacedWhat It Does
StraightOn one number only.A wager placed on one of the 36 numbers succeeds if the ball lands on that particular number.
SplitOn the white line located between two numbered spaces on the board.A payout is granted if one of the numbers appears on the wheel after a spin.
StreetOn a line that connects three numbered spaces on the board.Similar to the Split bet, this wager only succeeds if any of the three Lightning Roulette winning numbers appear on the board.
CornerIn the middle of a grid consisting of four numbers.A bet covers four neighbouring numbers and pays if the ball stops on any of them.
LineAt the lower section, positioned between two columns, which covers all six numbers included in the bet.A wager is made on all six numbers, and it wins if any of those numbers happen to be the final result of the wheel spin.
ZeroOn the solitary 0 position located at the edge of the board.Payout is available only if the ball lands on the green pocket with 0.

Outside Bets

Bet TypeWhere The Bet Is PlacedWhat It Does
Red/BlackOn all the spaces with Red or Black numbers.A bet wins if, after the wheel spin, the ball lands on the pocket that matches the colour you chose.
Odd/EvenOn all the Even/Odd numbers on the betting board.Covers all odd/even numbers and brings a payout if the ball stops on any of them.
High/LowOn numbers 1-18 (low) or 19-36 (high).Places a bet on half of the available numbers on the betting board and wins if the final result is a number between 1-18 or 19-36.
ColumnsOn one of the 2 to 1 spaces at the side of the reels.Covers a set of 12 highlighted numbers in the same row as the chosen 2 to 1 space. If the final result is matched by any of those numbers in that row, your bet wins.
DozensOn one of the three sets of 12 numbers located near the bottom of the reels.Covers a range of 12 Lightning Roulette winning numbers and pays out if the ball stops on any of them within the chosen dozen.

Odds And Payouts

The odds and payouts here vary depending on the wager type you make. Inside stakes, although riskier, offer significantly higher payouts due to the potential multipliers. Outside bets offer more favourable odds but with lower payout ratios. For instance, outside wagers such as Red/Black, Odd/Even, and High/Low typically pay out 1:1, while betting on Columns or Dozens pays out 2:1. More profitable wagers are a Straight Up bet on a single digit that pays 29:1, while a Split Bet on two adjacent digits pays 17:1. Based on my personal experience, I would recommend checking the odds and payout rates for each type of bet and then proceed to choose the best Lightning Roulette strategy.

The use of any Lightning Roulette strategy will not provide you with a solid guarantee for a big win or any win at all

Choosing The Best Lightning Roulette Strategy

The use of any Lightning Roulette strategy will not provide you with a solid guarantee for a big win or any win at all. I have tested various strategies and discovered that several well-known ones do not produce the desired outcomes. So what, then, is the best strategy for placing bets in Lightning Roulette? Below, I prepared a short list of the tactics that proved to be more than efficient when it comes to Live Lightning Roulette gambling.

best strategy for placing bets in Lightning Roulette

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale System is a popular Lightning Roulette winning strategy that involves doubling the wager after every loss until your wager finally wins. Nonetheless, it is important not to solely depend on this betting approach since experiencing 2 or 3 consecutive rounds can substantially drain your bankroll, especially when you have to cover the entire Roulette wheel.

The Paroli System

The Paroli System is a reversed variation of the Martingale strategy. Instead of doubling your bets every time you lose, you double them after a win. Let’s say you wager $2 in the first round and lose, your bet for the second should still be $2. However, if you win, you will need to bet $4 in the third round. If you continue winning, you would further increase your bet to $8 in the subsequent round, but if you lose, you would return to the initial $2 bet.

Labouchere Strategy

How to win Lightning Roulette using the Labouchere Strategy? Thanks to my practical knowledge, I can say that this strategy is more suitable for experienced gamblers, as it involves creating a sequence of numbers and adjusting the bets based on it. Each wager is equal to the sum of the sequence’s starting and ending digits. A wager’s winning numbers are checked off the list, while its losing numbers are appended to the end of the list.

Spread Across Numbers

Gamblers can boost their odds of hitting the jackpot by betting and dividing equal-valued bets among multiple numbers. When a single number results in a win, a payout of 29:1 is granted, with Lightning Multipliers boosting the total winnings up to 499:1. Such a Lightning Roulette trick increases the probability of securing a winning number and obtaining a Lightning number.

Focus Exclusively On Outside Bets

Placing only Outside bets is one of the best Lighting Roulette tricks that personally I use the most often. It means that you need to place Red/Black, Odd/Even, or High/Low bets, as they cover a larger section of the wheel and boost your chances of placing a successful wager. Secondly, the even money payout of 1:1 ensures a balanced return on investment, making it possible for you to maintain a steady bankroll.

Best Lightning Roulette Tricks And Tips To Help You Win

popular Lightning Roulette winning strategy

As a result of playing Lightning Roulette, I observed that rather than mindlessly following a specific gambling strategy, it is wiser to adhere to general Lightning Roulette tips that are applicable to most casino games. Thus, before you start placing any real-money wagers, check out the list of such tips below.

Understand The Basics Of Roulette

I recommend you take some time to become familiar with the various types of wagers, as well as their respective odds and payouts. By acquiring this knowledge, you will be able to make smarter choices, implement effective betting strategies, and optimize your real-life gambling sessions.

Focus On The Previous Lightning Numbers

While Lightning numbers are determined randomly and do not guarantee future wins, paying attention to the previous Lightning numbers can offer valuable insights. Analyzing these numbers can help you identify potential patterns or trends that may influence your betting Lightning Roulette strategy to win.

Split Your Bets

It is strategic to distribute your Inside bets among multiple numbers once you have fully figured out the game mechanics. This approach allows you to cover a wider range of possibilities, thus increasing your chances of hitting the Lightning Multipliers.

Focus On Single Number Bets

Although single-digit wagers in Lightning Roulette carry lower odds, they offer the highest payout potential. My advice is to gamble occasionally on specific numbers that resonate with you or have shown a propensity for frequent hits in previous rounds.

Set Time And Budget Limits

To ensure a responsible and secure gaming experience in Lightning Roulette, it is recommended to set definite limits for both the duration of wagering sessions and the budget. This way, you will be able to avoid gambling addiction and overspending. Instead, you will have a great chance to develop healthy gambling habits while playing Lightning Roulette.

Play At Trusted And Reliable Casinos

Last but not least, you need to register and play at the licensed and most trusted live online casino only. Why spend hours searching for such a platform by yourself? As one of the live casino reviewers and game analysts at, I personally check dozens of live online casinos to make sure you can pick the most suitable gambling operator by going through the list we provide you with on our website. Rest assured that each website has valid gaming licences, undergoes regular independent testing for the fairness of the offered games and provides casino players with multiple betting options, promos and bonus deals, as well as professional customer service.

Final Thoughts

Lightning Roulette is a captivating game that combines luck and strategy. I have indeed tested all the most popular methods on how to beat Lightning Roulette and provided you with the list of the finest strategies and tricks that helped not only me but thousands of casino players to enjoy the simple gameplay and make some money while gambling.

So join the number of successful gamblers by choosing the best strategy for Lighting Roulette. Make sure you wisely manage your bankroll and pay attention to the duration of your playing sessions to maintain focus and prevent losing your funds entirely.

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