XL Roulette By Authentic Gaming Review 2024

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    Best Casino With XL Roulette

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    If you happen to be a fan of casino classics but want to diversify your gambler experience, XL Roulette is exactly what you need. The game released in 2021 by the leading software company Authentic Gaming offers standard Roulette gameplay with a unique function of setting different volatility levels and generous multipliers up to 500x.

    We have personally tested this game and studied everything: basic rules, payouts, odds, betting modes, winning tips, etc. Now we are happy to share this information with you in this XL Roulette review.

    Best Live Casinos To Play XL Roulette By Authentic Gaming In 2024

    All you need to do to play XL Roulette by Authentic Gaming is to register with the casino that offers this exciting game. However, this sounds easier than it is. In order to choose a trustworthy, safe website, you need to take into account a lot of factors and look at the many options presented on the market.

    Luckily, we can save you time and effort. Just use our selection of the top casinos. Our experts have done all the painstaking work to select the best of the best.

    About Authentic XL Roulette Online

    The innovative version of the classic game is broadcast worldwide in real time. The number of players who can join the entertainment is not limited. We have highlighted the essentials about Authentic XL Roulette in the table below.

    Video Performance

    Bright, attractive visuals of the game are one of the hallmarks of XL Roulette by Authentic Gaming. The Live Arena studio from which the game is streamed is designed in classic casino red shades. Behind the croupier, gamblers can see the display with all lucky numbers and multipliers from the current session. The game is recorded from two angles. The main shot shows the entire studio, while from the second angle, you see a spinning wheel in close-up. The winning number is highlighted on the big display.

    Game Modes

    Playing live XL Roulette, you can try four staking options. We have prepared a brief overview of each of them:

    Standard mode – usual European Roulette gameplay with no lucky numbers where you can wager on Straight-Up and get a 35:1 payout.
    XL mode – a mode selected by the game automatically; here, you can pick from 1 to 5 lucky numbers and get a 29:1 payout for a Straight-Up stake.
    XXL mode – here, in each round, you get from 2 to 8 lucky numbers and can gain a 23:1 payout for a Straight-Up wager.
    XXXL mode – this option provides from 3 to 11 lucky numbers and is ideal for gamers who want to try higher volatility releases, but the Straight-Up wager brings only a 17:1 payout.


    Having played XL Roulette live, we can say that the Statistics section may come in handy. It helps you better understand the game and plan your bets. There you can get acquainted with the win numbers and multipliers from the previous 500 sessions.

    How To Play XL Roulette Live

    If you happen to be a fan of casino classics but want to diversify your gambler experience, XL Roulette is exactly what you need.

    In XL Roulette, developers offer an innovative solution for this well-known game – gamblers themselves determine how many numbers will be influenced by the multipliers in the next session. The game process is standard: you place a stake, the host spins the wheel, and the landing of the ball determines the winning wager. However, you can switch between modes and affect the winning odds.

    Choose Your Playing Option

    To choose the playing option in XL Roulette by Authentic Gaming, navigate to the selection tub by clicking the XL button. After choosing one of the modes, you can use additional features: Bet All (wagers with Straight-Up stake on every table number, great for the XXXL mode) and Straight-Up (can turn every inside wager you make into a Straight-Up combination).

    Place Your Bet

    In Authentic XL Roulette, if you want to make a Straight-Up wager on all numbers, choose the Bet All feature. In addition, you can make regular stakes or use one of the features to provide call, French, and neighbor stakes. To convert them into Straight-Up equivalents, just pick the corresponding function. You can save your stakes as Favorites and come back to them anytime.

    Wait For The Lucky Number To Be Selected

    When the staking time ends, the lucky number selection begins. You will see 11 cells with numbers in 3 lines shown on the display behind the croupier. The RNG mechanism determines the number of lucky numbers for the next session and multiplier value. In the bottom line, you see numbers for XL mode, numbers from both the bottom and middle are for XXL mode, and all three are for the XXXL option.

    Game Multipliers & Payouts

    Multipliers available in XL Roulette by Authentic, ranging between 50x and 500x. They stay the same in every mode. Though, each mode offers a different quantity of lucky numbers. The Standard mode does not have lucky numbers, but the Straight-Up payout is the highest – 35:1. Up to 5 numbers and a 29:1 payout are offered in the XL mode. The next XXL option presents from 2 to 8 numbers and a 23:1 payout. Between 3 and 11 numbers are provided by XXXL mode, and here is the lowest Straight-Up payout of 17:1.

    XL Roulette RTP & Bonuses

    The XL Roulette RTP is usual for such a game type – 97.30%

    The XL Roulette RTP is usual for such a game type – 97.30%. The payout system also follows the classic pattern except for the reduction of Straight-Up wager payouts when this type of stake covers the multiplier value in XL, XXL, and XXXL options. The more lucky numbers in the mode, the lower the payout.

    Best Strategies & Tips For Winning

    Considering that Authentic XL Roulette has traditional gameplay, all the common strategies for virtual roulette are usable here as well. However, the game still has its own features, so we recommend that you take into account the following:

    The game multipliers get activated only by Straight-Up stakes.
    You can significantly increase your bankroll by making safe stakes like Red/Black that can provide a steady profit stream.
    To cover a bigger wheel section, use the combination of the Straight-Up mode and racetrack.
    Use staking options Bet All and Straight-Up.

    Benefits And Drawbacks Of XL Roulette By Authentic Gaming

    As a result of our extensive research on XL Roulette, we have highlighted the main pros and cons. Be sure to check them out and compare them before you start playing.


    Fast-paced game
    Switching staking modes feature
    Professional, friendly dealers
    Great multipliers
    The statistics page includes info about the last 500 rounds


    Reduction of payouts per Straight-Up stake in XL, XXL, and XXXL modes

    Authentic XL Roulette has traditional gameplay


    Having fully tested the game, we at LiveCasinoMate can safely recommend Authentic XL Roulette. Authentic Gaming managed to create a universal Roulette version that everyone will appreciate. Thanks to 4 different modes in XL Roulette, you can enjoy completely different game options in one. According to your mood, you can choose the timeless classics in the Standard mode or get an adrenaline rush in the XXXL mode with unprecedented high volatility, which we haven’t seen anywhere else in the modern market.

    Each XL Roulette mode has its benefits


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