This comprehensive Crazy Time strategy guide provides an in-depth analysis of the game’s mathematical probabilities and payouts to derive an optimal playing strategy. By understanding the odds and variables at play, players can better evaluate risk versus reward in Crazy Time’s random number generator format to maximize returns.

Crazy Time offers a variety of betting choices that can be tailored to one’s risk tolerance and preferences. Conservative bets on the Numbers offer small consistent payouts but cover most outcomes. More volatile bets on segments like Pachinko or Crazy Time provide huge potential wins but have lower probabilities. An informed approach weighs these factors.

What is Crazy Time By Evolution

Crazy Time is a unique live casino game show featuring a carnival-style money wheel with 54 varied segments, including cash prizes up to 10x and four elaborate bonus rounds: Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and the signature Crazy Time.

Unveiled by Evolution Gaming’s Todd Haushalter in early 2020, he boldly deemed Crazy Time “the most fun casino game ever made,” loaded with bonus rounds and entertainment value. Backing up these claims, Crazy Time has become an unprecedented hit as the leading live game show for its eye-catching format.

Crazy Time is a unique live casino game show featuring a carnival-style money wheel with 54 varied segments

A charismatic presenter hosts the action, spinning the wheel and guiding players through the amusing bonus rounds, ramping up the drama and personality around each spin. This human touch amplifies the suspense in ways algorithms alone cannot emulate.

The one-of-a-kind Crazy Time structure has set it apart from competitors. With betting options tailored to risk tolerance and four unique bonus games with exceptional payout potential, every spin captivates. The one-of-a-kind Crazy Time structure has set it apart from competitors. With betting options tailored to risk tolerance and four unique bonus games with exceptional payout potential, every spin captivates.

Basics of Crazy Time Live Casino Game

Crazy Time is an exciting and entertaining live casino game show featuring a colorful spinning wheel with varied segments. Before joining the action, it’s important to learn the fundamental gameplay, rules, and betting options to play effectively.

Rules And Bet Types

Crazy Time is played with a large vertical wheel containing 54 segments. Players can bet on up to 8 segments per spin. The core gameplay involves predicting where the wheel will land after the spin.

The wheel contains:

Numbers 1-36 (pays 1:1)
2x, 5x, and 10x multipliers
Four bonus games: Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Crazy Time

Players can bet on:

Individual numbers
Sections covering multiple numbers
Bonus games
Combo bets on multiple segments

Bets are placed before the wheel spin. Winners are paid according to the landed segment’s payout rate. Bonus rounds present secondary earning opportunities.

RTP, Payouts & Odds

The bonus games add secondary winning opportunities through various mini-games. Each round has variable RTPs from 94-95% and multiple segments on the main wheel allowing frequent triggers. The elaborate bonuses offer massive payout potential, contributing to Crazy Time’s replay appeal.

Bonus GameRTP (%)Number of Wheel SegmentsDescription
Pachinko94.33%2A puck is dropped from the top through a pachinko machine. The multiplier in the landing slot is applied to the activating bet.
Cash Hunt95.27%2Players shoot one of 108 symbols which reveal random multipliers applied to the total bet.
Coin Flip95.51%4Random multipliers are added to the red and blue sides of a coin, which is then flipped by the dealer. The winning side’s multiplier is used.
Crazy Time94.41%1Players enter a bonus world and choose 1 of 3 flappers to spin a 64-segment mega wheel with huge multipliers up to 500x.

Odds are based on the number of wheel segments. More segments mean higher probability.

Payouts scale dramatically in the bonus games up to $2,500 based on a $5 bet. This outsized potential makes the bonus games particularly enticing, despite lower odds of hitting them.

BetNumber of Wheel SegmentsOddsPotential Winnings (based on a $5 bet)
Pachinko2VariableUp to $500,000
Cash Hunt2VariableUp to $500,000
Coin Flip4VariableUp to $500,000
Crazy Time1VariableUp to $500,000

Crazy Time Tricks of the Bonus Rounds


The Pachinko bonus round features a large vertical peg board with 16 drop zones at the top and 16 prize multiplier zones at the bottom. The goal is for the randomly dropped puck to bounce downwards off the pegs and land in a high-value bottom zone.

