Ezugi has unveiled its newest EZ Dealer Roulette online game – the EZ Dealer Roleta Brasileira, presented in Brazilian Portuguese, adding another linguistic feather to its cap.

The latest addition to the EZ Dealer Roulette lineup skillfully merges pre-recorded video clips of a professional live dealer – in this scenario, a dealer fluent in Brazilian Portuguese – with the remarkably animated RNG (Random Number Generator) gameplay. The end result? A distinctively fresh online Roulette game that is sure to draw the attention of online gaming operators and captivate their players. This amalgamation of live and digital play forms an exciting new frontier in the world of online gaming.

Ezugi has unveiled its newest EZ Dealer Roulette online game – the EZ Dealer Roleta Brasileira

EZ Dealer Roulette consistently offers a classic European Roulette experience, augmented with a modern and user-friendly interface, and peppered with live gameplay statistics. This blend of traditional and modern gaming is poised to revolutionize the way players experience roulette.

Players are tasked with forecasting the numbered slot where the ball will come to rest after the roulette wheel’s exciting spin. In EZ Dealer Roulette, an independently certified RNG system determines the winning number, all based on a mathematical algorithm. However, what sets EZ Dealer Roulette apart from its competitors is the artful integration of high-quality, pre-recorded videos of a live dealer, imbuing the gameplay with an authentic, live-gaming atmosphere.

Pang Goh, Business Development Director at Ezugi, commented, “Latin America is an incredibly significant market for Ezugi.” Ezugi’s firm commitment to aiding operators in this thrilling market with innovative localized games is evident, and now with EZ Dealer Roulette, it provides operators and players with an unparalleled choice. Moreover, it paves the way for flexibility in jurisdictions where online live dealer games face prohibitions. One can’t help but feel excited about this commitment to growth and adaptation.

“EZ Dealer Roleta Brasileira is a natural progression from the first language variant of this new game, EZ Dealer Roulette Thai, which made its debut in August last year. Both operators and players have shown an overwhelmingly positive response, and we have more language versions in the works.”

Pang Goh

This comment solidifies the promise of growth and expansion for the EZ Dealer Roulette, fueling anticipation for what’s to come.

So, are you ready to embrace this blend of traditional and modern, live and digital, in your gaming experience? Ezugi certainly hopes so.

Source: https://ezugi.com/news/ez-dealer-roleta-brasileira

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