Only a few live casino games can be considered a must-have for every reputable and licensed casino in the modern iGaming industry, and Live Baccarat is definitely one of them. Think of this webpage as a one-stop guide, as below you will find the top live dealer casinos and learn everything you need to know about how to play Baccarat, rules, side bets and different variants of Live Dealer Baccarat.

What Is Live Baccarat?

Live Baccarat is a live online casino game developed by Evolution Gaming that offers the same experience as playing Baccarat in a physical casino, even though it takes place online with a real dealer handling the cards while you choose your wager. 

During the game of Baccarat live online play, eight decks of shuffled cards are used and stored in a device called a dealing shoe. The game allows an unlimited number of players to participate and provides a wide selection of side bets.

Now that you have been introduced to the basic details of the game, it is time for you to learn how to play Live Baccarat

As Live Baccarat is available in multiple variations, there are even tables that allow you to view and manipulate the cards. The actions of gamblers placing chips on the table and, in some cases, manipulating and examining cards collectively create an impression of complexity. However, in reality, it is a remarkably uncomplicated game with three main betting options – Player, Banker and a Tie.

How To Play Baccarat Online Live

Live Baccarat is accessible on various popular devices, allowing players to enjoy the game seamlessly on desktop computers, mobile devices or tablets, which support Android and iOs operating systems. Similar to all other gaming titles developed by Evolution, Live Baccarat is regulated by reputable governing bodies, such as the UK Gambling Commission and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Now that you have been introduced to the basic details of the game, it is time for you to learn how to play Live Baccarat. 

Rules Breakdown

With just one betting round, the Live Baccarat gameplay is fast and quite profitable. However, you can’t play the game without an understanding of the basic Live Baccarat rules:

No more than three cards are dealt to each hand in a single round.
The hand with a total closer to nine wins.
After placing your bet on the Banker, Player, or for a Tie, the croupier deals two cards for each hand. The game can end here or continue depending on the value of the cards dealt. The player’s hand can receive a third card.
Whether the banker is dealt a third card depends on whether the player took a third card as well as on the total of the player’s hand.
The 10 and all three face cards are worth zero. The Ace is worth one. If a hand adds up to 10 or more, 10 is subtracted. Therefore, the highest hand is 9 and the lowest hand is zero.
If either hand adds up to eight or nine, it’s called a natural win. That hand wins, and the round ends. Should both hands add up to eight or nine, the round is drawn. If one hand lands an eight and one lands a nine, the hand with the nine wins.
A total of 6 or 7 is known as a Stand, and a third card will not be drawn. The hand closest to nine wins.

Hand Values

Once both hands are fully revealed, the dealer examines whether the Banker’s or Player’s hand equals a total of 8 or 9, known as a natural win. If that is the case, no additional cards are dealt, and the hand concludes. If the sum exceeds ten, only the last digit is considered. For instance, if the total of the two cards is 17, the hand total becomes 7. If the hand adds up to 10, the total is 0.

If neither hand contains 8 or 9, the dealer determines if either hand qualifies for a third card, following the Third Card Rule.

Player’s 3rd Card Options
Hand ValueRequired Action
0-5take the third card
6 or 7stand
8 or 9round is over

As for the dealer’s third card options, they are the following:

Banker’sinitial twocards                                Value of the third card drawn by Player
3rd card is not drawn0123456789

Side Bets In Baccarat Live Play

To attract as many casino enthusiasts as possible to play Live Baccarat, in addition to the main Player, Banker and Tie bets, live online casinos occasionally introduce distinct side bets exclusive to their Baccarat tables. 

To assist players in manoeuvring through side bets, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the most popular wagers available in the majority of licensed casinos:

Side BetWins If
Player Pairthe initial 2 cards dealt to the Player form a pair
Banker Pairthe Banker’s first 2 cards form a pair
Perfect Pairthe first 2 cards dealt to the Banker or the Player are identical in both value and suit
Either Pair either the Banker’s or the Player’s hand consists of a pair
P Bonus / B Bonusthe Player / Banker wins the round with a natural 8 or 9, or by a margin of at least 4 points
Smallthe game deals a total of 4 cards
Bigthe total number of cards dealt in the game is 5 or 6

Live Baccarat Payout Rules

According to the Live Baccarat rules, the real-money payouts are solely based on the wager you place. Both Player and Banker bets pay out even money, with a ratio of 1:1. If you bet $2, you will win $2, resulting in a total of $4. While the odds of winning a Banker bet are the highest, keep in mind that live online casinos charge a commission on such wins of 5% or $1, depending on the gambling operator.