To begin, multipliers from 2x up to 10,000x are assigned to the lower zones. One “Double” zone exists which doubles all values when hit.

The lively host climbs to the top and drops the puck from a random start point. As it ricochets downwards, landing zone values increase exponentially each time it strikes the Double space. This culminates when the puck finally settles into a numbered zone, awarding its multiplier.

If the puck lands between 2x-4x, a dramatic “Rescue Drop” allows one rerun, adding to the tension. Eventually it will settle to conclude the round with a winner.

Pachinko creates an entertaining spectacle as the puck’s journey unfolds. With pegs altering its descent and ever-rising multipliers, players feel invested with each bounce until the final call. Thrill and huge payout potential drive Pachinko’s appeal.

Cash Hunt

The popular Cash Hunt bonus round offers players an engaging shooting gallery-style game. Triggered when landing on two green wheel segments, players are presented with 108 mystery symbols scrambling across the screen concealing random multipliers.

The goal is to uncover the highest multipliers by firing cannonballs to smash symbols. With an element of perceived skill and choice, Cash Hunt provides an entertaining change of pace.

At the outset, a timer counts down as symbols swirl rapidly around, daring players to take aim. Firing reveals the hidden prize multiplier underneath up to 1000x. If time expires, a random pick is made automatically.

Since the values shuffle secretly every round, unmasking them feels like a treasure hunt. With personal selections, two players may uncover entirely different multipliers from the same board. Near misses heighten the thrill for onlooking gamblers.

Ultimately Cash Hunt’s outcomes come down to chance. But the illusion of control makes for a fun and lively diversion from standard spins. The electric atmosphere when massive multipliers emerge, make the bonus round particularly popular and engaging.

Coin Flip

The Coin Flip bonus is triggered when landing on one of four wheel segments, presenting a straightforward yet suspenseful doubling of bets. As the name suggests, a coin is virtually tossed, randomly assigning a high or low multiplier.

To start, the lively host assigns two multipliers – one to the blue side and one to the red side of an on-screen coin, ranging from 2x to 50x. The disparity builds excitement over which color players will receive.

In climactic fashion, the coin is flipped and lands on heads or tails, prompting celebratory sounds for the winning multiplier. Payouts can reach up to 5,000x if especially high multipliers coincide.

For lesser results, the host may initiate a surprise “Rescue Flip,” offering a second coin toss for chance at a bigger multiplier. This lifeline mechanic keeps the energy high.

Coin Flip delivers simple, engaging gameplay catered to risk preference. While wholly luck-based, watching one’s fortune instantly doubled or quintupled makes for a thrilling break between wheel spins.

Crazy Time

True to its name, Crazy Time offers the most outsized yet improbable jackpot potential. Accessed through the lone red door segment, players enter a vivid bonus world with elevated stakes.

Here a colossal wheel spins amidst a 64-slice multiplier extravaganza ranging from 50x to 20,000x. Players first choose one of three cartoon “flappers” dotted around the wheel corresponding to segments. As the spin commences, landing on “Double” or “Triple” zones compounds prizes exponentially in intense fashion.

Up to five spins continue until settling into a numbered segment, awarding its giant multiplier. Seeing one’s flapper avoid the dream payouts by mere slivers keeps the show dramatic till the end.

Despite the low odds of triggering Crazy Time, the sheer size of possible payouts makes the bonus round legendary. Only the luckiest of players will uncover the maximum 20,000x windfall, but any outcome brings exponential winnings compared to the main wheel.

Optimal Playing Crazy Time Strategy

Many players wonder what is the optimal strategy to use in Crazy Time for better success. Given the game’s underlying randomness, can choices even influence outcomes over time?

In fact, player decisions significantly impact long-term results. Beyond its sheer entertainment value, understanding probabilities and tailoring bets accordingly give the best statistical chances at sustainable play.

Low-Risk Strategy

The conservative Crazy Time strategy involves focusing bets on the 45 number segments to reliably build small consistent wins. Sacrificing large jackpots for stability, this approach aims to incrementally grow a bankroll over time.

