Gold Bar Roulette By Evolution Gaming Review

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    Best Casino With Gold Bar Roulette

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    €0.50 - €10,000

    Gold Bar Roulette is one of the famous Evolution-produced Roulette variations with great multipliers, first-class dealer service, luxury atmosphere, and high-quality visuals. The game offers a wide range of staking limits and several bet types, which make it attractive for newbies and high rollers.

    Thanks to our practical knowledge we know exactly how to properly analyze the game so as not to miss anything. Based on our observations, we have prepared this review from which you will learn about gameplay, stake types, payouts, odds, and winning strategies of this popular entertainment.

    Where To Play Gold Bar Roulette In 2024

    Our investigation has shown that since Gold Bar Roulette Evolution is relatively new, not all casinos offer it yet. To save your time that searches require we have selected the best options among those sites that have already included the game to their collections. When forming a list of sites, we focused not only on the presence of the game in their collections, but on the criteria of safety, quality, and convenience. All presented websites are officially licensed and regulated.

    About Gold Bar Roulette By Evolution Gaming

    When you first start playing Gold Bar Roulette, you will basically enjoy the well-known classic version of Roulette with traditional rules. The fact is that it will require some time to run exclusive functions. However, the game still manages to make you very addicted, as the real time hosting and professionalism of the croupiers make it all look like a show.

    Gold Bar Roulette Evolution is relatively new, not all casinos offer it yet

    How To Play Gold Bar Roulette

    The rules are standard – all you need to do is to use the game chips to place your stakes. Then, the croupier spins the classic wheel and if your stakes cover the section the ball falls on, you become a winner. Something thrilling and original starts to happen when you start making the Straight-Up stakes. This move is a process of multiple steps, which is described below.

    Winning Gold Bars

    Gold Bar Roulette by Evolution got its name because of its in-game currency, which is a real gold bar. Gamblers can’t purchase the currency, only gain it by making successful Straight-Up stakes.

    When all stakes are determined and placed, the host shows the huge vault behind the wheel, opens it, and you see from 1 to 20 stored gold bars. If any Straight-Up stake happens to win in the round, you gain all presented bars. One bar is an 88x multiplier and is attached to the amount of your bet in this session (that is how you determine the bar value). You can control the multiplier and bar value indicators at the bottom of display as well as the number of bars you have.

    Opening Of The Safe

    When you already have some bars you can make the Straight-Up betting with them. Consider that Gold Bar Roulette stakes can be placed together with usual cash stakes. If a Straight-Up bet made with the use of a bar wins, you gain its value, increased by the multiplier. Remember that you can bet several bars on the same single number, so in case the number is a winning one, you get the amount of all multipliers.

    Moreover, winning these stakes can also give you extra bars. When you finish the session all received bars are automatically saved and you can play with them next time. Though, bars are considered expired when you don’t open this game within 180 days.

    The Result

    Due to the fact that there are two stake types, there are also different probable outcomes of the session.

    If you bet cash on the Straight-Up stake and it  happens to be winning, you gain a 24:1 pays and golden bars stored in the vault. In case your Straight-Up bet brings you a win when you bet on it with bars, you receive combined pays that include the bar cost and multiplier and win gold bars themselves as with classic cash stakes. In case gamblers win with both placed chips and a bar on the same number, they gain all of the above (standard 24:1 payout, multiplied pays, and extra bars). 

    Types Of Bets

    Golden Bar Roulette provides many opportunities to diversify the gameplay. There are several types of stakes players can make. We tested them all and described our observations in our article.

    Inside Bets

    Choosing inside stakes you cover not so many numbers but can expect higher pays. Available inside stakes:

    Straight-Up (staking on a single number; the only stake that can bring you a bar).
    Split (covering two nearby numbers).
    Street (occupies a row of three matching numbers).
    Corner (covering four number where they meet each other).
    Line (covering six numbers that is two nearby streets).

    Outside Bets

    Choosing outside stakes you cover a bigger set of numbers to get lower pays. Available outside stakes:

    Dozen/Column (occupies 12 consecutive numbers on the staking grid).
    Red/Black (covering 18 Red or Black cells).
    Odd/Even(covering 18 odd or even cells).
    Low/High (occupies 18 numbers from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36).

    French Bets

    French stakes are considered more complex. They occupy wheel sections using various Straight-Up and Split stakes. The most convenient way to place them is to use the Race track. Zero, Voisins, Tiers, and Orphelins are included in the popular categories.

    Gold Bar Live Roulette Payouts And Odds

    1 gold bar1 Number88x
    Straight-Up1 Number19:1
    Split2 Number17:1
    Street3 Number11:1
    Corner4 Number8:1
    Line6 Number5:1
    Outside Stakes
    Dozen/Column12 Number2:1
    Red/Black18 Number1:1
    Odd/Even18 Number1:1
    Low 1-18/High 19-3618 Number1:1

    Special 88 X Multiplier Bonus

    The main bonus feature in Gold Bar Roulette is a Gold Bar Multiplier, which is a 88x multiplier.

    The main bonus feature in Gold Bar Roulette is a Gold Bar Multiplier, which is a 88x multiplier. To receive it you need to make a Straight-Up stake (no matter with cash or bars). You can utilize gained multipliers within the period of 180 days. The win on bars is defined as their cost increased by the x88 multiplier. The cost of a bar is strictly connected with the rate with which you played at the time of gaining the gold bar. With several bars for the same number, the multiplier values are summed up.

    Gold Bar Roulette Autoplay Feature

    Autoplay mode is a great option if you want to make the same stake all over again. Though, we don’t really recommend using this feature in Gold Bar Roulette Evolution considering that it is better to periodically change stake types. Moreover, with Autoplay you can’t track the appearance of bars.

    Evolution Gold Bar Live Roulette RTP

    Gold Bar Roulette RTP is 97.10%. Overall the indicator is good, but it is much lower than in some famous versions like European variation (97.30%). A casual Straight-Up stake has a payout of 19:1.

    Gold Bar Roulette Strategy For Winning

    Through trial and error, we found that the best strategy here is to focus on getting bars first and then make stakes with them to receive cash prizes. When you are going to make a Straight-Up stake, place it on all numbers to be sure you win bars. To start getting benefits from bars you should gain at least 6 of them. Another level of this strategy is to wait until you get 37 bars and place Straight-Up stakes with them on all 37 wheel cells. 

    Pros And Cons Of The Game

    We have prepared a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the game. Compare them to decide if the game is exactly what you want.


    Great multipliers that can be summed up.
    High staking limits.
    Premium studio setting.
    Mobile compatibility.


    Gold bars expire after 180 days.

    Final Thoughts

    Our research shows that Gold Bar Roulette has huge potential and very soon many players will call it one of their favorites. Simple rules, high-class interface, great multipliers, and high RTP make the game a real hit. No more reason to wait, register in one of our selected casinos and start enjoying the sensational game by Evolution.

    Responsible Gambling

    Remember that gambling should always be a fun and entertaining activity, never a source of stress or financial burden. To ensure you maintain a healthy relationship with gambling, always follow these responsible gambling guidelines.

    Gambling guidelines

    We have everything you need to know about gambling guidelines. For more information, please visit Responsible Gambling page.


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