The Player bet offers a straightforward 1:1 payout, and there is no commission imposed by the house on player wins. As for other types of Live Baccarat bets, the payouts go as follows:

Live Baccarat BetPayout
Player Pair11:1
Banker Pair11:1
Perfect Pairone pair – 25:1two pairs – 200:1
Either Pair5:1
Player Bonus / Banker Bonus4 points – 1:15 points – 2:16 points – 4:17 points – 6:18 points – 10:19 points – 30:1

Odds And RTP

Simple and quick gameplay is not the only feature that makes Live Baccarat play so popular. The game has an ideal RTP percentage of 98.94%. Before you top up your account balance and place any type of Live Baccarat bets, we recommend you take a look at the table below, which displays RPTs for various side bets.

Side BetRTP
Either Pair86.29%
Player Pair / Banker Pair89.64%
Banker Bonus90.63%
Perfect Pair91.95%
Player Bonus97.35%

Different Baccarat Live Play Rule Variations

Live Baccarat emerges in numerous versions, each showcasing its unique set of rules and gameplay dynamics. So if you are getting tired of the classic Live Baccarat play, consider playing one of the following game variations:

  1. Punto Banco. It can accommodate up to 14 players at once, making it the Live Baccarat type with the most players at a table. This game typically utilizes 6–8 decks, and the Banker manages the shuffling and distribution of cards.
  2. Single-Play Baccarat. Here, gamblers compete against the house or dealer rather than other casino players. A player has a chance to wager on their own outcome, a Tie, or the Banker winning, as well as select the cards and other aspects of gameplay.
  3. Progressive Baccarat. The game slightly differs from the standard multiplayer game by incorporating additional side bets and accepting up to seven players at a table. Gamblers have the opportunity to place a new wager that guarantees them a share of a significant jackpot.
  4. Mini Baccarat. Being quite popular in the United States, the game features a single dealer who also acts as the Banker, differing from the standard three-dealer setup. Mini Live Baccarat is favoured for its lower bet rates compared to other game variations.

If you are a casino player with some gambling experience behind your back, you may also try playing Speed Baccarat, Baccarat Controlled Squeeze, No Commission Baccarat and Lightning Baccarat.

Baccarat Live Play: Best Tips And Strategies To Win

Similar to any other live casino game, Baccarat offers numerous tips that can enhance your experience and maximize your gambling profit. Since it relies on chance rather than casino strategy, the tips provided below do not involve decisions about when to stand or adjust your bet based on your hand. Instead, they focus on understanding the safest and riskiest wagers, as well as providing guidance on how to approach and play Live Dealer Baccarat online:

Thoroughly observe the game to familiarize yourself with its dynamics.
Play Baccarat games for free using the demo mode and gain proficiency in the rules and fundamental bets, including Banker, Player, Tie, Banker Pair, and Dealer Pair.
Check out and learn about additional side bets that may be available in certain variants of Live Baccarat.
Opt for the Banker Bet, which consistently proves to be the safest option in Live Baccarat.
Exercise caution when considering the Tie Bet. While it may offer high odds, its associated risks should not be overlooked.
Establish a budget and adhere to it strictly.
Set a predetermined time limit and avoid exceeding it.

Aside from using the above-mentioned tips, you may also employ some of the most popular betting systems, namely:

Martingale. This strategy revolves around a crucial principle: if you lose your wager in a round, you should double the amount of your next wager.
Baccarat Fibonacci. Originally used for Roulette, this tactic can be adapted for Baccarat. The main focus is on Banker bets and involves following an exclusive sequence of betting values in every round. Start by setting a minimum bet value, for example, $1, and whenever you win, progress one step further in the sequence.
Paroli. When the game begins, initiate flat betting. After each win, double the wager amount for the next round. However, in the event of a loss, revert to the original stake. The concept behind the Paroli system is that if a player successfully doubles their bet for three consecutive wagers, their winnings will increase by sevenfold.

Where Is The Best Place To Play Live Dealer Online Baccarat

So now that you know all the Live Baccarat basics, you may catch yourself wondering where is the best place to play Live Dealer Online Baccarat? You can enjoy playing this unique casino game on any of the reputable online live casinos displayed below, as they are recommended by a team of professional live casino reviewers.

We carefully select the best casinos that offer Live Online Baccarat, considering factors such as reputation, selection of Baccarat game variations, promotions and bonuses, payment methods, mobile compatibility, and other important criteria. Our goal is to ensure that the live dealer casino you choose provides an exceptional overall experience. So go through the list below and select the casino that offers high-quality Live Baccarat games.

Final Thoughts

As Live Online Baccarat is one of the most played casino games in the world, you should also not miss a chance to play this game, have the best time and make some profit. Now that you are well aware of all the basic rules and offered bets, there is no reason why you should not try your luck. Use our list of the top live dealer casinos that allow you to play Baccarat online live game, make your deposit and place your first winning bet.

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