Live game provider Ezugi has launched an exciting new game show called Dream Catcher aimed at retail betting markets like betting shops and licensed cafes. Dream Catcher offers a unique live gaming experience with big payouts and multiplier features that can lead to wins up to €100,000.

How Dream Catcher Works

Dream Catcher is based around a large, vertically spinning money wheel divided into 54 equal segments. Players predict which segment the wheel will stop on. Most segments are numbered 1 to 40 and offer payouts relative to their number (i.e. bet on #10 for a 10:1 payout). However, two special segments offer multiplier opportunities:

  • 2x – Doubles any payout
  • 7x – Multiplies any payout by 7x

If a player bets on a number that lands on the 2x or 7x segment, their payout is multiplied by that amount. And if successive spins land on multipliers, payouts can be multiplied several times over for huge potential wins.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Live hosted format – A lively host spins the wheel and provides commentary, creating an engaging game show atmosphere.
  • Frequent betting opportunities – A new spin occurs every few minutes, allowing for fast-paced betting action.
  • Straightforward gameplay – The simplicity of predicting a wheel segment makes Dream Catcher easy to understand.
  • Multiplier excitement – The 2x and 7x segments create suspense and lead to potentially massive payouts.
  • Maximum €100,000 payout – Thanks to the multipliers, wins can escalate quickly to life-changing sums.
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Optimized for Retail Betting

Dream Catcher was designed specifically for retail betting environments like betting shops, cafes, and casinos. Key retail features include:

  • Dedicated cashier interface for handling bets and payouts.
  • Live HD video feeds to display the game on screens for customers.
  • Backend tools for managing games and player accounts.

The lively yet straightforward nature of Dream Catcher makes it well-suited for retail betting alongside traditional sports betting.


With its exciting multiplier features and engaging live format, Ezugi’s Dream Catcher brings a new spin to money wheel gaming. The frequent betting opportunities and chance at massive payouts create an electrifying experience optimized for retail betting markets. As Ezugi’s latest innovation, Dream Catcher is poised to attract crowds and generate buzz in betting shops across Europe and beyond.


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