With roughly 85% of outcomes being various number multiples, continually backing these spots exploits probability for frequent 1:1 payouts. While incremental, avoiding volatility also prevents drastic swings.

A sample conservative strategy distribution:

2$ on 10
2$ on 5
2$ on 2
4$ on 1

Spreading 10 units across different numbers ensures coverage on nearly every spin. One of these 4 bets should land over 80% of the time, leading to slow but steady doubling of stakes.

High-risk strategy

For thrill-seekers who enjoy playing the odds, an aggressive “bonus hunting” tactic maximizes big payout potential. This high-octane strategy eschews cautious bets for volatile segments with jackpot possibilities.

Rather than sprinkle bets across numbers, the priority becomes backing Crazy Time’s four lucrative bonuses: Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip and the namesake round. Combined these offer just 16.6% coverage but with exponentially higher multipliers.

The downside to volatility is longer losing streaks that require deep pockets to endure. However, successfully triggering one bonus can rapidly offset numerous dud spins. Just a single 500x Pachinko win eclipses hundreds of trivial number hits.

Ultra-high-risk strategy

Feeling lucky? The ultra-aggressive “all-in” tactic says to go hard or go broke trying. This approach puts all one’s eggs in the Crazy Time basket for a tiny chance at life-changing wealth.

As the crown jewel bonus round, Crazy Time offers exponentially higher multipliers, ranging from 50x to an astonishing 20,000x the bet. Even at the lower end, a single bonus trigger can secure big profits.

The catch is its improbability, occupying just 1 of the wheel’s 54 slices. Watering down bets across other segments ensures smaller wins to offset the long odds.

Probabilistic Strategy

For analytical players, a probability-driven strategy aims to capitalize on observable trends. By studying the game’s history tab with results from the past 60 spins, one can benchmark due outcomes and bet accordingly.

The key here is detecting segments hitting with higher than statistically expected frequency. For example, if Cash Hunt is triggering once every 4 rounds, it may signal a cluster payload to keep targeting it.

Conversely, identifying “cold” segments going far beyond their probable dry spells means cooling bets on them until positive regression kicks in. No outcome can remain unlikely forever with a large enough sample.

Low-volatility Strategy

For those seeking stability, a low-volatility tactic spreads bets wide to ensure frequent small wins. The antidote to streaky gameplay, this strategy curbs risk through diversification.

With a hypothetical $100 budget, one would wager $10 per round across multiple spots. For example:

$2.50 on Number 2 at 2:1 odds (13 segments)
$2.50 on Number 5 at 5:1 odds (7 segments)
2$ $5 divided over 3 bonuses2

This compilation covers 50% of possible outcomes, making wins routine. When luck occasionally falters on one bet type, another segment cushions it.


The Martingale system is a high-risk, high-reward tactic relying on doubling bets after losses to ultimately score a win and recoup previous deficits. In Crazy Time, this means solely backing lucrative bonuses until one triggers.

The concept is to start small, like $1 on the combined bonuses each round. If a bonus doesn’t strike in 6 spins as statistically expected, the next bet would be $2, then $4, and so on until a payout occurs. This win would cover losses plus profit, after which one reverts back to the $1 baseline bet.

In essence, a bonus game should eventually hit if bankroll can endure the escalating bets after repeated misses. With each loss, the law of averages closes in on a trigger. When it does, the sizeable payout makes up for the punishment.

All In

For strategists who enjoy hijacking the momentum, an “All-In” philosophy constitutes spreading bets across all segments for maximum coverage and unpredictability. This maverick style forgoes standard wisdom to randomly attack different spots seeking a niche edge.

The concept involves bombarding multiple wheel slices – both numbers and bonuses – with varying bet sizes rather than fixed tactics. Keeping opponents off balance unable to pinpoint intentions maintains an element of surprise.

With bets scattering the board each round, anything becomes in play – low probability bonuses, hot streaking numbers, dual bets, and more. Adaptability is key – aggressively targeting the wheel’s current openings.

