Ezugi Live Roulette Review

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    Best Casino With Ezugi Live Roulette

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    €0.5 - €1000

    Ezugi Live Roulette has already become an indispensable live casino classic. This real-time game combines traditions of the most famous game and original features that guarantee an excitement for everyone.

    We have tested the game and prepared a comprehensive review of the rules, special functions, odds, payouts, and interface. 

    Best Live Casino Sites With Ezugi Roulette

    Due to the fact that Ezugi is one of the most famous software developers and Roulette has always been in demand, most casinos in different countries offer Ezugi Live Roulette. However, in order to ensure a safe and comfortable gambler practice, it is necessary to find a reliable site among this variety of options. Luckily for you, our experts have already taken care of this. We are happy to present you the list of the best sites with Live Roulette by Ezugi.

    Ezugi Live Roulette Highlights

    Video And Audio

    You can see the gaming process from different angles (front and bird’s-eye view) and change them. The game streaming quality is high and can be adjusted in Settings. The audio is controlled with the help of standard volume parameters.

    Ezugi Live Roulette presents a standard gameplay of the famous game

    Interface Options

    The developer provides a fairly easy-to-use interface that is clear even for newbies. On the screen you see a staking table, chips, statistics board, chat panel, visual and sound settings, and the developer’s lobby icon. 

    Basic Game Rules

    Ezugi Live Roulette presents a standard gameplay of the famous game. The round starts when all stakes are place and the dealer launches the ball over the wheel, which moves in the direction opposite to the rotation of the wheel, and eventually falls on one of the sectors. If the ball falls on the section you bet on, you win.

    Main Betting Table

    A special betting table that you see on your screen is the main instrument for placing and managing your stakes. The table itself is quite complex and offers a diversity of staking solutions. For example, you can select the option of staking on numbers, dozens, rows, red/black, and odd/even. To place your stake just pick the chip and then choose the staking option.

    Additional Betting Options

    Ezugi Roulette provides some exclusive staking possibilities for more experienced gamblers who want to try original Ezugi stakes. There are four types of stakes:

    Voisins – stakes on 17 numbers.
    Tiers – stakes on/between 27 and 33.
    Orphelins – stakes on 8 numbers not staking on previous types.
    Neighbors – stakes on adjacent sections to the one you stake in the first place.

    Please, consider that each extra stake takes a pre-determined sum from your account, so, it is more suitable for high rollers.

    Ezugi Live Roulette OTT Option

    OTT (Over the Table) option is an exclusive feature which you won’t find in any other real host game. Ezugi Roulette OTT can transfer gamblers from the live session into the real-life game in a land-based establishment allowing them to make virtual stakes together with visitors there. All gamblers connected to a real game are completely immersed in the atmosphere thanks to the many cameras and shooting from diverse angles, as well as the use of digital synchronization instruments.

    Ezugi Live Roulette Payouts

    If you have ever played any real host Roulette interpretation you will know that almost all of them offer the same standard payout formula. The game provides two types of stakes: inside and outside. All winnings and their payouts directly depend on the size of your stakes, as in all real-money games.

    Inside Bets

    Inside bets are stakes on single numbers or a group of numbers inside the table. Although you cover fewer numbers, you can get higher pays.

    Straight-Up1 number35:1
    Split2 numbers17:1
    Street3 numbers11:1
    Corner4 numbers8:1
    Line6 numbers5:1

    Outside Bets

    Outside stakes are those which are placed along the outer edges of the table. These are bets on a large number of numbers at the same time that have lower payouts.

    Dozen/Column12 numbers2:1
    Black/Red18 numbers1:1
    Even/Odd18 numbers1:1
    Low/High18 numbers1:1

    Ezugi Roulette RTP

    Ezugi Live Roulette RTP is 97.30%, therefore the house edge is 2.7%. Such indicators are average for different interpretations of live croupier Roulette today. The indicator almost reaches 100%, which means that gamblers have enough chances to return their stakes.

    Special Features And Bonuses

    Ezugi Roulette does not present any creative features or special bonuses. It offers a traditional Roulette gaming process with classic staking table and wheel design. So, all features that are provided here can be divided into two categories – quality-of-life functions and localization features. The game provides a real-time translation with a few views for stakes making.

    Ezugi Live Roulette RTP is 97.30%, therefore the house edge is 2.7%

    Playing Ezugi Live Roulette From Mobile

    Ezugi Roulette is a mobile compatible game which you can enjoy using any Windows, iOS, and Android appliances. Due to the implementation of HTML5 technologies the game interface automatically adjusts to the device screen and all visual effects are presented in the same high quality as in the desktop version. The gameplay and all available functions such as withdrawal and deposit of money are easily adapted to the mobile format.

    Pros And Cons Of The Live Roulette

    There is always something that gamblers like and don’t like about every game. After putting it to the test we found that Ezugi Live Roulette has the following advantages and disadvantages. 


    Mobile compatibility.
    High RTP.
    OTT option.
    Classic rules and traditional plain gameplay.


    No special bonuses.
    Not suitable for high rollers.

    Final Thoughts

    Based on the results of our comprehensive game research, we can confidently recommend Ezugi Live Roulette to all lovers of live croupier games and the unchanging classics of gambling. This is a perfect option for gamblers who are looking for an thrilling but still comfortable gaming experience and don’t want to deal with complex gaming process and a bunch of new rules. Although despite the traditional approach to the famous game, the developers have prepared some excellent features like OTT option and extra stakes that will not let you get bored. You’ll find this thrilling mobile compatible game with high RTP and variety of stakes in all casinos listed in our article.


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