The Match

For seasoned players, a viable tactic named “The Match” involves tailoring bet sizes to each segment’s payout odds. This aligns wager amounts mathematically to potential ROI, exploiting discrepancies for advantage.

The method is simple – place proportional bets relative to the multiplier ratios. For example:

$1 on Number 1 at even odds 1:1
$2 on Number 2 at 2:1 odds
$5 on Number 5 at 5:1 odds
$10 on Number 10 at 10:1 odds

Extending this across other segments effectively matches return-on-investment expectations. Lower probability bets receive higher funding compensating for risk.

Key Tips of a Crazy Time

When approaching Crazy Time, having a strategic framework is vital to long-term success. While no “cheat codes” exist to outsmart the game’s randomness, players can utilize probability-based decision making to maximize favorable outcomes. The best single tip is avoiding emotional, random betting in favor of an advantage play style requiring patience and analysis.

Money Management and Discipline

As with any casino game, responsible gambling habits are key to sustaining positive experiences in Crazy Time. Having a clear budget and sticking to it ensures players don’t spend beyond their means chasing unlikely big wins.

To maintain discipline:

Set a firm bankroll limit per session before playing
Cash out winnings to pocket profits and initial bankroll
Walk away if losing more than affordable or when stop-loss hit
Take breaks rather than marathon play to clear one’s head

Keeping perspective is vital – realize results rely largely on random chance. Playing rationally with a long-term outlook means accepting bad runs while avoiding tilt bets.

Tracking and Analysis

While Crazy Time outcomes are random, tracking statistics like number-hit frequency, bonus round pacing, and payout data can reveal useful patterns. By tabulating historical results, players can make informed strategy adjustments.

Useful metrics to track include:

Bonus game trigger rate
Number streaks
Average payout multipliers
Dry spells
Hot segments

Crunching these numbers over a few hundred spins sheds light on trendlines to capitalize on. Cold segments often positively regress also.

Crazy Time, strategy recommendations can vary based on one's risk appetite and experience level:

How to Choose the Best Casino to Play at Crazy Time

Finding a top online casino to play Crazy Time is key to maximizing the gaming experience. With the game’s rising popularity across platforms, having a trustworthy, secure, and fully licensed operator matters.

Through extensive analysis by our gambling experts, we have identified and reviewed the absolute best Crazy Time casinos based on key criteria:

Game variety & offerings
Bonuses & promotions
Mobile experience
Banking options
Security & regulation
Customer support

Our team has scrutinized various sites with Crazy Time to provide a definitive guide to choosing an online casino that checks all boxes for player needs. We aim to give readers peace of mind they are playing at well-reputed, fully vetted destinations.

To discover the top-rated online casinos for playing real-money Crazy Time picked by our veteran reviewers, see our detailed list. We break down each platform’s strengths so players can confidently enjoy Crazy Time with an optimal operator tailored to one’s preferences.

Go to our expert Crazy Time casino reviews now and discover your ideal match to maximize bonuses and rewards.

Final Thoughts

With a multifaceted game like Crazy Time, strategy recommendations can vary based on one’s risk appetite and experience level:

Beginners should adopt low-risk approaches focused on the Numbers segments for safe, consistent payouts. This conservative style allows newcomers to learn gameplay nuances without depleting bankroll. Favoring probability over volatility sets up sustainability.

The Martingale system works well for most casual players by doubling bet amounts after losses to ultimately score a win and recoup deficits. This high-reward tactic hinges on enduring negative variance until expected positive outcomes manifest. Bankroll management is key.

For high rollers with bigger budgets, the ultra-aggressive “All-In” philosophy allows repeatedly backing long shot bonuses like Crazy Time or Pachinko. While likelihood of landing is low, one epic bonus payout compensates for numerous costly misfires given enough funds. Volatility gets weaponized for jackpot chasing daredevils.

Regardless of style, using a strategic framework aligned to risk preferences optimizes outcomes. Crazy Time rewards probability-minded players who bet aggressively yet responsibly based on statistical advantage. Matching approach to appetite sets the stage for success.

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